Divi Theme Review: A Super Powerful WordPress Theme

A comprehensive review of Divi theme, a true multipurpose WordPress design from the ElegantThemes store.

Divi theme from ElegantThemes is one of the best product so far from the popular WordPress store. It's a multipurpose WordPress theme which comes with tons of amazing features and options. We will discuss the theme in detail today in this post.

In this Divi theme review, we will talk about the features and options available in Divi and how you can use those to create the website of your dream. Divi theme is part of their theme package, that means you get this theme and other 87 themes for $69.

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Before we go ahead with the review of Divi, I would like to bring your attention to another two amazing products from ElegantThemes, the Monarch social sharing plugin, and the Bloom email marketing plugin. Both these products deserve your attention.

Divi is one of the best and most comprehensive WordPress themes so far from the ElegantThemes store. The theme comes with a very professional design and tons of option to customize the theme to make it unique. The possibilities are unlimited with this product, it's a multipurpose WordPress theme in a real sense.

divi theme review

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Divi Theme Overview

As already mentioned Divi is one of the most comprehensive WordPress themes available right now, it brings in all the important features and options to one place which you may need to create a successful site on WordPress.

Though the sophisticated design options can make you think that it is only for higher end users, it's a completely newbie friendly design. Because with Divi theme, you anyone can create a great looking unique website without a single like of coding.

Divi theme is very powerful and easy to use. The team behind Divi made sure that all the elements of the theme are ready to use without any further modifications.

Some of the key highlights are

  • Divi Page Builder
  • Comprehensive User Interface
  • Powerful Customizer
  • Premade Layouts
  • Save Your Own Layouts
  • Responsive Design
  • Divi Modules
  • Solid Security

Divi 2.0 WordPress theme

Divi Theme Features in Detail

Header Options

The first thing which makes the impression of any site is the header, how well the header is created, the design and the layout of the logo as well as the navigation is very important.

Divi theme provides you a number of options to set the header as per your requirement. You can easily create a unique layout of the header for your site, you can have a side as well as centered logo, multiple navigation placement options, side logo and navigation option and lot more.

Update 2.4: With version 2.4 Divi brings in new full-screen header option which will help you to create stunning header design for your site which will fill the screen size irrespective of the device used.

It now offers you 24 unique layouts to choose from, you can do almost anything you want with the header design of your site.


Update 2.6: With update 2.6 Divi has come up with an app like header style which is extremely modern and engaging. When you select the slide-in header option, the navigation links are hidden which will come out with a click.

This navigation system makes the page clean and minimal, you can design the background with the color of your choice.

Divi Header

Vertical Navigation

Many WordPress users like to have a vertical navigation instead of the regular horizontal one. With this theme, you can completely change the orientation of the theme and create a site with vertical navigation.

The design option of this theme makes it really easy for you to achieve this, you don't have to go for any extra coding to change the design of the theme. You can create your own layout for your site and you can even save those for future use.



Version 2.4: New Navigation Options

Divi 2.4 offers you number of new customization options as far as styling your navigation is concerned. You can show or hide the logo on the scroll, you can show the header after scroll, you can have centered logo within the navigation, you can have a transparent background, you can adjust the logo height as per your requirement.


The Divi Theme Builder

The strongest part of the theme is the page builder which makes this ultra modern theme extremely user-friendly. The page builder transforms all the elements of the theme into visual building blocks, allowing anyone even a newbie user to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching a single line of code.

The Divi builder if very powerful and flexible, you can create an unlimited number of layout for your site easily and within minutes by using this page builder.


In version 2.4 Divi builder gets a completely new interface which is more user-friendly and elegant. It makes the process of creating an amazing layout and saving them for future use lot easier than before.


Exceptionally Quick Front-end Editor

With Divi 3.0 update the Divi Builder gets a complete facelift, it is now a complete and exceptionally quick front-end editor. Once you activate the builder, you will see your site like the way it looks in the front-end of the site and you can simply click on any of the element and change it in the live site.

You can simply click on any of the paragraphs and start typing, highlight text and adjust its font, size and style, or open up the settings for any element and change its content, appearance and positioning. Dragging, dropping, resizing, copying, pasting, deleting and duplicating elements is also easy.


Add Elements On The Fly

Adding new content on a page was never so easy. With the new version of Divi, you can add content on the fly to make things really quick all you need to do is to simply hover over the desired area and click the “+” button and you will be greeted by a list of Divi’s 40+ content elements.


Delete and Duplicate Content Block

Drag and drop is a basic functionality of any website and Divi takes it even further with the functionality to duplicate any of the content element on the page. So, you can forget about drag and drop and simply copy and paste any of the content blocks as per your requirement.

Also, Divi's builder is all about live editing, you don't work on the backend of your site but you can change things instantly on the live site in the front-end of the site.


Responsive Editing

The responsive editing is an amazing feature, you can view and edit any page. You can view and edit any page with different views on Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop breakpoints. Divi offers you the option to edit and set different elements depending on the breakpoints to make sure that everything looks great on all kinds of devices.


Divi Post Builder

With version 2.4, creating great looking post has become even easier. Now, you can create great looking design for your posts to make them reader friendly and present them in a very professional looking design.

