Enhance Your Email Marketing List Without Buying Any

In email marketing, the success of marketing totally depends a lot on how big and good is your email list or contact list.


The email list is called as  “Mailing List” which is a collection of email addresses of people.

For marketing, emails are being deployed to people of the mailing list and make them aware of new projects being launched, new products and anything you want to make people aware about it. Ultimately, if people give a positive response towards your emails like if they go for purchasing out the new product, then you got your results in terms of sales of your product.


Growing an email list is one of the major tasks in email marketing since it directly affects the revenues.

In the present scenario,

People had figured out a shortcut for growing their mailing list in order to boost their email marketing. They had started to purchase email addresses of people or simply mailing list.

It seems out to be a simple and quickest strategy to grow up their mailing list, but in actual purchasing a mailing list will further lead towards complicating your email marketing efforts. There are many email lists building plugins available over the web too.

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Why Shouldn't You Buy a Mailing List?

Following points will let you know about the consequences you could suffer if you go for purchasing a mailing list –

  • Kills Your Email Reputation – Purchased lists doesn’t guarantee that all contacts are valid or not. These types of list are typically out of date and may result in high bounce rates. Ultimately, the user will mark your email as spam one.
  • The Risk of Blacklisting – Using a purchased list can also put you to blacklist category. Many email marketing services have made a restriction on the usage of purchased mailing list. If they found out doing such things, they may take legal action towards you.
  • List Quality – Purchased list could be used by a number of people and other organisations since it was put up for sale. Hence, these type of list do not provide you new user engagement rather leads towards re-engagement of old users.
  • People On Purchases List Don’t Know You – People do not respond to the emails about whom they don’t know. So, doesn’t ensure to have a positive response from their side.
  • Sender Score Will Fall – A Sender score is your IP address reputation indicator and depends upon your deliverability and spam reports. With an increase in not- deliverability, spam and bounce reports of your emails, it ultimately affects your Sender Score i.e. decreases your Senders score.
  • Negative Impression – Sending emails to unknown people creates a negative impression of your brand and ultimately they could block you. Receiving emails from somebody has been just like if somebody interrupts you when you are busy with our work.
  • Waste of Money and Time- Purchasing list requires a lot of money and also not sure about whether they are relevant or not. Then sending emails to them and getting no results out of it, all it is just a complete waste of time as well as money.
  • CAN-SPAM Act: This Act gives rights to the recipient to file messages as spam and with a higher number of spam type of responses against anyone, may result in legal trouble also.
  • Low Deliverability Rates: Email to a purchased list rarely make to their boxes. They bounce back or remains undelivered. All contacts in purchasing  lists are generally invalid and not verified at any point. So you are not sure that whether these contacts really exist and  whether all of them are of your use or not.


How Can You Enhance Your Mailing List?

Instead of purchasing an email list and spending a huge amount of money on it, you can create or grow your mailing list by making certain efforts.


All it seems to be a difficult task to do, but there is no secret formula to grow up your mailing  list.


Follow these simple steps through which you can grow your mailing list and ensure maximum clicking –   

  • Easy Task For Joining The Mailing List – You should establish an easy to sign up and subscription form. Also, you should ask for minimum personal details like just name and email address only during sign up. So that the user finds it  easy to join in your mailing list without requiring much time.
  • Use Social Media Platform – The best way to grow your mailing list is through social networking sites. For example, you can provide a tab in your Facebook page through which new user can join your mailing list. Likewise, you can also include signing up links in Twitter, Pinterest also.
  • Use Pop-ups – Use lightbox / Pop-up for email sign up when a new user  enters into your website. This is yet another efficient way through which you  can grow your mailing list.
  • Remarkable Content – Creating remarkable content on your site keeps the people to stay subscribed and ultimately leads to increase in a number of your  subscriber. This is the best method through which you can include a new user in your mailing list.
  • Provide Sharing Feature – You should ask for your current subscriber to share and forward your mail. For this, you need to provide sharing option such as social sharing buttons and Email to a friend button. By incorporating these options, your marketing strategy will be an upgraded one.
  • Provide an Opt-in Incentive – You can offer a free download of a resource or a guide or anything you want to offer them, through a simple registration process. By doing so, you entice people to get something by just going through the simple sign up process.        
  • Run Contest – It's a much better way to get connected to new users. You  just have to run a contest on the social platform like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Make mandatory provide an email address to participate in the contest.
  • Online Webinars – By arranging online webinars you can get new email addresses. Make signing up a requirement for the registration process.
  • Describe Joining Your List – Explain clearly about the benefit of joining your mailing list like what they would get in through this.
  • Collect New Contacts – You can host conferences, seminars, go to public places and much more of places where more people gather this type that gather up more people and you can make up getting new contacts here.
  • QR Code Option – Provide QR code options to offline media so that people can enroll in your email list. Since nowadays smartphones usage is common among people, this method can help you upgrade your mailing list.
  • Explore your Company YouTube Channel – Make people get in touch with you by providing links and call to action buttons in the video itself. In the video, encourage people to get connected to your mailing list.
  • Promotional Activities – Do promotion on your tie up partner website.You can make a deal for this with your partners.Through this method also you can   gather new contacts for your mailing list.


You now know about the various ways through which you can grow (increase) your mailing list that I also couldn’t think off. So, if you got any idea in your mind  to enhance your mailing list, then go for it and do share with us also.

Still you can do a lot of efforts to upgrade your mailing list. You just need to find out the right option, with the exception that some might give you unfavourable results also.

Enhance Your Email Marketing List Without Buying Any
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