How to Import Articles from the Google Docs to WordPress?

Updating and publishing various articles to your blog is a very important and essential activity for blog growth. Many of the bloggers would use WordPress editor for composing an article while some may use Microsoft Word to write an article and copy them to their WordPress editor for publishing them.

Some of the bloggers also do compose their article using desktop editors namely open Live Writer, Desk, or Blogo.

One of the drawbacks of all these methods is when you copy the article and paste in the WordPress site, the format and other things like images would not be the same as you have created using Google Docs and other editors like MS Word.

Did you know – you can write blog content on Google Docs and directly import it to the blog! It removes all the headache of copying and formatting the content.

You have to know the way for importing the articles from Google Docs to WordPress. Importing an article would maintain the originality as you had created. Though importing an article from Google Docs to WordPress is a little tricky thing, it is worthy.

Using Google Docs for creating articles does also provide some more writer friendly features. This post is going to provide you with a complete guide about importing an article from Google Docs to the WordPress site. This tutorial is going to provide you with a detailed and step-by-step procedure for the things to happen.

Follow each step and execute it carefully for error free importing. Let us go on.

Import Articles From Google Docs To WordPress


Step 1



You have to begin by searching the Add-on (Plugin) for Google Docs and installing it. To download and install the Add-on “ for Google Docs” you have to just click on the link, or you can also search for this plugin in the Chrome app store directly.

The above image illustrates the download page of the for Google Docs plugin along with the description of it. You just need to click on the FREE button, which you can find it on the right top of the screen. Clicking on it will lead to the downloading and installing process it for the Google Docs.


Step 2



Once you click on the free button, it will prompt you to sign in into the Google Docs account for the further process. If you have already signed in, it will take you to the next step automatically.


Step 3



After you get signed in to your Google Docs account, it will show a message indicating that the for Google Docs needs your permission to run. In that message box, you need to click on the CONTINUE button for the further processes.


Step 4



Clicking on the CONTINUE button will pop-up a new window showing you the various permissions that add-ons need to operate. You can check through each permission, and you have to click on the ALLOW virtual button at the right bottom of the screen.


Step 5



Once you allow the permissions that the Add-on requires, the add-on would get installed to the Google Docs account of you. The image illustrates the screen that you would get after you provide permission. You can manage the add-ons from the tab provided above as shown in the image.


Step 6



After installing the add-on, start creating an article in the Google Docs. If you already have the article in the Google Docs just open it. The above image is how it would look if you work or open an article in Google Docs.


Step 7



After finishing your article, you have to navigate to the Tab “Add-ons” on the top of the screen. After navigating to it, you have to just click on that tab. Clicking on that tab will show you a drop-down list showing all the add-ons that you have integrated with Google Docs. In that, just open the for Google Docs add-on. It will open another consecutive drop list. In that, just click the OPEN option. Doing this will open the add-on.


Step 8



Opening the Add-on will give out a sidebar prompting you to add the WordPress site in which you are going to import the article from the Google Docs. In that, just click on the “Add WordPress site”  button to proceed further.


Step 9



Clicking on the ADD WORDPRESS SITE will take you to the login page of the WordPress. Just enter all the credentials and log in into your account for the further process.


Step 10



Once you enter the username and the password and you click to log in, it will show you the list of things that you have to approve for the upcoming procedures. This list is nothing but the permissions that this add-on requires for the easy access. In this box, just click on the APPROVE for providing approvals to the permissions.


Step 11



Clicking on the APPROVE will add the WordPress site of yours to the Google Docs. It will show you the WordPress site on the right side of the page with a SAVE button along with it. Importing the article from Google Docs to the WordPress site is very simple, and you can make it so by simply clicking on the SAVE button. The above image illustrates the scenario that it would show after you approve the permissions that the Add-on prompted you to approve.

One of the added advantages of this plugin is you can add multiple WordPress accounts to your single Google Docs account. And you can import any article to any WordPress site in just single click i.e. Clicking on the SAVE button as shown in the image above.

After adding your site to Google Docs, you can open this add-on at any time by just opening the add-on as if following the steps mentioned previously. Follow all the steps as if described in the steps mentioned above and make use of the screenshots for the better understanding.

Possible Error Occurrence And Solution For It

During the process of Signing in to your WordPress site through the for Google Docs add-on, you may get an error in some cases. It will show you an error message mentioning “Someone might be trying to trick you to give them access to your site or it could be you just encountered a bug” and also prompt you to close this window. You can simply ignore this pop-up.

For stopping this to happen in future, you can try by cleaning the cache on your server and the WordPress and try logging in again. You can also try Jetpack debugging tool for eliminating the problem. And, it is a better choice if the problem persists even after cleaning the cache on the server and WordPress.

You may also face another problem that could annoy you in the process of importing the articles from Google Docs to WordPress. It is a common error and may occur in certain cases. You could receive a pop-up message showing error mentioning that “There was a problem getting your site’s information. So kindly make sure you have the Jetpack JSON API enabled and try re-adding it.” It is what the message that popped-up would show you. For fixing this problem, you have to follow certain steps.

On the admin dashboard of your WordPress site, you need click on the Jetpack tab in the listed options. In that, just click on the settings option. In the SETTINGS option of Jetpack, you have to click on the General tab. In that, you could see options like Connection Settings, Notifications, JSON API, and more. In those options, you have to enable the JSON API by just checking the virtual button on the adjacent side. The above image illustrates the mentioned process.

Things You Should Know

Some of the bloggers may do some edits in the images after they are inserted in the article. If you are using Google Docs, the edits like rotating, cropping done within it will not get changed in the WordPress draft even you do import through the add-on. So, it is better to edit the images before inserting them to the Google Docs.

The image remains in the database even if you remove the images from the updated drafts of WordPress. To overcome this problem, you have to delete the images from the tab manually in the WordPress dashboard.

If you add any comments in the article while you compose it using Google Docs, it will not be shown in the draft of WordPress. This is an excellent feature since you may add comments for the internal use only.


This article would definitely help you in importing the articles from the Google Docs to WordPress. The above-stated method is one of the easiest ways to import articles to WordPress from Google Docs. The expected errors and solutions for that would also be very useful for you. This error may not happen all times, but one should know what to do if it happens. This article would help you in that case. Happy blogging!

How to Import Articles from the Google Docs to WordPress?
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