How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Blog

Analytics about your site traffic is of paramount importance because if you are not aware of the amount of traffic your site is getting and most importantly the sources of traffic, you will never be able to plan your site properly.

When we talk about web stats, there are number of services who can provide you stats about your site but Google Analytics is the most important and accurate free web traffic stat service by Google.

Google Analytics can provide you detailed and most comprehensive statistics about your site traffic, you can analyse your site from different perspective using this free analytics service.

As Google is the main source of traffic from most of the websites, it's good to use their standard service and optimize our sites accordingly.

Google Analytics can give you details of the traffic number, the source of traffic, bounce rate of your site, the demographics, user behavior, landing pages, real time visitors and lot more. So, once you install analytics account, you don't really need any other stats service for your site.

If you are aware of the traffic sources for your site and the content type which is getting more traffic than others you will be able to plan your content accordingly, and make the high performing content even better for the users to make it more useful.

Getting Started With Google Analytics

To start your Analytics account, go to Google Analytics and login by using your Google account. If you are setting it up for the first time you will have to provide your website details and if you already have an account you can go to the admin section to add a new site.

Click on the create new view section and fill in your site details.

Google Analytics for WordPress

In the next page you will get the code which you need to implement on your WordPress blog. If you don't place the code properly in your WordPress blog, it will not work to provide you the data for your site.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Ways to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Now, this is the most important part if the process because as already mentioned if you don't implement the code correctly in your site you will not get the web stats as expected.

There are different ways to add Google Analytics code to WordPress site. In fact most of the premium quality WordPress themes comes with built in spot to add Analytics code to make it easy for the users to get started. I'm using a premium theme from MyThemeShop which has built in option to place the analytics code.

Edit Your Theme File

You can consider this as the built in method to add Analytics code into your WordPress site, you just need to copy the code and add it to your theme file.

You can use the WordPress editor Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Editor and find the code to add footer script and add the code before the </body> tag.

If you are not comfortable editing your theme file, I would recommend you to avoid this method because there are easier method to implement the code.

Use Google Analytics by Yoast Plugin

Google Analytics by Yoast is the most popular WordPress plugin to add analytics code into a WordPress site. It's a very easy to use plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, go to settings > Google analytics to configure the plugin, just add your analytics ID and you are good to go.

Google Analytics Plugin


You must use Google Analytics if you are really serious about your online business because it's a free service and it is by Google, so they will consider this standard of tracking for your site.

As far as implementing the analytics code is concerned I would recommend you to use a premium theme which comes with all these small features as built in option.

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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress Blog
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