Customize Genesis Framework Theme With CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a front end WordPress customizer which helps you to modify your theme without any coding, just select the element you want to modify and get started.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system and there are number of users who are not comfortable with coding or doesn't have the required coding skills to modify a theme to make it look the way they want.

So, if you are one of those who is not comfortable with codes but still want to customize your theme, CSS Hero is the tool you need because it gives you full control over every element of your theme to customize as per your need.

And even if you are an experienced developer, CSS Hero can save a lot of time for you by providing you an interface to modify your theme quickly from the front end.

The best part is, CSS Hero will never overwrite the default style of a theme, but it creates a new CSS stylesheet which is used by the theme until you don't go back to the default design.

The only requirement is that your theme has to be Hero ready, most of the popular themes are already Hero ready and you can use this tool to modify those.

The extremely popular Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes is already Hero ready and now the Genesis framework based themes, so this tool is now a blessing for thousands of WordPress users.

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CSS Hero

CSS Hero Overview

As already mentioned, CSS Hero is a style customization tool for WordPress. If your theme is Hero ready, you can customize the look and feel of your theme without writing a single line of code.

All you need to do is launch CSS Hero, point on the element you want to modify and change it as per your requirement, simple as that.

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin which you can DOWNLOAD from here and install it like any other plugin. Once you activate the plugin, you will see the CSS Hero icon on every public page of your theme.

When you click on the icon, the Hero’s control bar will show up on the right side of your screen which you can use to modify your theme.

Point and Modify Interface

CSS Hero is extremely easy to use, just hover on the element you want to customize and make it look perfect to your need.

You also have live preview of the modifications done of your theme to see how it would look in different kind of devices.

CSS Hero Interface

Color Modifications 

This plugin provides you a very powerful and easy to use color picking option, so you can make every element of the theme look modern, colorful and attractive with click of a button.

It also offers you a cross-app color picking feature which helps you to pick color from from other apps like Photoshop, Fireworks, images or whatever is on your desktop which is quite interesting.

CSS Hero Color Picker

Font Modification

CSS Hero brings in a lot of possibilities as far as the font of your theme is concerned, it offers you more than 400 native fonts which you can use to make your site look very professional and improve user experience.

Advanced users can use Google fonts or any other third party font libraries to power their design.

CSS Hero Font

CSS Hero for Genesis Framework

CSS Hero has recently announced their compatibility with Genesis framework, which makes life easier for thousands of Genesis users and help theme create an unique site easily.

Genesis framework is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks and used by a huge number of WordPress users, thanks to the power of Genesis.

Genesis is considered as one of the most SEO friendly framework which is a child theme based design, that means you will need Genesis framework and a Genesis child theme to make it work perfectly.

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Genesis is a preferred theme framework for bloggers, because Genesis is quick, well coded, SEO friendly, Modern, Secured.

So, bloggers can create a professional looking, modern, SEO friendly site instantly with Genesis and if you can create some good quality content it will stand a better change to rank high on search engine like Google.

Though there is number of amazing Genesis themes, it may not be easier for every user to modify the theme to make it unique unless you are comfortable with CSS coding.

Now, CSS Hero bridges this gap by providing a very easy to use tool to modify Genesis themes using it's front end theme customizer tool.

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Pricing Plans

It's a very powerful tool to have on board, but before you plan to purchase the plugin make sure that your theme is Hero ready.

CSS Hero Pricing Plans

Final Word

I'm sure CSS Hero and Genesis Framework is a great combination and it will help number of WordPress users as the customer base of Genesis is huge and increasing everyday.

No matter you are a newbie or an experienced WordPress user, CSS Hero bring a lot of possibilities for you and makes life easier.

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Customize Genesis Framework Theme With CSS Hero
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