12 Amazing Examples of BuddyPress Websites 2015

A roundup of best examples of BuddyPress websites, as a part of our daily WordPress inspiration today we have collected some of the best BuddyPress powered websites.

If you ever wanted to create a social networking community site, BuddyPress is the plugin which can help you to make your community site up and running within couple of hours or probably in minutes. BuddyPress is a community plugin for WordPress which brings in the social features to your site.

To run a community site using BuddyPress, you will need a quality BuddyPress theme as it doesn't work with all kinds of themes, it has to be compatible with BuddyPress. We have already written about the best BuddyPress themes on Sourcewp, you can select any of the theme from that list to get started.

BuddyPress is undoubtedly the easiest way to create a social networking community site, so if you ever wanted to have your own social site you can use this tool. The websites below are community site powered by BuddyPress to inspire you to create something better.


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Best BuddyPress Powered Websites


It's a guide for nightclubs, bars, restaurants and events in Argentina

Examples of BuddyPress Websites

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VMC is a network of women in marketing and communication

VMC BuddyPress Site

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caryl BuddyPress Site

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Little Sketchers

Little Sketchers is a place where kids can share their art master pieces. So, if you want your kids to showcase their drawings, this is the place.

Little Sketchers BuddyPress Site

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Sheep World is a German company designing and selling postcards as well as various gifts with sheep design.

sheepworld BuddyPress Site

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Beer directory is a community created for beer lovers, here you can search for your favorite beers by categories such as beer name, brewery, location and various styles.

beercredits BuddyPress Site

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All information regarding caring for your children: baby food, health, immunization schedule, growth charts, education.

cuidadoinfantil buddypress site

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A social network created for the YouTube bloggers.


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A community where users can recommend to their friends the best restaurants, bars and cafes in German cities.

plazaa buddypress site

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Biowebspin is an international network linking over 80,000 biotech, pharma, and medtech companies and institutions with the most complete Bio-Dashboard.

Biowebspin BuddyPress Site

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Venture Capital is an African site which is the largest and fastest community of investors and entrepreneurs who envision building companies in Africa.

vc4africa Site

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Tasty Kitchen

A community for food lovers, discuss and share food recipes here. This is another superb example of BuddyPress websites.

Best BuddyPress websites

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12 Amazing Examples of BuddyPress Websites 2015
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