How to Improve your WordPress Admin Area

The admin area is the most significant area of any website. So it is extremely important that this part remains user-friendly at all times. You might sometimes be vexed with the way it works, especially when it comes to its speed. At other times the same old default look might appear dull, repetitive and uninspiring. But unless you are already familiar with the way you work with it, you might not be able to do much to make it appear your way.

To make things simpler for you, we have come up with today's article that will tell you how you can fix this problem without much difficulty. We will tell you how to keep your admin area user-friendly and also how to work on its look.

Mantain a User-friendly Amin Panel


So are you bored of the way your admin panel appears to you? Do you want to get over that dull default look and make it a little more vibrant and lively? In this section, I will tell you how to do it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This is very simple. To make these changes you do not particularly have to be the administrator of the site. Even if you are not the admin you can personalize your setting by visiting your own profile page. All you have to do is to go to Users and then go to your own Profile page. Here you will have an option called the personal option.

Here you will have an option called the personal option. Under this section 8 default colors namely Default, Light,  Blue, Coffee, Ectoplasm, Midnight, Ocean and Sunrise will be visible. You can choose from any of these colors by clicking on the one you most like.

On doing so the color of your admin panel will automatically change to the chosen option. You can see the change as it occurs. You do not have to refresh your page to see how it looks.

If you are not satisfied with the options available by default, you can add more colors to your admin area. For this, you need to install a plugin. Admin Color Schemes is a great option for this. Once you install and activate this plugin,you will have a number of other fancy color options that you will be able to choose from.

Now you will have a total of 16 different color schemes to personalize your dashboard. You can use any one of these brilliantly vibrant colors to get a soothing feel for yourself or anyone who uses your dashboard to compose, post or moderate comments.

Now that you have a new look for your site, let's see how we can resolve the problems of speed. The speed of your site can slow down for a number of reasons. In the following section, I will tell you a few possible reasons fixing which your speed might get optimized again.

Secure the Admin Area

A secured admin area is extremely important for every WordPress site. You need to make sure that the access is limited to certain people you trust and should not be available for each and every user on your site.

Remove Dashboard Access is a great plugin will help you to make the admin area a lot more secure than the default set up. With this plugin, you can have a flexible admin section which can be accessed by the users you define.

You can limit the admin section access depending on capability you define. With this plugin, you can create your own admin URL with redirection and make it secure.


Optimize your Loading Speed

Mind your Plugins

Plugins are a major reason for decreasing the speed of your site. If you have too many plugins installed, you need to deactivate them and re-install them one by one all over again. Test your site's speed after re-installing each plugin again. By doing so you will know which plugin is responsible for slowing down your site.

Once that is analyzed you can get rid of that plugin or find an alternative to ensure the smooth running of your site. You can also use P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to check the performance report of your site. This report will specifically point out the plugin that is affecting the site's speed.

Optimize your WordPress Database

You should routinely clear out your database to make sure your site works fine all the time. WP Database Optimizer is a great source of doing it. With this plugin, you can optimize your WordPress tables on a schedule. It will help you get rid of all unwanted pages, posts, comments and so on which in return will optimize your site for a smoother working.

However, you should not forget to backup your files before optimizing your database. Once everything is done, delete the WP Database optimizer plugin. Do not leave it (any plugin for that matter) disabled. This will only make your site vulnerable to security issues and slow down your site.

Regular Updates

Do not forget to regularly update your core WordPress version, the themes and the plugins that you use on your site. Avoid using an automatic updater. Updating your resources not only tightens the security of your site but might also help fix problems relating to speed.

Check your Hosting Account

A very significant step that you need to keep in mind is to choose the right hosting plan. If your server is taking ages to process an HTTP request and MySQL commands, then you should definitely be a little worried. Contact your hosting company and try to resolve the issue.

Do not use your hosting account for too many sites at a time. If you have another site on the same hosting account, that is generating a lot of traffic, too much server activity or has a poorly optimized database, it might be a major reason for your low speed.

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Choose your Advertisements Smartly

Do not add advertisements from a third-party network. This might slow down your loading speed to a considerable extent, as it needs to make calls to external servers. The best way to add advertisements to your site is to link it directly to the site by using an image that has been optimized for the internet.

Local Factors

Sometimes a local factor like the slow internet connection or your browser cache might also affect your browsing speed. Try fixing any of these by checking your internet connection, switching to another browser and emptying your browser cache.


There are several factors that might cut down your loading speed to a great extent. The ones mention above are some of the most significant ones that need consideration when you are trying to fix your slow site. So give these factors a try. If you are still not able to fix it, then leave a comment below. Meanwhile, I will keep adding more reasons why your site might be taking too much time to load and the ways to rectify them.

How to Improve your WordPress Admin Area
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