KeyCDN Review: Improve the Performance of Your Site

I have been using KeyCDN for the last couple of weeks and I’m quite impressed with the performance. Here in this post, I will write about my experience and how KeyCDN can improve the performance of your site to a great extent.

But before we start, let’s understand what CDN is and how it can help a website to improve. Especially the newbie users must understand the importance of CDN first before selecting from any of the available CDN services.

What is a CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is the process of making your site available through different servers to make your site load a lot quicker.

The Wikipedia explains CDN as the following.

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

Why Do You Need CDN?

This is another important question, why do I need CDN for my site? Is a quality hosting provider is not good enough?

Well, we all know the importance of loading time for a website. If your site doesn’t load quickly, the traffic will move to your competitor site and you may lose a lot of business. No only that, a quality CDN service will save a lot of your hosting bandwidth and offer a great experience to your visitors.

Also, Google has been extremely straight and clear about the importance of loading time. And it is one of the most important ranking factors as explained by Google. So, you must take CDN very seriously and select a quality CDN provider.

KeyCDN Overview

KeyCDN is a Swiss company which is owned by proinity LLC and headquartered in Winterthur. KeyCDN is backed by a passionate team who is there to help you and make sure that your site improves dramatically speed and user experience.

KeyCDN offers you competitive price and extremely easy process to get started with. In fact, if you are a WordPress user, they have a plugin to make things even easier for you. We will have a look at the features offered by KeyCDN in detail below.

Features of KeyCDN

Once you create your profile and select your package, you will have a really easy to manage dashboard where you can manage the details of your site and keep a track of the use. They offer you a fully responsive dashboard so you can easily manage your data through a tab or a smartphone as well.

KeyCDN Dashbaord

Pay As You Go

I believe that the pay as you feature is amazing, there is no minimum payment or commitment. So this is great for any size of a website with any amount of traffic because you only pay for what you use.

Traffic is charged at $0.04/GB and you can securely make payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. KeyCDN doesn’t charge you anything for HTTP requests.

Easy to Use Interface

The easy to use dashboard is one of the important highlights of KeyCDN. The dashboard offers you everything you may need to manage your site effectively. From setting up your site to the real-time statistics, you will have everything at your fingertips.

Free SSL For All

SSL is really important for every site these days because it not only offers a sense of security, it is also important from the search engine perspective as Google considers security and SSL certificate as one of the most important ranking factors.

KeyCDN offers you free SSL for every site with Let’s Encrypt Integration. If you are already using your custom SSL, you can easily integrate it for free.

Real-Time Statistics

Statistics are really important for any kind of paid services you use so that you are aware of the services you are getting for your payment. The LeyCDN will not disappoint you as far as the statistics are concerned, it comes with a dedicated section with all kinds of data to show the use, traffic, and all other details.

Also, the real-time reporting is another highlight of KeyCDN, it will always keep you updated about the services you are using.

KeyCDN Reports


Geo-location based reports 

Geo Location Based Reports

How to Get Started With KeyCDN

As explained above in the post, it’s really easy to get started with KeyCDN. As you have the free trial option, you don’t have to add any payment details initially, you can start the services for your site and see if it works perfectly before you add more funds to your account.

Once you signup for the services, you need to activate your account before you get started in the dashboard. Once you get access to the dashboard, you have to create a pull zone to add a site to your account.

The process of creating a pull zone is extremely easy and straight forward.

  • Sign into your dashboard
  • Click on the Zones tab
  • Click on New Zone
  • Input a Zone Name of your choice
  • Set zone status to active and the Zone Type to “Pull”
  • Enter the Origin URL (e.g.
  • Save the zone

Create Pull Zone

Once you zone is ready, you can edit it. You can select the advanced editing section and see all the options available.

KeyCDN Advanced Editing

Setting Up the Zonealiases

Now, this is really important for your site. You need to set up the Zonealiases properly to make sure that you can use your own custom domain. You can setup a CNAME free of charge with your domain registrar to make it according to your requirement.

