HireBee WordPress Theme: Earn and Let Earn

HireBee WordPress Theme is one of the best themes available for creating your own marketplace to earn for yourself and let other people earn as well. It is basically an option for creating a website where people can hire freelancers and freelancers can apply for the work.

You can earn via traffic on your website and fixing a price for putting up the projects on your website as well.


HireBee WordPress Theme – How to hold the People?

HireBee WordPress Theme has various features which can make a good website to represent and simpler for both users and admin. The theme has latest and clean & modern look, easy to use control panel, customizing could be done on the basis of the price and much more. Here below are a few more features in detail:

Design and Dashboard

The HireBee WordPress Theme has very clean and modern design with 5 in-built color schemes and a single page on the dashboard where you can keep track of all your website functions easily.

The theme also allows you to be in charge so that you can make the things easy for your users and visitors so that they return to your portal more often.


Project Form and Pricing Plans

Among the many customization options available with HireBee WordPress Theme is that you can create your own project form with all the details you wish to enter into that.

It also helps you to sort and differentiate the categories on the basis of their urgency, type of work, budget and much more. With this segregation, you can charge the employers with different price tags and make your cut to generate your income.

Free Credits, Widgets and Modifications

The thing which force the users think to come back to a website is the features and the gifts. Here with Hirebee WordPress Theme, you can offer new and existing users with various free credit options for completing a task or even getting registered.

Users can also add widgets to their personal dashboard for the filter to find the projects with ease. There also are options available for making all the modifications with foundation framework and Theme API availability.

Other General Features

Besides the above mentioned features, there a lot more other options available for making the work easier on the website powered by Hirebee WordPress Theme. Here are some of them:

  • The theme is escrow ready which ensures the money holding until the project gets done.
  • There is a unique project form available to post a detailed service or project.
  • Users can easily pick up a project of their match with the various filters available on it.
  • Employers also have the facilities to choose the candidates right from their dashboard.
  • The price for its standard version of this theme is US $ 99 while the Developer version comes at US $ 159.

Detailed Features of HireBee Theme

  • Project listings
  • Freelancer listings
  • Choosable budget currency
  • Choosable budget type: fixed price, per hour
  • Projects can be set to a specific location or ‘remote’ (remote work)
  • User dashboard to manage projects, proposals, purchases, etc
  • User activity – users can view their latest site activity from their dashboard
  • Terms negotiation – employers/candidates can discuss terms before agreeing with work
  • Favorite projects
  • Clarification section in single project page
  • Individual project workspaces
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Full profile pages – include user reviews and rating, and authored projects
  • Assign skills to projects
  • Assign skills to users
  • Assign user price per hour
  • Keyword and filters search
  • Multi-tier categorization system
  • Search engine optimized
  • Multiple page templates
  • Editable menus in header and footer
  • Localization support
  • Theme color options
  • Separate blog and page templates to promote your site
  • Foundation framework


The Hirebee can definitely serve you the best with all the features available in it, if you're looking to build a freelancer project posting and hiring website. Also, the above features make sure that you get the best value for your money as well. Still, if there is any doubt left, then please comment below and we would try to help you out.

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HireBee WordPress Theme: Earn and Let Earn
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  • HR Pro

    I would like to know what all we get if we purchase Hirebee as Standard and as Developer buyer?
    Would it be ready with all the images and functionality loaded ? Such that I can simply start using it?
    Please share your views.

  • The Only difference is that you don’t get the photoshop files in the standard package.

  • HR Pro

    Is there a consolidated list of feature that come in the package? And would the package be straightaway loaded and it will run completely without any technical knowledge required or no inputs required? Please let me know about both the packages? Any discount?

  • Yes, you will find the feature list in the theme page. You will get detailed document about how to use the theme, I don’t think any technical knowledge is required to use the theme.