Increase Sales by Making Your Website Design More Appealing

The goals remain the same. You want to keep your visitor on your site longer. You want to convert the visitor into your customer.

You want the customer to come back. For things to move in this direction, the credibility of your website and attractive website design are the most important factor. The visitor-turned-customer will turn into a repeat customer only if you convince them that you and your website is reliable.

Once this trustworthiness is established sales will increase. So, how to increase sales via the “credibility approach”? One of the ways is to design your website accordingly.

That there will be no security breaches or scams and that privacy will not be intruded has to be built into the website's design.

How to create website design that is credible and will lead to increased sales?

The first thing that a visitor encounters when they arrive on your site is its website design. Too many blinking, moving objects, garish colors are all signs of something “fishy”. So avoid those unless they are your distinguishing factors. So, the first step to a credible website is slick, smart

You can use various design elements to give a look to your website that tells the visitor that you can be trusted. For example, textures with grungy effects or say wood patterns in the background or sidebars or headers can give the website a stable-sturdy look. Similarly, having a huge range of icon families handy is a good idea.

Icons have to all belong to the same family else they can give the website a very haphazard and unprofessional look, thus making it look untrustworthy.

Another way to give your entire website a professional look is to use themes and plugins that are specific to your domain. For example, an artist ought to use a platform that is tailor-made to showcase images of art.
There are many other ways that answer, “How to create websites?” that too credible ones. Here is a list of what you can do and how you could use other design elements to take the message home.

Tell them who you are

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Your ‘about us' is very important. If you are new, it gains even more importance. Along with photos of your staff, it is a good idea to have videos of them talking to the visitor too.

You could consider adding their social media information too. Remember to use consistent icons. If your staff is not comfortable, use images that bring intrigue and are relevant to your company. For example, a company that deals with sports wear and gear could use

Wear your achievements with pride

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They won't know it until you tell them. Be it the media coverage you have received or awards. Show it off. Think about he kind of numbers/information that would interest your target visitor – from years of experience to testimonials. Make sure you highlight them using images of crowns, laurel leaves and ribbons.


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Going along with the themes of telling about yourself and your accolades, is the idea that you should give your website design a personal touch.

A little something that makes you different from others. Also, connect what people see online with what you share with them offline like say letterheads or

Nothing brings confidence like free trials and/or money-back guarantees

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If you can give it away, please do. This works especially if you have themes, plugins or mobile apps. Once a user is hooked on to a functional and easy-to-use product, they will find your price “worth it”.

However, to get them hooked even initially, have for them. They give the user a fair idea of whether or not you have what they are looking for. Make sure you have mock-ups for all types of devices including say Apple products

Be approachable

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While phone numbers and e-mail addresses should be easy to locate on your site, live chat options are getting common by the day too.

Also, many people just find it easier to get in touch using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Use icons that set themselves apart so the visitor's eye moves to it effortlessly, that is they don't have to spend more than a few seconds to look for your contact.
Do remember that a not-so-nice experience on your website design spreads like wildfire too – via social media, via word of mouth and even possibly via newspaper articles. It is rather basic, but is very important. Such elements that build trust on your site are something your website cannot survive without.

Increase Sales by Making Your Website Design More Appealing
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