How to Optimize your Business for Local SEO? (6 Easy Steps)

Optimizing search engines for attracting high traffic to a website requires a lot of strategy formulation SEO helps with branding activities in a perfect manner through its precise strategies.

SEO campaigns are of diverse types, the predominant one being the general SEO. The other type of SEO is termed as local SEO which is, as the very name suggests, a localized one. Our focus in this article is on the localized SEO.

Let us have a look at how to optimise your business for local SEO.

Google Local SEO

Google Local SEO in 6 Easy Steps

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Ranking on the top of local business listings

Your target to be on the top of local business listings must start with local reviews, local NAP citations, and My Business Signals, rather than becoming dependent on link building. Without an iota of doubt, link building helps in optimizing websites. However, when it comes to local SEO, the game is totally a different one since link building can happen only after a sequence of efforts start yielding positive results.

01. Claim the Google My Business page

Google offers the Google My Business (GMB) platform which helps with local SEO optimization. When you claim your Google My Business page, it allows you to add many details like descriptions that are unique to your website, category of business your website belongs to, your local phone number, photos and images that represent your business, address and contact details pertaining to your business, business hours and many more.

If you have so far not availed this page offering from Google, avail the same immediately which will add value to your SEO optimization efforts. A verified GMB page acts as a measure of authority in front of prospective buyers.

Google My Business

02. NAP is good for local SEO optimization

One of the main requisites of local SEO optimization is having your NAP on every page of your website. NAP here is a name, address and phone number. Ensure that you use NAP in the same manner in other external links and optimizing as it is used in your website. This consistency in maintaining uniformity means a lot when it comes to local SEO optimization.

You can also use markup which will make the search engines display your details as you want the same to be displayed on other websites. markup helps you display the NAP in the manner you desire.

03. Acquire local reviews

Acquiring local reviews act as the key to enhancing the levels of local SEO optimisation. These do not only mean acquiring reviews from Google but also through pages meant for the same in your website. The pages we mean here are the ones on your website that are connected to Local directories.

With that said, Google reviews do add value to your local SEO optimization efforts. Remember, the existing customer base you have accrued acts as one of the key sources for obtaining reviews. To rope in your current customers to drop a complimentary review for your website, you can announce discounts of various types or incentivize their efforts.

Many satisfied customers who want to share their experience with the world withdraw from doing so just due to ignorance. Dedicate a separate page which informs customers as to how they can place reviews on your page which will guide many customers to leave one.

04. Focus on local on-page SEO

On-page SEO, particularly for local business, is one of the oldest practices. To get the maximum result out of the same while adding a keyword highly relevant to your website, ensure the region and city you reside in gets added without fail. The region and city must be added to the landing pages related to many tags like the title tag, H1 tag, URL, page content, and image ALT attributes.

Also, ensure that the business identifier in your landing page gets embedded with Google Maps. Making your website mobile friendly add to all these efforts taken towards optimising your website for local SEO.

05. Link acquisition activities

One aspect often overlooked by website owners when optimising their business for local SEO is Link Building.

Link building for local SEO is one of the most important aspects since it connects all the relevant links in the local region with the website. These links help a lot since they talk more about the local things which are the focus of local SEO too.

Build citations that reference the business you are trying to promote. Link building need not be done for citations if these are consistent and relevant to your business. Many tools are available to check and compare citations of competitors which will help prepare impactful citations for the business.

Some websites provide a list of citations in a readymade manner which can be used as it is for promoting local SEO. Visit your current citations periodically and update them to ensure consistency in your local SEO optimization activities. You can also set up alerts to get hot and fresh information about changes in the NAP listing of your competitors.

Having all types of information about the competitors gives a cutting-edge advantage to all your efforts taken towards optimizing your business for local SEO.

Local link building strategies need to be thoroughly studied through various sources, online and offline. You can look out for local events that target in getting sponsorships. Handshake with them and build a link to your website as one of the sponsors of the event.

Get in touch with the local press people and get some coverage for your website ensuring that the NAP is provided through the same with all clarity. Initiate activities to publish NAP and the services you offer in local publications. Do as much public relations activities that would promote your website in the local arena.

06. Track your click through rate

Make the best use of Core Quality Score measures offered by Google to track your CTR constantly. It will measure the success rate of AdWords towards local SEO. Such scores help in measuring the user experience accurately, providing inputs for corrective actions that need to be taken from time to time.

It is one of the crucial activities in optimizing local SEO since this decides on the ranking of the website among that of many other competitors in the arena. This not only helps in assessing or increasing the traffic to your website through local SEO optimization but also helps the same to stabilize in the long run.


Many factors play a crucial role in optimising local SEO. These indicate the strength of SEO ranking signals. Some such signals are related to business, review, external location, social behavior, on-page, behavioral data, personalization and link acquisition.

Focus on aspects like CTR, keywords in the business title, proximity, inbound anchor text, mobile clicks to call, Google+ authority, Facebook likes and many such factors which act as important signals of optimisation.

How to Optimize your Business for Local SEO? (6 Easy Steps)
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