You will have full control over the post settings now, you can show or hide page title, meta details as well as the featured image for the post as per your requirement.


Divi Leads

With version 2.7 Divi introduces the split testing option which is well integrated with the Divi Builder and takes this amazing theme even further. No matter what you want to create with Divi Theme, the new split testing feature is going to help you to improve your business.

Divi Leads will skyrocket your conversion rate by all the information and data on your hand. You can carry on with your testing and improve your website continuously to make sure what works best for you.

With Divi Leads, the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder becomes a lot more powerful. You can create a number of different landing pages and do the testing to record the effectiveness of the pages. You can create a different version of a page and set your good to understand which version works the best.

And the best part is that you can test the performance of individual modules along with the page as a whole because the Divi Leads system is well integrated with the Divi Builder. You can play around with the position and look of the overall design to understand what works best for you.

With Divi Leads, you can have a 360-degree testing system. Along with the on-page testing, you can go ahead with off-page testing as well and make sure that you increase the overall visibility of your site and the revenue through your site.


Divi Theme Modules

Divi theme modules are the building blocks of this design, modules are responsive for bringing in new character and feature to your website. You can use these modules through the drag and drop page builder to create a new layout and to bring in a new feature to your site.

From image, slider, gallery to the blog, you have almost everything in terms of modules to make your site really modern and complete. You can simply drag any of this module and set it as per your requirement, each module comes with its own set of options to fine tune.

Divi theme modules


With Divi 2.4, the module becomes even more powerful. Now, you get comprehensive settings with more than 100 options for each the module that will help you to design easy module perfectly to your need.

You will have general settings for each module, advanced design settings as well as option to add custom CSS for each module.


Also, please note that the Divi Builder is now available as a standalone plugin which you can use with any WordPress theme you want to. We have written a detailed review of the Divi Builder Plugin where you can get more details about the plugin.

Update 2.6: The version 2.6 has come out with five new modules, the button module, the post slider module, comments module, search module, post navigation module and the touch improved contact form module.

Each of these modules brings in a lot of flexibility to the Divi theme and you will be able to create a great looking site with the availability of all the modules in place.

20+ Pre-Made Layouts

Divi is extremely easy to use, anyone can create a unique layout with the number of modules available with theme them and the drag and drop builder. If you still feel any difficulty, there are more than 20 pre-made layouts which you can use on your site.

Also, as already mentioned, you can create your own layout and save it for future use.

Divi theme layout

With version 2.4, you are no more limited to just 20 pre-made layouts because the possibilities are unlimited now. You already get a number of layouts and you can create more for future use as per your requirement.


100% Fluid Responsiveness

Now, this may sound obvious to you because the last thing anyone will expect from a theme of this standard not be responsive. Well, this theme will not disappoint you in this regard.

It's a fluid responsive theme that means your website will look amazing even on a mobile device.


Responsive Editing Controls

Divi was always one of the most beautifully displayed themes on all devices. Now, with the responsive editing controls, you will have the flexibility to make the dimensions perfect with the adjustable control over the breaking points.

You will have full control over the sizing, spacing and visibility of modules on each responsive breakpoint. Also, you can disable elements for different devices as per your requirement. You can have some functions and elements available for the desktop and disable the same for the mobile devices.

Divi as One Page Website

Single page sites are really popular these days because the marketers can show all the important elements of their site in the home page effectively. With Divi 2.1, it became possible to create a great looking one-page website for your business.

It introduced the floating side navigation bar which detects the sections on your page and creates a dot indicator for each. You can just click on a dot and move to respective section.

Divi one page theme

Clone Tool

Divi 2.0 introduced the clone tool which helps a user to clone any element of their site along with the settings. It helps a user to create multiple components in their site with common properties. So, it's definitely a very useful tool which can save a lot of time for you.

Create Landing Pages

You can create professional-looking landing pages with Divi theme. In Divi 2.0, the team has introduced the blank page option, which can remove the header and footer areas from any individual page. You can create professional landing pages for your products or even a coming soon page for your site.

divi theme landing page

Post Formats

This theme supports a number of different post formats making the theme useful for various niches. It supports standard, audio, gallery, quote, video, and link post types.

There are a number of bloggers and business houses who use Divi to power their site, the post formats will help them to extend the kind of content they want to produce for their users.


Stunning Portfolios

If you want to display your projects in style, Divi will not disappoint you. It comes with very powerful portfolio options, You can choose from a number of different layouts to showcase your business portfolios. You can set a full-width portfolio, filterable portfolio with categories and lot more.

This is another highlight feature for the developers because if you showcase your work in style, you will be able to able to attract more customers to the services you offer. We all know that if you have work to showcase and testimonial to display, it will do half of your marketing towards procuring new work.

Div theme portfolio page

Create an Online Shop

Yes, Divi theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin making it really easy for the users to create a great looking store on their website. Divi 2.0 also comes with a few pre-made layout for the store which you can use to save your time while creating the store.

If you go for custom development of an online shop, it will cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. If you use Divi Theme, your online shop will be up and running within a couple of minutes and with a very little amount in comparison to custom development.

