IMX WordPress Theme – Design Professional Resumes

A perfect Resume establishes the base of your lustrous career and if it's available online, then you've an edge over others for sure. Today, I’m going to discuss about IMX WordPress Theme which helps you build your Resume online with many features enabled in it to demonstrate your professional and personal achievements.


IMX WordPress Theme: How it's a good option?

IMX WordPress Theme comes with a lot of options which are good enough to represent you online with all your assets. There are many customization and tailor-made features available for you to make your resume sound. Also, responsive design, analytic compatibility, mailchimp and many other functions are here to be sure about selecting this theme. Here are the features in detail:

Design and Layouts

With the easy drag and drop layout builder, you can now easily make your resume looks like the way you wish it to be. Here, you can make your own resume format and has access to turn on and off any feature any time you want.

The IMX WordPress theme also offers 20 in-built color schemes for your needs and requirements and you can use them through the styling options in the option panel. This theme is also CSS enabled to let you imagine and build anything you want.


Responsive with Slider

There might be many platforms on which your online resume could be seen, and for that purpose, this IMX WordPress Theme has a responsive feature in it to don’t let your opportunities run away from you just because your portfolio was not able to adjust on a mobile screen.

There is this slider revolution available too for free and better representation, which actually costs US $ 18, if purchased as an extra.

Google Analytics and MailChimp

You can always keep the track record of your visitors and their interest on any particular page with the Google Analytics and with IMX WordPress Theme it’s just as easy as unlike before. All you need to do is only pasting your analytics code in the option panel.

Also, the mailchimp e-mail feature is there too, to make sure that you stay connected to your visitors personally and easily of course.

What’s more?

I bet the above features are enough mouth watering for a resume theme like IMX WordPress Theme, but the world just doesn’t end here and below are some more features:

  • There is this 404 error page navigation included so that your visitors stay with you.
  • You also have a blog option available with it.
  • It comes at an effective price of US $ 43.
  • Compatible with every browser available today.
  • Completely widget ready with lots of animation and other creative options.


Being online and getting recognized the same way is the biggest need of today’s highly competitive world and IMX WordPress theme does that very effectively with pool of customization and other features included in it. I would recommend it for all those people who are willing to show their career achievements online in a unique way, while keeping an eye on budget as well.

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IMX WordPress Theme – Design Professional Resumes
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