Free WordPress Plugins to Timetable Different Events

Looking for free tools to constantly schedule events for educational institutions, gym classes, formal conferences, theaters, and clubs? It’s actually easy to find some good free solutions for WordPress simply because there are not a lot of them on the official repository.

As for paid alternatives, you can find a couple of good premium plugins on CodeCanyon, for example, but this is a topic for another post. Here you are going to be presented with freebies and only freebies.

If you currently use something like Excel spreadsheet/pdf document for presenting the events, remember that it can be really impractical for your visitors. And the satisfying user experience is now literally everything for your brand, SEO, profit, etc. Why risk?

You may even try to construct a table yourself. But despite a relative ease of look, timetable (and any other kind of table) can be truly hard to develop in WordPress as a task of adjusting it for different screens may be tough. It should be really easier to grab any of the plugins and save tons of time.

Flexibility and adaptation to a vast majority of event types are possible only with a couple of plugins listed in this roundup, the rest are devoted to some particular niches. So, let’s see what free options you have today.

WordPress Event Calendar


The plugin is an ideal solution for the lovers of a traditional calendar format, which comes with a full range of features and customization options. It offers  various view modes: month, list, week, and day, so the site visitors are able to switch to any of the modes for the most optimal events search. The site administrator has an ability to add multiple events for a single date, including events for different categories, which serves as a sorting option and can also ease the search for users. Discover more feature of the plugin below:

  • Responsive design
  • Support for unlimited calendars, events and events categories
  • Upcoming Events widget (the events are featured in a list format)
  • Ability to preview the details of the individual event in a pop-up window (each event can be supplied with custom HTML and images)
  • Customizable cell border colors
  • Option to set your calendar to show any needed date instead of a current one
  • Ability to set just one view mode by default
  • Customizable categories and colors for different events
  • 12-hour and 24-hour time options supported
  • Support for recurring events
  • Frontend filtering
  • Demo available.

wordpress event calendar

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MotoPress Timetable and Event Schedule

Absolutely free solution that offers all the needed functionality for timetabling unlimited events and featuring all upcoming ones in a sidebar. By default, the timetable, and Upcoming events widget come with a clean layout structure and trendy minimalist design, though you are able to fully customize it applying any suitable color scheme using a color picker.

You can use this plugin to timetable absolutely various sorts of events like gym classes, concerts, workshops, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, etc.

The plugin also offers one unusual option of adjusting the responsive design: you may choose whether it should be a standard table with scrolls or a clean list view on mobile devices. What’s more about this schedule plugin? Find out in the list of features:

  • Handy shortcode toolkit with checkboxes (e.g. you are free to display/hide ‘All Events' view mode, hours left column and empty rows)
  • Ability to display/hide the needed columns and events when needed
  • Ability to divide events into categories
  • Precise visual timeframes in the left timetable Hours column (you can set it to show 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes depending on the amount of events in the table)
  • Two filtering styles for the website users: tabs (better for a few events) and drop-down menu (for multiple timetable events)
  • Fully customizable event parameters (time, title, description)
  • Featured images for individual events
  • Option to link a needed event to the external website (URL)
  • Text alignment for event cells
  • Unique IDs for multiple timetables on a single page
  • Ability to change a row size in order to make the timetable
  • Upcoming events widget in the sidebar (the widget is hidden when no upcoming events are scheduled)
  • Import/export of the plugin data
  • Well-documented with step-by-step instructions
  • Demo available.

MotoPress timetable

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Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

A great tool to connect your Google Calendar to your website and create more custom styled weekly timetable. Such a synchronization with Google Calendar only may sound as a limitation for some WordPress users and at the same time a great advantage/time saver for others.

If you are constantly working with Google Calendar, this may be a perfect option for you. The plugin also aims to simplify your customization work with managing complex table layouts. How does it actually work?

The plugin receives your Google calendar feeds and automatically displays them in a weekly timetable in a post. Your timetable can be easily splitted into subtables devoted to different groups or categories. Downloading the plugin, you’ll be able to get the following options:

  • Automatically adjustable timetable rows
  • All Google Calendar events are shown in one timetable (optional)
  • 12-hour and 24-hour time formats support
  • Ability to apply the needed color to the feeds
  • Adjustable styles (via CSS)
  • Support for different time zones
  • Multilanguage support.

Google Event calendar

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Theater for WordPress

The plugin with a strict orientation on theater events. It comes packaged with several shortcodes and widgets for your theater. The plugin also offers a lot of additional paid extensions if you wish to build an ultimate theater presence (with events slider, rating system, tickets, etc.). At the moment, the plugin developers provide you with only 1 free addon: Event Duplicator – it provides an instant duplication of the chosen events. Developers can easily alter the plugin for scheduling any other type of cultural events. The core options and features of the plugin include:

  • Featuring events/plays in a clear list with dates and hours
  • Customizable colors
  • Customizable individual event page
  • Upcoming events widget (with several styles to arrange the events)
  • A showcase of the live websites that use the plugin.

Theater for wordpress

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This is a scheduling plugin with the main emphasis on creating timetables for educational institutions. Using the plugin, you are free to build timetables for different classes, lecturing, and case-studies. The plugin allows managing the following items: teachers, classrooms, subjects (modules) and student groups. More options include:

  • Easily-operated shortcode settings
  • The semester can be divided into scheduled lectures
  • Support for unlimited timetable and events
  • Support for scheduled holiday events.

Found a better solution or got an experience of working with any of the presented plugins? Let others know about it!

UniTimetable for WordPress

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Free WordPress Plugins to Timetable Different Events
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