Also, as Divi is extremely SEO friendly, you will be able to drive traffic to your online shop and increase the number of sales. As there will be a blog associated with the shop, that will help you to drive traffic as well.

Divi Theme Online Store

Divi Library

With version 2.4 Divi get new library where you can save your layouts and everything that you create with this amazing theme for future use.

You can store layouts, section, rows, and modules. You can also edit any section or module within the library. You can easily access the library from within the page builder and filter library elements by name, type as well as category.

You can easily make any library element global which applies to section, rows, and modules. You can update the library elements within a page or within the Divi Library. This feature will be great for the developers who used Divi theme to create their client's site, it will save a lot of time for them so that they can concentrate on other productive work.


Right Click Control

The version 2.5 of the theme came out with a number of amazing updates, one of them is the new right click control. Now, when you click inside any module in the Divi builder, it will offer you some of the quick keys to perform different actions.

You can copy any module and paste it anywhere you want to make it extremely easy for a user to create pages quickly with the settings already created.

Divi 2.5 right-click

Quick Preview

Earlier you have to save the changes to view how it looks in a live environment while setting any module, but with Divi 2.5 you have the like preview function. Now, you can see the changes real-time before making any module live which is a great feature.

Editing Session

Divi 2.5 also come up with the editing session feature which will enable you to retrieve any setting from the history during a session of edit. You can easily go back and forth in history to check the version you need and you can also undo something if you have saved my mistake.

Divi Live Customizer

Role Editor

Divi is used by many WordPress developers to create their client's site. Now, with the Divi role editor feature you can provide access to your clients or anyone else while you edit the theme to make changes.

And you can have full control over the kind of authority you want to provide to other users. You can enable and disable any module as per your choice with a click of a button.


Limit Uses of Modules

With Divi 2.5, you can limit the type of modules which can be used by your client. If your client doesn’t have enough knowledge about the builder and the modules it’s a good idea to disable some of the complicated modules so that they don’t get confused.


Image Overlays

With Divi 2.6, you have the new image overlays option which will help you to make your images look better. When you enable this function beautiful background overlay color are placed over the image on hover.

This option will help you to reduce the contrast of the images so that the text over the images are easily readable.


Solid Security

Security of the theme you use is of paramount importance. And the folks at ElegantThemes takes it very seriously, the team partnered with Sucuri.net to make sure Divi tighter  in terms of security and Sucuri found zero issues with the theme.

We have seen and a number of frontline websites getting hacked in the recent past. So you need to make sure that you put all the possible defense lines so that your business is not getting affected at any point in time.

The quality of code is extremely important when you select a theme for your online business because if you are using a shady theme with bad quality code, your site will always be vulnerable to attacks, and you may lose all your data affecting your business. So when you select your theme, you must look at the experience of the developer as well as their track record, and I'm sure ElegenatThemes stand out in this regard.


32 Languages

It is most comprehensive in all aspects including the possibly translatable languages. It is not only to create anything but also can be used by anyone. This theme comes with 32 built-in language translations so that a wider community of people can take the advantage of this amazing design.

Divi Languages

Value for Money

Divi is one of the best WordPress product without any doubt, and when you compare this theme with any other similar drag and drop themes, Divi will stand out in many aspects. The ease of use and the possibilities makes this theme a real winner.

You get access to Divi and other 87 themes for $69, however, I would suggest you go for the developer license for $89 because that will give access to all the themes and all the plugins as well.

Final Word

Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes of all theme and it deserves to be one because it is one of the most comprehensive WordPress theme available currently.

And another important aspect is the team behind the theme, you have a very strong support team to resolve all your issues related to your site. Also, the Divi Theme is continuously improving with every update, we have seen several small and big updates since inception which were published with a number of amazing updates.

Combine your website created with this theme with another superb product from ElegantThemes store “Monarch”  which is undoubtedly the best social media plugin for WordPress currently to take your site to next level.

Divi theme is a combination of great look, amazing features, and flexibility. The possibilities are unlimited with this theme. If you are looking for a good quality premium WordPress theme for your site, we strongly recommend Divi Theme because it has got everything that is required to take your online business to the next level.

Divi Theme is improving continuously and it will keep on getting new features in the time to come. No matter what you want to create, you will always have an option with Divi Theme because the possibilities are almost unlimited.

The Divi Builder plugin is also getting new features continuously, so you can easily create stunning unique designs for your site without writing any code. And the best part is that you can control every details of the design by using the website builder, even up to the height, width and padding of each module.

Also, as discussed in the article above you can save your designs in teh library and make sure to use them whenever you need. So, once you master teh process you can create and grow your business easily. If you are creating sites for your clients, you just need to master this one theme and you will have all the designs options and possibilities you will ever need.

Divi Theme DemoDivi Theme Download

Divi Theme Review: A Super Powerful WordPress Theme
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  • Walter Mazzola


    We’ve been using Divi for 1 year. It is a great theme. The very downside of this theme is its “top bar”. You can not add custom html or widgets in there. You can detect a Divi site by just looking at its “top bar”. I hope they update this in future versions.

  • Thanks for your opinion and feedback Walter