Divi 2.4: Brings You Tons of New Features and Updates

Divi 2.4, the latest version of the popular theme is out now and it is the biggest update so far for the flagship product from ElegantThemes. Version 2.4 takes Divi to a new height altogether by making it even more comprehensive, feature-rich and user-friendly.

Divi is one of the most popular themes among WordPress users which received instant fame and became one of the most talked about theme immediately after its release; now version 2.4 takes the product even further with countless possibilities.

We have already released a comprehensive review of Divi theme where you can get details about what this theme can do for you and version 2.4 adds tons of new features and updates on that.

If you are a Divi user; you will have a number of reasons to smile with this new version. So, let's check what we have in store.

What's New in Divi 2.4

New Builder Interface

Divi builder is one aspect of the theme which makes this theme stand out from all it's competitors, because it is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and feature rich builder for WordPress. The builder makes this powerful theme user-friendly because it transforms every aspect of the theme into visual building blocks which are really easy to understand even for a complete newbie.

There are a number of modules which you can use for your page to bring in different functionality to your site. Divi 2.4 brings in a completely new interface for the builder which looks more elegant and it will be even more user-friendly.

Now you can create new designs and save the theme in the library or you can use already saved design from the library which we will discuss later in this post.


Revamped Customizer

Along with the builder, the customizer got loaded with tons of amazing options which will make your life lot easier. Now, the customizer comes with over 100 new front-end settings which help you to customize literally everything about the site as per your requirement.

General Theme Settings

The customizer provides you full control over the height and width of every element in your site. You can adjust the content width, sidebar width. You can also control the padding for each section and rows to make it look clean.

You can get full control over the text on your site be it the text in the body section or the header of the site. Especially the newbie users would like these features because customizing a theme was never this easy.

Footer Style

The footer is one important section of any website, with the newly revamped customizer you will get tons of options to style your footer section. You can have up to ten column layout for your footer and style each section perfectly to your need.

Global Button Styles

No matter you are using Divi for an eCommerce site or for your personal blog, the call-to-action buttons are extremely important these days. Generally, all the WordPress themes offer you a few limited built-in button design options, but with Divi, you can style the buttons as per your requirement.

The customizer offers you full control over the buttons and you can set text size, text style, background color, border styles as well as radius, button icon and it's placement, hover style etc.

Tablet and Phone Styles

You can also style your site for the Tablet and smartphone devices by using the customizer. You can set the section and row height, body text size, header text size, mobile header background color, mobile header text color etc.


Custom Spacing Controls

The spacing control option takes the layout control to a new level. Now you can adjust the spacing between different elements and modules as per your requirement.

You have full spacing control over global and individual section padding and padding between each module. You can set global and individual row padding, row-column spacing, row width, content as well as sidebar width as per your requirement.

This spacing control will make sure that your site doesn't look clumsy or unprofessional and help you to make everything look discipline.


Divi Post Builder

How you present your content to your users does make a lot of difference to the success of any article and Divi post builder feature makes the process really fun.

Now, you will have amazing flexibility as far as presentation of your article is concerned. You can easily show or hide page title, meta details as well as a featured image for the post. You can also play around with the layout of the post by making its full width or with a sidebar.


Divi Library

Library is a great new addition to Divi and it will help you store all the best designs you create with this amazing theme. You can easily save the best layouts you create with Divi for future use and you can also use old designs while creating a new page that will save a lot of your time.

You can store layouts, section, rows, and modules. You can also edit any section or module within the library. You can easily access the library from within the page builder and filter library elements by name, type as well as category.

You can easily make any library element global which applies to section, rows, and modules. You can update the library elements within a page or within the Divi Library.


Advanced Module Settings & Custom CSS

With Divi 2.4 you get comprehensive settings with more than 100 options for each the module that will help you to design easy module perfectly to your need. You will have general settings for each module, advanced design settings as well as option to add custom CSS for each module.

You will have per module text option, per module color option, per module button styling option as well as margin and padding options.


New Fullscreen Header Module

Divi always provided great options to style the header of your site, with Divi 2.4 you will get even more options to play around with the header section.

The new fullscreen header will fill the height and width of the browser window no matter what. And you get 24 unique layouts to choose from.

You will also have a number of elements which you can use to style your header section such as logo, title, subtitle, text content, header image, background image, background video, background color overlay, parallax background image, and up to 2 calls to action buttons.


New Navigation Options

Navigation is another very important section for any website and it plays a critical role in making a website user-friendly. Divi 2.4 offers you number of customization options to style your navigation as per your requirement which is built within the customizer.

You can show or hide the logo on a scroll, you can show the header after scroll, you can have centered logo within the navigation, you can have a transparent background, you can adjust the logo height as per your requirement.

You can also text style for navigation, secondary navigation, dropdown menu background color and lot more.


100% Fluid and Responsive

Divi comes with 100% fluid grid and you the option to customize the content width, customize the column spacing, customize sidebar with and a lot more.

The highly responsive design is extremely important these days as most of your traffic will come from the small screen devices, also mobile friendliness is a requirement from Google. Divi takes care of this requirement and any site created with Divi theme will behave according to screen dimension.


New Layout Possibilities

Divi is always been one of the best themes in terms of layout possibilities, you can easily create great looking layouts for your site and make them suitable for any niche business site.

With Divi 2.4, you will have even more possibilities in terms of layouts. If you want to create a unique looking site for your business, Divi is undoubtedly the theme you need.


Final Word

Other than all the features mentioned about Divi 2.4 will bring in a number of settings to manage the rows of your site, you will be able to make any row full with or have a custom width for any of your rows. You can also play around with the background of your rows and add different color, image or videos.

Overall, Divi 2.4 will bring in unlimited possibilities in terms of design and functionality. Divi will probably be the last theme you will ever need to buy because it is a multipurpose theme in a real sense.

Another best part is that the theme is evolving with time and tons of new features are getting added to the theme constantly. Also, it is considered as one of the most secure WordPress theme ever created as the team takes security as the top priority.

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Divi 2.4: Brings You Tons of New Features and Updates
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  • Dhiraj, nice review and it seems to be a nice theme. I was actually comparing it to Avada when I was picking up my theme a few months back. Eventually decided in the favour of the Avada, It would be really nice if someone can shed a light on comparing the two.

  • Yes, it’s a top quality theme and this update takes it way ahead

  • Have you tried Avada or are you just saying on the basis of the feedback about the Divi only?

  • I am talking about Divi, I have not tried Avada yet