FREE DigitalOcean’s Hosting Offer for Two Months

If you are a cloud hosting enthusiast, you must have heard the name of Cloudways, the super-easy cloud hosting platform where you can spin cloud servers of any size in just 7 minutes.

Well, almost a year ago, the Europe-based Cloud Hosting Platform provider introduced DigitalOcean-based hosting plans.

The journey from the launch of the first managed DigitalOcean server on Cloudways to the deployment of almost thousands of web applications on DigitalOcean's managed cloud infrastructure on Cloudways has been a phenomenal story of cooperation in the Cloud Industry.

To make sure this alliance between Cloudways and DigitalOcean helps customers reap the maximum benefits, Cloudways presents a new gigantic offer, which is sure to shake things up!

This hosting package will take your WordPress site to the next level altogether, and we have first hand experience of their service. SourceWP is hosted on managed DigitalOcean server on Cloudways and it has reduced the loading time of the site dramatically.

With over 100 requests and 1.4 MB data the site loads in around 1 second which is quite remarkable. I'm sure even you can take the advantage of their cloud service and offer great experience to your site visitors.

Speed Test 

Get DigitalOcean’s server for FREE for two whole months!

Don’t be astonished. It is the truth.

The offer is simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for a free Cloudways account to launch a trial server.
  2. Authorize your billing details.
  3. Once your details are verified, you can scale your trial server up to 4GB RAM size.
  4. Once you have scaled your server, inform the Support Staff via Live Chat. Upon confirmation, which usually takes a minute, you will be able to use your server for


Isn’t that great? Having the liberty to launch a free server enables you to launch tons and tons of applications without worrying about paying for it for the first two months.

How cool is that? Just to let you know, a 1GB DigitalOcean server would be quite ample for small shops and business website. Considering how pricey cloud hosting can be, I think this offer is worth its while.

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FREE DigitalOcean’s Hosting Offer for Two Months
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