Errnio Social Share for Mobile: Share and Earn Revenue 

The Errnio Social Share for Mobile plugin enhances the mobile sharing experience to a large extent also brings in a lot of revenue possibilities to your website.

As far as social sharing is concerned, we have already published an article about top social media plugins for WordPress and we have also published out a review of Monarch social sharing plugin which we highly recommend as a social sharing tool for WordPress sites.

If you are not aware of Errnio, it's a new revenue model for websites. They also have another WordPress plugin called errnio Gesture Monetization which is targeted for the same action.

As it's a really new platform, let's see it as just another social plugin and not a revenue model as such.

Now, if you don't want to spend money for purchasing social sharing plugin for your site you can have a look at Errnio social share bar plugin for the mobile browser. It does show a nice looking option in the mobile screen to share your blog posts.

It's extremely important these days to have a mobile optimized site because most of the traffic comes through the small screen devices these days, so your social sharing option should be mobile responsive as well.

Errnio Social Share Bar Overview

This mobile share bar plugin brings in a very beautiful and responsive social sharing bar for the mobile version of your site. If your site is not responsive, you can read out post about how to make a WordPress site mobile friendly.

As we have mentioned in the title that share and earn revenue, this plugin helps you to earn some revenue by adding new engagement layer to your site with a simple addition of a plugin.

You don't have to worry because this plugin will never push any distracting banner ads to your site, it sill simply add a layer of gesture-based search tool to be added to any mobile browsing session.

Key Features of Errnio Social Share Bar

  • Adds a beautiful social sharing bar.
  • Text Size Toggle – a button to change the size of the text on the site.
  • Brings in an option to open a new tab on the browser.
  • Adds a simple mobile enabled search box.
  • Adds an additional layer of content and recommended to earn revenue
  • Customize the personal search bar as per your requirement

Not only the social sharing factor, but this plugin takes your mobile experience to a whole new level with the mentioned additional layer of add-ons.

Another best part is, you can choose the products you want to integrate through the recommended content functionality so that it shows products from your niche.

How to Get Started

There are no complicated settings for this plugin, you can simply download the plugin from the WordPress repository and get started. Once you activate the plugin you will get the option for this plugin and all you need to do is register your site to get a site ID at errnio.

Errnio products interact directly with the user’s mobile web experience to produce unparalleled conversion, by offering direct contact between revenue and UX.


The Errnio Social Share plugin sounds really interesting and the interface looks clean and engaging. However, the plugin is new and the platform is also new so we will have to wait and see how the team takes it forward. As far as the social sharing bar is concerned, it should work perfectly.

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Errnio Social Share for Mobile: Share and Earn Revenue 
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