Divi Builder Plugin Review: The Builder for All WP Themes

Divi Builder, the drag and drop page builder that used to power the popular Divi Theme is now available for all other WordPress Themes as well. Divi Builder plugin brings in endless possibilities as far as the design of your WordPress site is concerned.

Previously this builder was available only with Divi Theme and now the Divi Builder is available as a standalone plugin which you can use with any WordPress theme. This is a great move by ElegantThemes because the Divi Builder is a brilliant in terms of creating custom pages, we have already discussed that in the Divi Theme review.

This is a great news for WordPress users as well as the developers who want to incorporate a quality builder in their themes. The Divi Builder came into existence along with the Divi theme and a number of new features were added to the builder with the Divi updates.

The best part is that now you can use the Divi Builder with any WordPress theme you wish you; not necessarily a theme from ElegantThemes store.

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Divi Builder Plugin Overview

3 Section types, 20-row types, and over 40 content modules and 1000's of design options makes Divi Builder one of the very important tool for all  WordPress users, with this plugin the possibilities are unlimited in real sense.

The Divi Builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that works with any WordPress theme. If you want to create a custom landing page for your site to promote any product or you simply want to create a more engaging blog page with different modules like images, sliders, pricing tables, call to action button etc, you can easily do that with Divi Builder plugin and you will never have to write any custom code to create a unique page.

Just create a new page or post, start Divi Builder, drag the modules which you need on the page and start editing, it is that simple.

Divi Drag and Drop Builder

You have the option to select from 40 readily available modules which will take a simple WordPress page to a well customized modern design that will attract more visitors and engage theme.

Let's get introduced to the available modules.

Divi Builder Modules

All the modules available with Divi Builder are self-explanatory, from images to code to a shopping cart; you have almost everything you will ever need to create your site.

If you look at the available modules, you will understand that the Divi Builder can do a lot of things alone which otherwise will need a bunch of different plugins to handle those separately. For example, if you use Divi Builder plugin you don't need a portfolio plugin, pricing table plugin, slider plugin, contact form plugin, any shortcode plugin or a call to action and there are many other.

I have always been a huge fan of great looking landing pages because a nicely created page can make any website look professional, especially beautifully created about our page, the advertisement page etc can make a huge difference to your visitors mind.

The Divi Builder plugin offers you all the required modules to help you create a stunning landing page, you can start your landing page with a great looking full-width image then some text about the page, you can use the counters to display the reports and the call to action button to get users wherever you want.

Also, you can place the modules in the layout of your choice. There is no need to place the modules one below another in the page because Divi Builder offers you 20 amazing column structures to choose from.

So, your pages will be extremely unique. Once you select the column structures; you can start placing the modules as per your idea or design.

column structures Divi Builder

Divi Builder Module Settings

General Module Settings

Placing a module to any page is just a matter of dragging them to the page. Once you place them on the page you can take it from there to further customize it as per your requirement.


Advanced Module Settings

The advanced module setting options are extremely important part of the modules because here you can play around with the design of the module, you can choose the font, colors, line heights, font weights, custom spacing and a lot more.

You can even have a unique background image for each module, that will make your page very attractive and differentiate each module from the other. Generally, you need to go for detailed coding if you want to achieve all these on your page but with Divi Builder, it's a matter of few minutes.


Layout Spacing Control

As mentioned, you will have full control over the spacing between each element. Though Divi Builder already offers you the spacing required between two different elements, you can further edit it if you want to customize it as per your requirement.

You can customize the spacing vertically as well as horizontally to make the modules look even better on a page. The spacing customization will help you to make your site look neat and clean and have perfect distance between the elements.


Divi Module Custom CSS

Though Divi Builder takes care of everything without any coding, still the builder offers you the option to add custom CSS if in case you want to add code to any of the modules.


Enable and Disable Modules

Another very simple yet important functionality is the ability to enable or disable any module within the builder. If there is any module in the page which needs to be active for a certain period of time in the front-end, you can simply disable the module rather than deleting it all together so that you can enable it later when you need it.

Lock Down Module

If you are using Divi Builder in your client's site and you don't want to them to edit any of the modules in the page accidently, it offers you an option to lock a module so that no one other than you can edit those ever.

Retrieve from History

yes, that's correct, Divi Builder offers you an option to go back in time and retrieve a version that was saved in the past. Divi saves a number of versions in it;s history so that you can easily undo and redo anything you want.

Divi Builder Library

The Divi Builder Library is an extremely important and useful feature which will help you to save the layouts, modules you create for future use. When you create a new design with the design customization settings, you can easily save it and easily export and import your library from one website to another.

You can access the Divi Library from any page within the Divi Builder interface, if you need to create a custom design quickly, you can use a design created in the past which will save your time.

This feature will be extremely useful if you use Divi Builder for your client's site. As Divi provides you the option to export and import Library elements from one site to another, you will not have to work from scratch for every client.

So, it will save a lot of your time and you can offer great looking custom designs to your clients within a very limited amount of time. Divi Builder will help you to make a lot of money by creating custom websites for your client.

Also, the selective sync option will help you to save only certain selective settings from a page which you plan to re-use in the future rather than saving the complete module or the customization.



Divi Builder Global Elements

The Divi Builder global element feature is another very interesting and useful feature offered by the builder. With this feature, you can mirror the changes in multiple pages at the same time.

When you save any item as Global Module in the Divi Builder Library, you can use that across many pages and as that particular element is Global when you make changes at one place it will appear copied automatically and appear same in all the pages.

This feature will save a lot of time for you because you will not have to go to every page separately to edit the same thing.


Copy, Paste and Duplicate Item

Copying any item of the Divi Builder is extremely simple, it is just like copying any text in a document. You can paste any item copied by right clicking it anywhere you want to paste. Also, the module duplication feature will save a lot of your time, you can duplicate any module created in the page and start editing it right away.


Use in 32+ Languages

Divi Builder is not only for the English speaking users but a global product in a real sense. Divi Builder helps you to use the product in 32+ different languages.



As expected, Divi Builder is completely responsive and each module of the Divi Builder will respond perfectly to any screen dimension.


Cost of Divi Builder

The products of ElegantThemes comes with membership plan which starts from $69 that gives you access to all their themes, but you need to note that if you want Divi Builder you need to go for the developers license which will cost you $89 per year that will give you access to all the themes and all their plugins.

Their lifetime access license will cost you a one-time fee of $249 that will give you access to all their themes, plugins with premium support.

ElegantThemes Membership Cost

Final Word

Divi Builder plugin is undoubtedly a great addition to the WordPress community, the builder was one of the important aspects that took Divi Theme so far. The Divi Builder made it so simple for everyone to create stunning unique pages that made the Divi theme fit into any niche perfectly.

Another important aspect you need to look at is the team behind this product, ElegantThemes entire team is putting a lot of effort in making this product stand out. And as they are expert in terms of creating WordPress products, you can expect great support in case you need any to make this product the way it supposed to.

Another thing which we must consider is that, you get access to more than 87 WordPress themes which includes Divi Theme and plugins like Bloom email opt-in plugin and Monarch social sharing plugin when you purchase Divi Builder plugin, I think that's a great deal as it an all in one solution to get your theme and other important plugins.

Get Divi Builder Plugin Now

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Divi Builder Plugin Review: The Builder for All WP Themes
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