How to Customize Genesis Child Themes Without Coding

Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks and we have covered the Genesis Child Themes in detail here, we have listed around 150 amazing child themes for you to get started with.

Genesis is considered as very secure and SEO friendly theme frameworks, also the simplicity of the framework and the child themes makes it sure that the users are really happy with the performance of Genesis. It offers you built-in SEO features so you will never need any external SEO plugin to make your site SEO friendly.

Also, Genesis is extremely quick which is really important for any website these days. The clean and well-commented code and the set standard of Genesis theme development make sure that every theme is optimized for maximum performance.

However, as Genesis is very popular all the child themes are widely used and if you need a custom unique design for your site, you will have to go for custom coding which may not be feasible for all the Genesis users, because a number of newbie blogger or online business use Genesis for their site.

I have seen a number of sites spending hundreds of dollars for the customization service for their Genesis child theme. If you have a lot of money to spend on the design of your site that's a different story, but why to spend so much of money when there are tools available to customize Genesis without coding just for a few dollars.

Yes, there are a number of tools which offers you very easy option to customize Genesis child theme without coding. In this post, we will look at some of the Genesis Plugins which will help you to change the design and layout of your Genesis child theme without writing a single line of code.

Tools to Customize Genesis Child Themes

Genesis Extender

We have already discussed Genesis Extender plugin in detail here. This plugin from Cobalt Apps is extremely powerful and flexible. You will be able to create a completely unique design for your site by customizing your Genesis theme without writing a single line of code.

Genesis Extender Features

  • It’s a very light plugin, so it will not add extra burden on your server
  • Works with any Genesis Child Theme
  • No coding skills required.
  • Create widgetized static homepages
  • Create unlimited content blocks
  • Edit theme’s style from the front-end with real-time preview
  • Use Google font to style typography

How to Use Genesis Extender

Genesis Extender plugin is really easy to use, once you install and activate the plugin; you will have two new options Extender Settings, and Extender Custom under the Genesis tab in WordPress admin which you can use for further customization.

Genesis Extender Settings

As already mentioned, with Genesis Extender you will be able to create a static homepage which is important for many business sites with just a click. Also, you will be able to create a number of different content and widget sections without any coding. In a way, you will have a comprehensive visual composer to create a custom new layout for your site.

Genesis Extender Static Homepage

Get Genesis Extender

Design Palette Pro

Design Palette Pro is another extremely popular tool to customize Genesis child theme without coding, this plugin is widely used by the Genesis users and it will help you to custom brand your site with a design which will perfectly fit into your requirements.

The Design Palette Pro plugin comes with a very easy to use and understandable interface which you can use to customize your theme. In the left-hand side, you will have the sections which you want to edit and the in the right side you will have the preview option for desktop, tab and mobile phone as well as options to save the modifications, zoom in, zoom out etc.

Genesis Design Palette Pro

Design Palette General Settings

In the general settings, you will have options to change the color of the background, text color, link color etc. You also have the option to upload custom favicon for your site in  the general settings section.

Design Palette General settings

Design Palette Header Settings

The header is one of the most important section for any website, with this plugin you will have a firm grip as far as the look and feel of your header section are concerned. In the header settings, you will have a comprehensive option to play around with the height, width padding, font color, font size, color combination and a lot more.

Header Settings Genesis Palette Pro

Navigation Settings

Same for the navigation settings, you will have the options to change the color, padding, typography options, standard item color, active item color and a lot more.

Content Extras

In the content extras, you have some important settings which will enhance the overall quality of your site such as the read more link, the author bio, breadcrumbs etc. You will have the complete control over the parameters mentioned and you can change the look and feel of each by changing the color, padding, typography for all these parameters as per your requirement.

Genesis Design Palette Content Settings

Footer Settings

The footer is another very important section for a site, the footer section includes the copyright text and other important links. In the footer settings area, you will have the full control to change the look and feel of the typography of this important section.

Genesis Design Palette Pro Footer Settings

Custom CSS

Though we are talking about the coding free customization here, both the tools mentioned here provides you an option to write your custom CSS code because there will be a number of advanced users who would like to write some custom code for their design and you can place your code in this custom CSS section and save it.

The Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin offers you a custom box to place the CSS code for desktop, tab and mobile phone version separately.

Design Palette Pro Custom CSS

GetGenesis Design Palette Pro

Final Word

Both Genesis Extender and Genesis Design Palette Pro offers you an easy solution to customize your Genesis child themes without coding. These two tools are already very popular among the Genesis users because they are easy to use and comes with strong support from the developer.

Genesis Extender plugin works with all Genesis child themes and you can use this plugin to create unlimited number of content areas, create custom design, you can change and preview in real-time, you can change the typography as per your requirement with google Fonts, You will have full control over the home page of your site.

The Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin works with most of the quality Genesis Child themes but not all, you can check the list of Genesis child themes supported by this plugin here

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How to Customize Genesis Child Themes Without Coding
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