Go WordPress Plugin – Make Responsive Templates

Go WordPress Plugin is the option available for allowing bloggers to make their own portfolios for better presentation of their work according to the need. There are many options available for portfolios like slider, grid, teasers and others.

Go WordPress Plugin

Go WordPress Plugin: What is the Use?

There are many times when we require making portfolios for our websites according to the design of content. The Go WordPress Plugin offers many options to let you build your design of portfolios with responsive feature enabled in it.

Here below is the detail:

Layouts and Styles

This Go WordPress Plugin is full of customizable options while designing your own portfolio with unlimited custom post types. Here are some options to choose from:

Styles Available

  • Flex
  • Door
  • Delux
  • Vario

Layouts Available

  • Masonry and Equal Distance Grid
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Carousel

Go WordPress Plugin

Portfolio Options

With this Go WordPress Plugin, you’re able to build unlimited portfolios for your posts, blogs and pages. You also have the option to build portfolios for each of your post with the custom post portfolio option. Here below are some options:

  • Image Portfolio
  • Video Portfolio
  • Audio Portfolio
  • Thumbnail and Lightbox

In-Built Editors

The Go WordPress Plugin also offers many editing options for the images and portfolios and below are they mentioned:

  • Thumbnail and Lightbox image & aspect ratio size editing.
  • Template and Style editor with add and import option.
  • Show posts customization with taxonomy and term filter.

Responsive and WooCommerce Compatibility

Go WordPress Plugin portfolio maker generates responsive portfolios of every kind so that your blog or website doesn’t look odd to your users, irrespective of the platform on which they are viewing your website like a smartphone, tablet, phablet or a PC.

With many bloggers opting for the WooCommerce business line these days, this plugin is fully compatible with it to let you try your luck in the world of internet business.

Easy to Use Admin Panel

The admin panel of the Go WordPress Plugin is very easy to use for non-computer background bloggers too. The options available in its admin panel are also very descriptive and wide so that even rookies do not find it hard working on with the plugin.

Other General Features

The above mentioned features are enough indeed to take a decision on whether to use this Go WordPress Plugin or not. However, there are more features available too, if any doubt left:

  • It supports all the modern day browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others.
  • All the possible files like JavaScript JS, JSON, HTML, CSS and PHP have been included.
  • It’s compatible with the WordPress versions from or above WordPress 3.5.
  • The price of US $ 22 is very competitive with the features included.


The Go WordPress Plugin is a very useful tool if you like to customize your every or selected posts according to the need to content. The features available in it are also very handy, allowing you to build your own customizable portfolio with image, video and audio files use. Also, I guess that price is justified, if you want to use it though.

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Go WordPress Plugin – Make Responsive Templates
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