11 Important Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Theme

‘How do I select a good theme for my new site?' This is one query that we have been receiving over and again in the past few weeks.  We, therefore, thought of coming up with an article that will answer this question.

The current market of WordPress resources is flooded with tons of brilliantly crafted themes and it often becomes difficult to decide which one of these can be the best. While your requirements play a key role when it comes to choosing your perfect theme, there are several other key factors too that you should analyze closely before you make a decision. In today's article, we will try to have a look at these aspects and we will try our best to tell you how to choose a good theme for your site.

So if you too are looking for a theme for your upcoming site and are confused as to which theme to select, you should definitely read this article. We hope this will solve your problem to a considerable level. We will discuss each of these factors in detail and tell you why it is important for you to have those features.

How to Select WordPress Theme

Look & Feel

Make sure that the look of the theme you select complements the content of your site. Choose a bright and vibrant looking theme, if you are publishing content that is related to entertainment or the travel industry. If your site is a news based one try keeping it simple. Similarly, it has to look gorgeous if you are looking it for a fashion site.  A photography blog, on the other hand, looks classy if kept minimalistic.

So choose your theme based on the content your site will contain. You need to know exactly how you want your site to look like before you select your theme. However, you should not go only by its looks, because it might be deceptive at times.

So the best way is to first check the capabilities of the theme and then see if the looks complement your content. But how to figure out what features defines a good theme is the real challenge here. But worry not. We will make things easier for you. Let's have a look at the features you need to consider when looking for a theme.

Example: MagXP from MyThemeShop



We all know how WordPress has evolved over the years. The WordPress community is flooded with thousands of themes, some of which comes for free while others need to be paid for. Many consider the price to be a good indicator of the quality of a theme. But today, it has been increasingly difficult to judge a theme solely on its cost.

However, a premium theme might have some added features that you might not be able to find a free one. Especially when it comes to getting more updates, support and documentation and of course unique designs.

Example: Divi From ElegantThemes (You get access to over 87 themes and some amazing plugins for $89)



Ease of Customization

The theme you use for your site must be easily customizable. You should not have to struggle every time you want to make some change in your site. Things like uploading your logo, changing your layout, adding image and videos and so on should not be tough. Your dashboard should allow you to do all of these effortlessly and without much of a struggle. It should be so smooth that you should feel like a web designer even if you have zero knowledge about it.

Example: X Theme From Themeco

x Theme



We all know how important it is for your sites to be responsive to all sorts of devices. More than 52% of the web traffic is generated from mobile phones or other handheld devices.  Also if your site is a responsive one you have the added advantage of having it on top search results if searched from a mobile device. So make sure that the theme you choose is a mobile friendly one. You can test your theme for mobile friendliness in Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

Example: Boss Theme From BuddyBoss

Boss BuddyPress Theme


Cross Browser Compatible

Make sure your theme is cross browser compatible. It is not necessary that your viewers always use Chrome or Mozilla to visit your site. Your site must look equally stunning in all browsers, no matter on which one your site has been visited upon. So never forget to check your theme in popular browsers both on your computer as well as on mobile devices. You can easily check your theme's browser compatibility here.

Example: Monstroid From TemplateMonster



Plugins Supported

Another very important aspect to keep in mind is whether your theme supports all popular WordPress plugins or not. It is only with these plugins that the real magic begins in WordPress. These can liberate you with the power to do anything that you want to with your site. Whether it be sharing it on social platforms, transforming your site into an online store, adding contact forms or making it search engine friendly you can do almost everything.

Example: Avada Theme From ThemeFusion


SEO Friendly

Even though there are plugins that can be installed to make your site SEO friendly, some themes come pre-built with this feature. Try looking for a theme that has this feature. The SEO friendly box in the description might be checked, but this might be just to trick you into buying the product. Instead of making the purchase immediately why don't you run some tests to ensure it is true. You can check your theme's SEO compatibility by installing an extension for SEO Site Tools to your Chrome.

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Example: Yosemite from MyThemeShop




No one wants to visit a site that takes too much time to load. Optimized speed of a website can be a major factor for improved search engine rankings, conversion rates and thus, online revenue. To make sure that your theme does not slow down your site, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Though you might be tempted to select a feature rich theme, we would recommend you not to give in to such temptations. Avoid selecting themes that offer more than 6 different sliders, too many pre-installed plugins, full-width images, background videos and too many javascript animations. Also, poorly coded themes can also have a negative impact on your site's speed. Make sure you check the theme update history to ensure it is well coded.

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Example: Schema from MyThemeShop





Check if your theme has the option for regular update. If you have been using WordPress for long, you will surely know that it is often updated by its developers. You need to keep updating your version every time there is a new update.

This will protect and strengthen your site with enhanced security, bug fixes, and latest features. Using an old version might be dangerous because it is like running a version with several known vulnerabilities. Similarly, your theme needs to be updated too. So make sure you have that option in your theme.

Example: Divi From ElegantThemes (Evolving Continuously)




Do not compromise the security of your website. Read the customer reviews before making any purchase. Avoid opting for themes that have fewer downloads and very fewer customer reviews. Also, check the ratings that are displayed against the theme.

Example: Genesis Framework Themes




Always go for themes that come with good support. You must be able to reach out the developer or the support team anytime you are in need of it. Check the reviews and see what the customers has to say about it. There is no point purchasing a theme at a low price and paying triple the amount to fix problems. This is a major drawback of free themes. There is no guarantee about the support you are going to get in times of need. So be very considerate about it.

Example: Zerif Pro From Themeisle




Selecting a theme for your new site can be an exasperating and tiresome task. However, it is always beneficial to do your research before hopping to a decision. There are thousands of themes in the WordPress community and the number is swelling each day. Of course, no theme can be perfect.

But with proper research done, you can always manage to skip the unnecessary complications that might untimely pop up by making the wrong choice. Though there are several other factors that define a good theme, these are a few that needs major consideration.

11 Important Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Theme
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