Genesis Extender Plugin Review: Customize Genesis Themes

Genesis Extender is a WordPress plugin that helps you to customize any Genesis Child theme to make it unique and perfect to your requirement created by Cobalt Apps.

This plugin is extremely powerful as far as customization possibilities are concerned, and the best part if that it works perfectly with any Genesis Child Theme of your choice.

So, you can select your favorite theme from our extensive list of best Genesis Child Themes and get started with your customization.

If you are familiar with WordPress, I'm sure you know that Genesis is one of the most widely used WordPress theme frameworks because of it's proven track record as an SEO friendly and high-quality framework that can take your site to a new height.

Now, think of creating a completely unique design by using Genesis, I'm sure that will a great move for your brand because having a unique design can definitely place your blog in the elite group and make your business sound extremely professional.

So, let's get started with this amazing plugin to understand how it can help to customize a Genesis child theme.

Genesis Extender Plugin Overview

Though Genesis is one of the most powerful WordPress theme frameworks, many users may not find the Genesis theme designs very appealing and attractive because the Genesis child themes are generally very simple and comes with a minimal layout.

Genesis Extender is the plugin that can help you to overcome this limitation and help you to create a great looking unique design with any Genesis theme you choose for your business. 

When we think of customizing a theme, it is not possible for all WordPress user because everyone is not familiar with coding. This plugin will give you the power on your hand because if you use this plugin you don't have to know any coding.

This tool may take a few minutes for you to understand but once you are familiar with the options customizing a Genesis theme will be a child's play.

Genesis Extender Features

  • It's a very light plugin, so it will not add extra burden on your server
  • Works with any Genesis Child Theme
  • No coding skills required.
  • Create widgetized static homepages
  • Create unlimited content blocks
  • Edit theme's style from the front-end with real-time preview
  • Use Google font to style typography

Getting Started With Genesis Extender

Genesis Extender is a really easy plugin to start with, once you install and activate the plugin it will bring in two new menu items under the Genesis tab in WordPress admin, Extender Settings, and Extender Custom.

Genesis Extender Settings

In the settings page you get the detailed info about the plugin and some really important settings such as creating a static homepage for your site, export and import options, you can remove all page titles which is important for many bloggers.

Genesis Extender Static Homepage

Extender Custom Options

Extender custom options are the fields where you do the real customization of your Genesis Child Theme. You can do a lot of customization and create new content and widget areas without a single line of coding.

It offers you a simple menu to help you customize your theme further, you have the option for CSS, JavaScript, custom labels, custom template, conditionals, widget areas, hook boxes, and images.

Genesis Extender Custom Options

All these custom elements are extremely powerful that will help you to create a completely unique design, the custom conditionals will help you to set conditions where you do to display certain elements and where you don't.

The Custom widget option will help you to create custom widget areas and you can also define their position according to your need.

Custom CSS option is one of the most powerful feature offered by Genesis Extender plugin. This option offers you  a box to put your CSS code to style your site if you have knowledge about CSS.

However, the most powerful and user-friendly feature about the custom CSS option is that it help you to write your code with just a click, so you don't have to know CSS to create custom styling anymore which is incredible.

Genesis Extender Custom CSS

Another best part is that you can do change from he front-end of the site and have real time preview of the changes before they go live which is really interesting and user-friendly.

Genesis Extender Real Time Editing

Custom PHP Builder

The Genesis Extender plugin also offers you an option to write custom PHP code for your site which you can use to create custom templates and functions which are mentioned above. So, in simple words Genesis Extender will write the required code on your behalf so that yu can create a custom design.

Genesis Extender PHP Builder

Genesis Extender Plugin Support 

Genesis Extender plugin is well documented and you also get some video tutorials to get your issues resolved. Cobalt Apps comes with a very active forum section where you can find the answers to your queries and you can participate in the discussion whenever required.


Genesis Extender offers you three pricing plans which you can select as per your requirement, all these plans offer you one year support and update. You can still continue to use the product even after one year without support or you can go for renewal with 50% off original purchase price.

Genesis Extender Pricing

Final Word

Genesis Extender is undoubtedly a must have plugin if you are using a Genesis powered theme. This plugin can save a lot of time as far as customization is concerned.

If you are a newbie WordPress user and using a Genesis child theme, this plugin becomes even more important for you because it will help you to create a custom design without any coding.

The custom CSS and PHP builder options are two elements of the plugin which is remarkable and it does justify the price tag set by the team.

If you want to become a Genesis developer or you want to custom code your own website with Genesis based theme Genesis Extender plugin is highly recommended.

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Genesis Extender Plugin Review: Customize Genesis Themes
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