How to Get More Traffic to Your YouTube Videos?

Being a YouTube influencer is a career path these days. YouTube is one of the finest sources for showcasing and sharing your visions and thoughts through videos.

It is being stated that around one billion visitors do visit this site and it is known to be the 3rd most popular online site throughout the world. It also holds the name of second most popular search engines next to Google.

Among its popularity, making your videos accessible and viral is somewhat a difficult and a complicated task. Popular and viral aspects of things mean to the higher traffic to your video.

Though starting a channel and uploading videos to your channel’s playlist are something simple and easy, getting them viewed by people is something complicated as it needs little hard work and time-consuming.

Getting more views and subscribers to your videos and channels are one of the important things and ways to get revenues and popularity. There are numerous aspects that one has to follow to make their videos in YouTube site to become popular.

This article is going to help you by providing actionable steps and tips for getting more traffic to your YouTube videos.

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Tons of Traffic to YouTube Videos

01. Maintain professionalism in making videos

The videos that you make for sharing it on YouTube must be professionally made and should have a professional look too. Though many of the beginners could not afford a lot of investments in buying high-end equipment like professional camera, video editing software, and other related accessories, it would be better if you use decent and basic tools for a better result.

This factor might not be thought by many of the people, and they may not give more importance to the tools they use. But, it is one of the hidden rules of success for getting more traffic to your videos on YouTube site.

02. Choose and make viral videos

It is one of the successful ways to get more traffic to your site. Choose certain topics that are going sensational and are discussed more currently and made videos regarding them. Showcasing your thought regarding the sensational topics in a unique way of approach might make it more viral.

These topics could be anything like fun videos, technical, political, movie reviews, and much more. If the video that you made is found to be viral to a viewer, he or she might share that particular video link through social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. This activity, in turn, produces more viewers to your videos. Thus, it would increase the traffic to your YouTube video.

03. Try video branding strategies

Video branding is one of the efficient and successful ways of getting or converting the viewers of your videos to your readers. You can make this strategy happen by exhibiting your site’s URL and name by using the feature called annotation. For video branding, you can also showcase the name of your organisation or site in the background of your video. Adding URL watermarks to your video is also efficient for video branding. These things could make your site, blog or YouTube channel more popular and in turn could produce more traffic.

04. Make “How to…” videos

YouTube is one of the finest places where you can search for various solutions for various problems in a visual manner. Knowing something visual could bring out a better understanding than you try to know in a text manner. There is a stat that YouTube hosts above two lakhs “How to…” videos and the counting might not get an end.

Making a “How to…” video for various unsolved problems could make your video go viral. For searching for unsolved problems, you can search for various comments and discussions that users are searching for and find a solution to them. Make it into a video and share it on YouTube. Though it is a complicated work, it could give out a better result.

05. YouTube Search Engine Optimisation

You might have heard SEO for websites and blogs. Similar to them, YouTube SEO is also a vital aspect that one has to follow for getting your videos ranked higher in YouTube search. Some of the basic SEO tips that one has to follow is using popular keywords in the Title of your video and also including the keyword to the description that you are going to add on behalf of your video.

Usually, search engines would crawl on the keywords that you have added to the Title and the description. The popularity of the keyword that you use is directly proportional to the video of you. More popular the keyword is, more popular your video would become. One thing that you have to keep in mind is the character limit is around 21 and after that description will be truncated and shown with dots. So, use this space properly to get SEO done.

06. Do promote your video

To make the video popular, you have to promote it through various ways. It is one of the effective strategies for getting more traffic to your YouTube videos. There are numerous ways to promote your videos.

Some of the effective ways for promoting your videos include usage of social media networking sites, websites, and blogs. Using your accounts in social media networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and much more;  you can promote your videos through sharing the links on your page and the pages of your friends. Showcasing the videos on your own websites and blogs is also an effective way of promoting the videos to the people.

07. Exhibit video responses

Adding a video response to the comments of a popular and viral video is another way of creating familiarity to your videos. The only thing that you have to keep it in mind is the popular video that you are going to add video response should be a relative kind of thing.

This activity could increase the possibility of getting approval to the video by the author quickly. This, in turn, would get increased exposure to your videos. In other words, it will increase the traffic to your YouTube videos.

08. Exhibit attractive thumbnail

Whatever may be the content that your video possesses, the image or thumbnail which you exhibit to the viewers plays a vital role in increasing the chance of opening the video and watching it. It is most similar to that of showcasing a magazine with an attractive cover.

So, to increase the traffic for your video on YouTube and to compete with other videos on the web, you need to choose the proper and best suiting image for showcasing the thumbnail for your video. It is something like a trailer to a full-fledged movie. Publish your trailer in an attractive way to get more audience to get the box office collection.

09. Add appropriate tags

Adding several numbers of tags relevant to your video is one of the best and successful ways of getting more traffic to your video on YouTube. You might have noticed several related videos at the bottom of the video that you watch.

YouTube search engine collects videos related to the video that you are watching currently using the tags that each video is possessing. Therefore, adding various tags related to the content of your video will help the search engine to list your video when someone watches a video related to your tag.

10. Respond to the comments on your video positively

Responding to the comments in a wiser and informative manner might increase the trust between you and your viewers. Whatever the comments come to you, respond to that in a sportive manner.

Ignoring is one of the effective for responding to negative and trolling kind of feeds. Give more importance to genuine comments and reply to them. Ask for feedbacks and suggestions from your viewers and responding to their suggestions would also increase the mutual understanding.

This kind of activities would increase the understanding between you and your viewers. Also, it enables the environment to the viewers to recommend your channel to their known ones.

11. Miscellaneous Tips to get More Traffic

  • Use simple and easily understandable way of communicating language. Using of standard language in your video might attract all kind of people around the world. Concentrate on the pronunciation and make sure that the words you pronounce are clear and audible.
  • Make sure the length of your video is not too small and not too long. Maintaining around 3 to 5 minutes of video length could be the best practice.
  • Update YouTube channel with the fresh and trending scenario at regular basis is one of the best ways of getting higher traffic to your video.
  • Use your blogs to showcase the content of your video in detail. A written explanation of your video on your blog is one of the helpful ways to reach your viewers in a better way of approach.

Bottom line

These are some of the important tips and rule for success to get higher traffic to your YouTube videos. However, it would take a little time to experience the success.

How to Get More Traffic to Your YouTube Videos?
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