How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress?

If you love photography and want to share your clicks with the world, there is nothing better than creating advanced WordPress galleries.

Have you recently bought a digital camera? Or, are you back from a memorable holiday? Sharing anything and everything related to photos is possible with a WordPress Gallery.

WordPress’ inbuilt gallery is a wonderful way to post and edit your pictures, add captions and links, add a lightbox for your readers and much more. But, how would you post your photographs online as a gallery? How is it possible to display images in grid or column style?

Regardless of whether you are a photo blogger, photographic artist, a wedding photographer or just adore showing images on your web page, the WordPress gallery offers you precisely everything you need to succeed.

Here is your step by step guide to creating an image gallery in WordPress:

How to Develop WordPress Image Galleries without a Plugin?

WordPress offers you colorful galleries which add depth and shades to your website and makes the site visually appealing. As it is effortless to set up your gallery in WordPress, here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your WordPress admin page – navigate to Posts section under the Dashboard.
  2. Select “Add New” or “Edit Post” based on where you would like to insert the image gallery.
  3. On the “Edit Post” screen, click the button “Add Media” on your left.
  4. You will see a pop-up screen as your WordPress media uploader. Click on “Select Files” and choose the pictures you want to upload. You can also use your previously added images to WordPress.
  5. Once the images are uploaded and selected, click on “Create Gallery” option on the left top of the screen.
  6. Go to the right bottom corner of the window and click “Create a New Gallery” button.
  7. You will now see another window named as “Edit Gallery”. This screen will show you the images you selected and ask you to change the gallery settings according to your preference. You can also add captions here. Additionally, you can change some columns, linked images, the order of images and size of images.
  8. Once you are done with the settings, click on “Insert Gallery” button to close the media uploader popup window and see your image gallery in the post editor.
  9. Save your post or page and click on “Preview” in the right top corner of post editor screen. It is essential to check your final post before you publish the post for your viewers.
  10. Once you are done with the preview, click on “Publish” button to make your gallery visible to your target audiences.

Although this process is quite easy and quick, there are some restrictions attached to it. For instance, you may see your images opening in a new page. This will force your viewers to click on back button to go back to the main site and honestly, this doesn’t create a good user experience.

In addition to that, these image galleries are not responsive. Therefore, they do not look good on mobile and tablets. The appearance of your image gallery will be based on the theme you are using. Also, these galleries will not allow to tag your images or transform galleries into albums.

For 100% responsive and professional looking image galleries, you should add some plugins to your WordPress image gallery.

How to Develop WordPress Image Galleries with the Plugin?

You will get thousands of plugins to set up your professional looking WordPress gallery. However, before selecting any plugin, do not forget to check the plugin speed, ease of access, plugin ratings and additional features. Checking the speed is important because you don’t want a plugin to slow down the speed of the blog.

Below are mentioned some of the best image gallery plugins for WordPress:

Envira Gallery

Envira’s photo gallery helps you create a 100% responsive and beautiful image gallery for WordPress. This plugin is highly SEO-optimised and gives your site higher conversion rate.

Other than being mobile friendly, this WP gallery plugin is also easy to use and upload. This plugin offers drag and drop option for faster uploads, social media integration for better engagement and quick shortcodes for easy posting.

You can also create video galleries with Envira and add watermarks to save your images from online theft. You can set a password to your gallery, create slideshows, customise CSS style sheets and much more with the pro version of the gallery by Envira.

WP Canvas

WP Canvas is a simple plugin that offers extra options to your original image gallery. It extends the capability of WordPress galleries to show advanced gallery versions like carousel gallery, slider gallery, and masonry gallery.

Some of the best features of this WP Canvas are five caption styles, eight display styles, five caption styles, custom links, 15 pop up window sizes, hide gallery controls and much more.

NextGen Gallery

Since 2007, NextGen gallery is undoubtedly the most popular WordPress plugin for image galleries. With approximately 1.5 million downloads every year, this robust WP plugin helps in gallery management with multiple options to upload, edit, preview and publish your photographs.

It has an inbuilt gallery wizard that supports you with a step by step guide to creating your first image gallery with NextGen.


Images can grasp your potential audience attention better than words. For effective image publishing, sharing and selling, these WordPress galleries are best. Easy to develop, publish and extend, these gallery plugins provide you beautiful, eye catching galleries in few clicks.

How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress?
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