How Can Grammarly Help You to Write Correct Blog Post?

Many of the bloggers would have tried, might be using this software application regularly while they write their blogs. Though it is a well-known tool among the bloggers and writers, it would be even better if we start with the little intro. What is Grammarly? This software tool is stated to be the world’s prominent automated proofreader.

In simple words, this tool can be used alongside your writing to check for the major mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, and also has some added features for enhancing the vocabulary.

In this post, we all are going to look how Grammarly could help one to write a perfect blog post. Grammarly is an online grammar and spells check tool whose extension can be added to the browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This tool can also be added to the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. It can also be embedded in the Windows for automated proofreading.

The above mentioned are some of the important things which we have to know about this software tool.

Now, let us look into the key features of Grammarly.

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Perfect Blogging with Grammarly


Key Features of Grammarly

All the elements which are embedded in this tool are mainly provided to bring out a proper and perfect moulded English which is much essential not only in blog posts but also in the generalised uses like writing letters, assignments, essays, and much more. The important features that are present in Grammarly are as follows,

  • Contextual Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Style
  • Vocabulary
  • Plagiarism

Grammarly Correction

Contextual Spelling

Contextual spelling optionality helps one to notify the misspelled words while she/he writes a post for their blog. It not only notifies the wrongly spelled words but also suggests some of the proper spellings related to the misspelled word. This option helps you write correctly spelled words in your blog posts.

It can check for more than 250 types of spelling errors, so you can confidently choose the suggestion given by it. In some cases, some of the words like names would also be shown as an error. In such case, you can make use of ignoring once and add to dictionary options.


As the name notifies, this software tool mainly focuses on the grammar errors. Grammar errors include inappropriate use of tenses, articles, and much more possible grammatical aspects. As mentioned in the previous feature, it identifies the grammatical errors and also would suggest the most appropriate grammatical corrections for the correct blog post.


Punctuation is a crucial thing for the perfect content. A misplaced punctuation could even change the actual meaning of the sentence which you might think of expressing. So, Grammarly is also helping in this case. As usual, it identifies the error, notifies it to you and at last, suggests you the correct usage of punctuations.

Sentence Structure

The next important feature of Grammarly is the sentence structure correction option. This feature would look into the article for the proper structure of the sentences that are present. There are four important sentence structures namely simple sentence, complex sentence, compound sentence and complex-compound sentence.

Grammarly would check your article and compares it with the actual rules of the different sentence structures. If it founds any irregularity, it would notify you and prompts you to structure out the sentence properly. This feature is very much helpful for making a proper structure with proper meaning.


The style is nothing but the way of expressing your thought to the audience. There are two main styles of writing namely active voice and passive voice. In general, Grammarly is fed that the active voice style of expressing is much better than that of passive voice way of approach.

Using of passive voice cannot be considered as an error, but it would notify you to change the sentence to active voice as it is found to reach efficiently to the users than passive voiced sentence. In some cases, if you feel passive way is better for expressing your feel then you can ignore the notification.

Vocabulary enhancement

This feature is much more important and useful for showcasing themselves as if professionals. There are a lot of vocabularies available in the English language. But, some of us might be using very simple words in the blog posts.

It could be meaningful but using of high standard vocabulary would exhibit you as a high standard writer. So, you can use the suggestions which are shown by Grammarly for a better impression.

It also notifies you the most repeated words and also some related suggestions. Making use of redundant words might degrade the value of your article. So, this option is a fine aspect for overcoming this problem.


Plagiarism is a bane of the Internet world; copying content from the web and publishing as your own is a serious offense.  A professional blogger might not copy or plagiarise the content from another site consciously, but it could happen without one's knowledge.

Checking for plagiarism after finishing an article is a best and efficient way for creating quality content. Grammarly is also embedded with the plagiarism checking tool. This tool can be used for checking and changing the plagiarised sentences.

The above mentioned are the important features of Grammarly which would help you in writing the right content. You have to note that some of the features mentioned above may not present in the free version of Grammarly. You can access ALL the features by purchasing the premium version. Let us look what a free version contains and what the premium account contains.

Grammarly Edit

Features that are available in Free account

  • Critical Spell checks
  • Critical grammar checks
  • Punctuation checks

Features those are available in Premium account

  • Advanced spell checks
  • Advanced grammar checks
  • Punctuations checks
  • Style checks
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker

Premium Plans for Grammarly

Three different plans are available for purchasing. It includes monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

  • Monthly -> $29.95 per month
  • Quarterly -> $19.98 per month ($59.95 USD)
  • Annual ->$11.66 per month ($139.95 USD)


After seeing the features that are available in Grammarly, you could have understood how much it is useful for bringing out a correct and fine blog post. Just try this software in the free version and upgrade to the premium one if you are satisfied.

Wholly, Grammarly is a must needed tool for happy writing!

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How Can Grammarly Help You to Write Correct Blog Post?
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