How to Limit WordPress Dashboard Access

How to limit WordPress dashboard access is a frequent question in the WordPress forums. There are number of instances when you might want to keep users off your dashboard.

And it's not a healthy practice to provide access to WordPress dashboard to somebody you don't know or you can't trust. Now-a-days, multi author blogs are very common and more than one person get access to dashboard and the backend area.

So, if registration is open to all even the subscribers of your site gets access to the backend to a certain extent which you might want to control. In WordPress it's not a very difficult process to limit WordPress dashboard access to certain users.

Default WordPress Roles

WordPress comes with certain default roles with different permissions and restrictions. Roles for your users in your site could be Subscriber, Contributor,  Editor, Author, and Administrator.

Now, all the above mentioned roles come with their own capabilities which they can perform in your site and as admin of the site you can control the roles in the user interface of WordPress.

Depending on the role assigned a user gets access to writing and editing posts, creating new pages, creating categories, moderating comments, managing plugins, managing themes and managing other users as well.

To edit the default role of any user go to WordPress Dashboard >> Users >> Find User >> Edit. and then you can select the role you want to assign from the role drop down.

Limit WordPress Dashboard Access

Control WordPress Dashboard Access

Here is a list of a few handy WordPress plugins which can help you to limit WordPress dashboard access in your site.

Remove Dashboard Access

A very effective WordPress plugin to limit dashboard access for users of a specific role or capability and keep it open to certain roles. The disallowed users are redirected to a chosen URL.

You can limit dashboard access to admins only, admins + editors, admins + editors + authors, or limit by specific capability. Next thing you to do is to choose the URL where you want other users to redirect after login and this plugin also provides you an option to allow user profile access.

Overall a very useful and customizable plugin as far as dashboard access management is concerned.

Download Plugin Here

List Dashboard Access

WP Hide Dashboard

WP Hide Dashboard is another such plugin to limit WordPress dashboard access by removing the dashboard menu, the personal options section and the help link on the profile page, hides the dashboard links in the toolbar menu.

This plugin prevents dashboard access to users assigned to the Subscriber role. WP Hide Dashboard plugin works perfectly with both single as well as Multisite mode.

Download Plugin Here

WP Hide Dashboard plugin

Restrict Dashboard Access

A simple WordPress plugin which restricts dashboard access for users with edit post restriction. Keeps those who can't write or edit content out of your admin area.

It hides the front end admin bar for all users and adds a login/logout link to the end of your site primary menu.

Download Plugin Here

Restrict Dashboard Access


If all of your users can access your WordPress dashboard, you must have a re-look at the settings of your site and list the WordPress dashboard access depending on user role.

All the above mentioned plugins are free and pretty easy to use, I'm sure these plugins will be useful for you.

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How to Limit WordPress Dashboard Access
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