JetPack Plugin : The All in One Product

If you are a WordPress user, you must have already heard of the JetPack Plugin. But if you have not, you definitely need to read this article.

In this article, we will discuss this plugin focusing specifically on why and how to use it. This plugin is an essential one to anyone who does not want to spend those extra bucks in developing extra features for their website with tons of other plugins. Because JetPack does everything for you. By everything, we literally mean everything for which you would otherwise have to install several individual plugins in your site.

In brief, JetPack Plugin is a very powerful plugin that combines the most dynamic functions that rarely fits into a single plugin. Using this plugin in your site can be an absolute delight with its amazing features and robust functions. So let’s move ahead and have a closer look at the plugin.

JetPack Plugin Overview

JetPack Plugin

JetPack Plugin

JetPack is a product of the mastermind behind – the Automattic team. The developers decided to craft out this amazing plugin that can single-handedly offer you the most powerful features.

It is the sole plugin that will make you uninstall all other plugins from your site. You know why? Because when you install Jetpack, you will not need any of the others.

It is a powerful combination of a range of vigorously powerful plugins, that will take care of all the latest web trends to level your site with the leading ones. From speeding up your site, increasing your traffic, providing extreme security and lot more this is a complete package that is a must for all site owners who do not have a site on

It not only saves the extra money you spend on other plugins but also protects your site from being cramped with dozens of other individual plugins.

What JetPack Has to Offer?

Jetpack Features

Jetpack Features

What makes JetPack a unique plugin is the list of nifty features that it comes loaded with. When you install this plugin you can just overlook all the other plugin that you have planned to purchase.

It is the perfect solution that simplifies the management of your site. Let’s have a look at its functionalities.

  • Traffic Growth and Insight:  All of us wants to keep track of the traffic our site gets. Many site owners resort to different plugins that excel in its job. With JetPack other than many other functions, it also helps you track down your traffic. Not just this, it also helps generate more traffic without having to strategize it a bit.It comes with various pre-built tools that do its best to swell up your traffic. The Traffic Growth and Insight Module of this plugin tag a number of tools for that like Related Posts, Publicize, Enhanced Distribution and Sharing and so on.
  • Security:  With this plugin installed you can just sit back and relax without worrying anything about the security of your  site. Even if you do not have a security plugin installed, JetPack protects your site by promptly guarding it  against any possible threat of cyber attacks.

   Under this module, your site is safe from any unauthorized login. It also securely monitors the downtimes of your site and regularly keeps the entire plugin updated.

  • Image Performance: Forget all the plugins you use to optimize your images. The image performance module of this plugin automatically does it using the global content delivery network, thereby speeding up the images. This reduces your bandwidth which in return lowers the amount you pay to your hosting company.
  • Centralized Management: The plugin also comes packed with a centralized dashboard  on Using this feature of the plugin it becomes extremely easy for you to manage plugins and menus, publish posts, and view enhanced site stats for all of your sites.
  • Automatic Social Sharing: With this plugin, you can easily share your latest posts with all your followers through social media. So there is no need of publicizing your posts every time you publish a new one. JetPack does it all for you. It automatically shares your posts on social media platforms the moment you publish it.
  • Contact Forms: The plugin also offers you an inbuilt contact form. You do not have to pay a single penny for this. This contact form comes absolutely free with it. With JetPack by your side, you can uninstall all the contact form plugins from your site.
  • Subscription and Notification: You also get a subscription and notification function using which your followers can subscribe to your newsletters and get notified about any new events that are happening on your site.
  • Other Tools for easy Content Creation: JetPack comes loaded with a number of additional tools for creating and publishing content easily. From easy CSS editing, configurable widget, high-speed contact delivery network for images and custom image galleries it has everything to make your experience smooth.
  • Support: You can get in touch with the JetPack team anytime you need their assistance. They have a bunch of dedicated teams that is always ready to offer help.

The features listed above are only a few that you get with the plugin. There are tons of other similar features that come with it. Before moving ahead to know its cost let see how you can install and set it up on your site.

You do not need JetPack if your site is already on Its features are already bundled into your site.

Installation and Setup

Installing this plugin is like installing any other plugin on your site. All you have to do is log into your site’s dashboard and click on the plugins tab in the left panel. Click on Add New and search for the JetPack plugin. This will make the latest version appear on the top of the list.

Select the plugin and click on the Install Now link. Once the installation is complete click on the Activate button. You will now see a green button on the top right side which says Connect to  you can login with your account if you are already a member or create a new one.

Once you have logged in or created the account click on Authorize JetPack. Most of the features of the plugin will be automatically activated. You can click on the Learn More button next to each module to learn how to use it since each module operates differently.

If your modules are not activated it will be shown in gray. There will be a blue button clicking on which you can activate it. When you click on the Learn More button you will see a Deactivate option for the module. You can deactivate individual modules if you think you do not want it.

What Do You Need to Run JetPack?

In order to be able to run JetPack on your site, you need to have certain things.

Firstly, you need the latest version of WordPress. If you are not using it, you need to upgrade it. You can manually upgrade it by downloading it from downloads page.

Secondly, you need a web hosting that is using PHP 5 and an account with Thirdly, a website that is XML-RPC enabled and accessible to the public without any authentication. Lastly, you need to disable you Legacy plugins before you install it.

Documentation and Support

Jetpack has been extensively documented and you can read their instructions or watch the video formats. You can directly get in touch with the JetPack team for any personal assistance whenever the need arises. The dedicated team is up for help 24*7.

Contribute to JetPack

Like WordPress, the JetPack Plugin too is open sourced. The developers of the plugin actively encourage any community contributors who can be instrumental in making the product more robust and secure. You can contribute to the plugin either buy your compliments, suggestions, bug reports, codes or any idea that can enhance the working of the plugin.


Inspite of so many powerful features combined together, the plugin comes absolutely Free. Yes, you read it right. You do not have to pay a single penny for it or fill in any payment details. And without spending anything you get so many features all in just one plugin.


In a nutshell, with this marvelous plugin, you can install and update dozens of plugins together with just a single click. This is because by updating the plugin you can update each module which would otherwise be fitted into dozens of individual plugins.

It lets you boost up your site’s performance by reducing the load of several individual plugins from your server. You also get the advantage of its robust statistics, social sharing, free updates, enhancements and a lot more with this Automattic product.

So now that you know what JetPack is and how it works, get ready to set your hands on it, because we bet you will not get a better deal than this. So many features fitted in a single plugin if that does not make it unique what does?

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JetPack Plugin : The All in One Product
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