If you are using a Zonealias allows you can easily setup a generic subdomain such as, the custom domain integration will also help in SSL encryption.


Let’s Encrypt Integration

KeyCDN offers you Let’s Encrypt SSL integration for free. To activate the certificate for your domain, you need to navigate to your zone’s settings and select Show Advanced Features. Scroll down to the SSL section and from the drop-down list, select the LetsEncrypt option.

SSL Integration

Please Note: If you are already using HTTPS on your main website, you will need to use HTTPS on the CDN. Otherwise, you have mixed-content warnings in the browser. We recommend the “Let’s Encrypt” integration because it is completely free and you can enable it quite easily from the KeyCDN dashboard.

After you enable Let’s Encrypt, you must re-create your zonealias. Delete and create fresh again if it already existed. This is required for everything to be configured correctly with HTTPS.

KeyCDN Integration with SourceWP

As already mentioned above in the post, we have been using KeyCDN for a couple of weeks now, and we are able to improve the loading time of the site to a great extent which can be further improved by optimizing the images we are using.

Loading Time Before integration of CDN

Speed Before KeyCDN

Loading Time After integration of CDN

Page Speed After KeyCDN

Integration with WordPress Site

KeyCDN has developed one WordPress plugin which makes it super simple and easy to connect your site with KeyCDN. I have been using this plugin to use the CDN service, and it works perfectly. You can download the CDN Enabler plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and follow the instructions to connect it.

Once you activate the plugin, go to the plugin settings and update your site details to get started. You can replace the URL with your own custom URL that you are using for your site.


Final Word

KeyCDN can undoubtedly improve the performance of your site to a great extent, make it load quicker, save your hosting bandwidth, make it secure and improve the overall performance of your site.

As KeyCDN offers you the free trial option, you have nothing to lose. Just sign up for their services for free using the link below and I’m sure it is going to help your site to improve the overall performance and make thigs swift.

SignUp for KeyCDN

KeyCDN Review: Improve the Performance of Your Site
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  • Josh

    I want to share my very peculiar experience with KeyCDN. After joining on a 30 day free trial, I was trying to figure out how to get things up and running on my WP Multisite install using W3 Total Cache. I first emailed them asking for help. They emailed back telling me to submit a support request. I tried that but it was restricted to “paying customers” and I was on Day 1 of the trial. I read through all their “how to” posts and manuals, but nothing explained what I needed to know. So, I joined their “community” site. It said “Everyone is welcome to participate in the community. It doesn’t matter your background, your level of expertise, or whether you are a current KeyCDN customer or not. There will be KeyCDN employees actively participating (including the founders of KeyCDN) in the community and answering any questions you might have about web performance, optimization, and website acceleration.”

    Finding no previous threads addressing my questions, I created my own. I posted some very detailed info on what I had done so far and the error I was getting. The next day, I tried to view my post and it had been deleted! I then tried to log into my account and it too was deleted! I tried to create a new account and it said my IP address had been banned!!! Assuming maybe it was some sort of technical glitch, I joined again from my phone, made another post asking why that had happened and, sure enough, it was also deleted, along with my new account. Yes, they also banned my phone’s IP! I’ve tried repeatedly to reach them to see what the heck was going on and as of the time of this post, I’ve had no reply from anyone – and I’ve tried e-mail, twitter, and facebook.

    So I’m just posting this to make others aware of the service they may expect. Granted, I wasn’t a “paying customer” yet, but I made it very clear that I certainly would be once everything was set up and working properly. I mean, their prices were pretty attractive, so it seemed like a no brainer. I guess you get what you pay for. I would honestly run away from any company that would treat potential customers like this. And I’m doing just that. Too scary to think of what they’d do once I did have all my sites’ content in their hands! Truly a very strange experience to say the least.

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