How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress

There could be number of instances when you want to publish an article but hide it in the home page of the site. But, generally the WordPress theme shows the latest posts in the home page of the site.

Though, WordPress offers you an option to have a different page as the homepage of your site, but it doesn't offer you any option to hide particular posts from the homepage if have the latest post as the home page content.

The reason for hiding some posts in the home page could be different for different user, but the expected result remains the same.

For example, if you want to show a particular piece of article the RSS feed but not the home page. There are many user who publishes number of articles everyday specially in the starting days of the blog to increase the overall number of posts. However, all of them may not have the quality to make to the home page of the site.

The most convenient solution to hide a post from the homepage in WordPress is by using a plugin called WP Hide Post

This plugin will provide you a lot of control on your hands as in where you want a particular post to appear or not appear with just one click.

Once you install and activate the plugin you will get the option to control the visibility in the post editor. This plugin is extremely effective and useful.

WP Hide Post Plugin

Not only the home page, it provides you option to hide a post from the category pages, tag pages and archive pages as well. Also, you can hide a post from the RSS feed if required with just a click. 

Once you select your option, the posts will disappear from the places you choose them to disappear. Everywhere else they will show up as regular posts

The permalink of the post still works perfectly, if anyone checks the post will permalink in the browser they will see the normal post and there will not be issue in indexing the post by search engines. 

This plugin provides an option to keep the post open for the search engines so that they index it and show in search results.

WP Hide Post Settings

There is no complicated settings for the plugin, everything is self explanatory and the best part is that you can control every post individually. So it will not impact any other post and will show in the home page and all other pages normally.


WP Hide Post makes the process really easy to hide a post from home page in WordPress which will give you freedom to create more content and keep your site active in the search index.

I have used this plugin in the post myself and it works perfectly. And if you want to create a private site with WordPress, have already published an article about how to create a private website using WordPress.

How to Hide a Post From Home Page in WordPress
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