Jupiter Theme Review: A Stunning Multipurpose Design

Jupiter is one of the most popular and widely used multipurpose WordPress themes that can be used for any kind of website you wish to create. Jupiter has evolved over the years and now it stands tall with a huge number of user base.

The theme is packed with over 50 ready to be used templates which are created for a different type of websites and as the theme is highly customizable you can design the theme as per your requirement and you will never have to write a single line of code to customize it.

The list of feature is very long for this theme, and we will discuss all the important features in detail here. To start with, Jupiter is created by a power elite author of the ThemeForest marketplace who is well experienced in creating top notch WordPress products.

Jupiter theme is their most popular product and a lot of effort has gone into creating this theme one of the best with all the possible features which you may need to create a stunning successful website.


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Jupiter Theme Overview

Jupiter is a multipurpose design that will perfectly fit into any kind of website you want to create and the amount of customization possibilities it offers, your site will always be unique and stand out.

Though the theme is packed with a huge number of features and options, it doesn’t affect the performance of your site. It is really quick and SEO friendly design that will offer a great experience to your users.

The design is clean and very professional, so within a couple of minutes Jupiter will help you create a great looking website which is packed with features and you can always add the features to your site which are available for the theme.

Over 50 Ready Templates

Yes, that’s right. Jupiter offers you more than 50 ready to be used templates which are created for a different type of niche sites. Once you buy the theme you get access to all the child themes and the number of templates is increasing with time.

So, you will not have to create your site from scratch, just select any of the available templates and take that ahead with the customizations as per your requirement. From under construction template to great looking design for restaurant site, you have all kinds of options available with the theme.

Jupiter templates

Drag and Drop Builder

You can choose any of the templates from the available collection of over 50 stunning designs and take that ahead with the customizations. Now, you will definitely expect a quality website builder with the theme of this quality and Jupiter doesn’t disappoint you in this regard.

It comes with the popular Visual Composer plugin which is one of the best drag and drop website builder, the plugin comes with a huge number of modules which you can use to create your pages and you get it free of cost with the theme.

You will have everything you need on your page to instantly pick and update your site with amazing new features. You can play around with the design of your page and make it perfect as per your need without writing any code.

Powerful Theme Options Panel

Jupiter comes with a very powerful theme options panel where you can manage the global settings for your site. You can set each and every element of your site as per your requirement and the fine tuning will not take much time because everything is well defined and easy to understand.

Just visit each of the tabs in the options panel and tune it according to your site. From the blog section to the portfolio section you can set up everything perfectly, the general settings will help you to update your site branding details and other sections will follow.

In the general settings you have the options to upload your logo, favicon, you can set the social links as well as create custom sidebars. The general setting is followed by the styling of your site where you can define how you want to site to look.


The Jupiter theme comes with comprehensive styling option which will help you to set the color scheme for your site, you can style the navigation of your site with all the details like the color, hover effect etc.

You can set the background of your site, set the style for the headings, header and footer of your site and other parts of the site as per your requirement.


The comprehensive typography option will help you to set the font style, define the padding and space for each element of the theme so that it looks neat and clean. The typography option will very important in improving the overall readability of the site.



Creating Portfolios

The portfolio is one of the very important section for any business site because you can use the portfolio section to showcase your work in style and attract more customers to your business. Real work can be instrumental in bringing in more business to your site.

And the best part is that Jupiter theme comes with beautiful portfolio option which will help you to showcase your work the way you want. The theme options panel offers you comprehensive settings to fine tune the portfolio section and set the look and feel of the portfolio page.

The portfolio section comes with a different style of listing, the classic layout, grid and masonry and you can fine tune each section according to your need. You can set the image size and the overall look of the images, you can set the number of columns and more.

An example of the portfolio output.


Setting Blog Section

The blog section is undoubtedly one of the most important section of the theme because a huge number of users buy this theme to create their blog and Jupiter will not disappoint any of the users as it comes with a comprehensive setting for the blog section.

You can create your blog according to your need, it comes with a number of different styles for the blog such as

  1. Modern
  2. Classic
  3. Newspaper
  4. Grid
  5. Spotlight
  6. Thumbnail
  7. Magazine

So, you have an option for the kind of design you are looking for your blog. You can choose any of the available styles and customize it according to your need. The easy to use blog settings will help you to get things in place immediately.


You have the option to play around with the placement of the sidebar, for the grid style you can choose the number of columns, you can define the image dimension, you also have the option to improve the quality of the images as well as the option to set the pagination according to your need.

18 Header Styles

18 different header styles will power your site to make it completely unique. It is undoubtedly a huge number of options to choose from, you can play around with the placement of the menu, teh logo and all other elements in the theme.

You can place the logo on the left site as traditional style or you can have a centered logo if you want to. The vertical navigation is another unique style of the theme, if you want to you can have the navigation section on the left-hand side vertically aligned.

Jupiter theme header styles

WooCommerce Shop

The Jupiter theme supports the WooCommerce plugin completely and it helps you to create your own online shop within a couple of minutes. And the comprehensive WooCommerce settings in the theme options panel makes it really easy for the users to fine tune the shop and make it look perfect to your need immediately.

You can define the look and feel of the store, you can define the image size and quality of the so that your products looks stunning and increases the overall revenue of your site. The theme will perfectly take care of the product display, inventory, shipping, payment collection, and a lot more.


An example of the online sop

Jupiter Theme Shop

Other Important Features of Jupiter

The list of feature is really long for this amazing theme, from stunning sliders to custom widgets you have a huge variety of options to load your site with unique features. This theme is for everyone, no matter you are a blogger, a creative or an online marketer, Jupiter will offer you the perfect design for you.

The image below will give you a glimpse of the overall features of the theme.

Jupiter Theme Options

Final Word

Jupiter is a stunning design and as already mentioned, you can use this theme for any kind of website you want to create. It comes with some great looking templates and the team is constantly creating new templates for the different niche which will make your life even easier and  help you create a successful site.

You can buy this amazing theme only for $59 from the ThemeForest marketplace. Once you buy the theme you can use the support section of the theme developer to know more about how to use the theme, it comes with detailed documentation and video tutorial.

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Jupiter Theme Review: A Stunning Multipurpose Design
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