How Cornerstone Page Builder Makes X Theme Even Better

Cornerstone page builder is the latest addition to the popular X Theme, they have regularly introduced amazing new features every time they came up with an update.

In version 4, they have introduced Cornerstone which is a 100% front-end page builder plugin that will take your page building experience to a whole new level. This plugin comes free with every purchase of the X Theme and now you have the option to choose between Cornerstone and Visual Composer which used to be the page builder for X Theme earlier.

Cornerstone page builder is created by Themeco the company behind X Theme, it is a collection of shortcodes that will help you to create complex page design with ease.

X Theme was always known for the possibilities in terms of design, and with this page builder they can proudly convince users that X Theme is really the last theme you will ever need.

We have already written a detailed review of X Theme here, you can find what X Theme has to offer you in that article.

Let's see how Cornerstone page builder makes a difference to X Theme.

Cornerstone a 100% Front-End Builder

Cornerstone page builder

How To Get Started

As already mentioned Cornerstone comes free with every purchase of X Theme and when you edit any post or page you will find an option to edit with Cornerstone.

If you are in the front-end of your site with admin login, you will see a notice to edit with Cornerstone in the admin bar, you can click on that option and get started.

Cornerstone comes with an extremely simple and easy to understand interface, it has two main components the editor and the preview area. The editor section is placed in the sidebar where you can do all the adjustments for your site according to your need and the preview area is the section where you can see the live preview while you do the changes.

Cornerstone Page Builder Preview

Creating a unique layout and custom design is super easy with the Cornerstone page builder. Once you are ready to create a new page, the user-friendly interface of the editor will literally guide you to each step.

You can first select the layout for your page in the layout section of the editor and then place different elements to the rows and columns you have created. As you drag and element to the page the system will highlight the droppable areas of the page.

Cornerstone Page Builder Settings


The Inspector

The Inspector is the option that allows you to finetune the elements you are using on your page to make them perfect. The element you are inspecting currently will appear on top and you can make changes according to your need with an easy to use visual interface.

Responsive Preview Area

Responsive preview area is another important section of the builder where you can view your design to check how it would look in different screen dimensions which I think is a very important feature by the page builder because that will help you to fine tune all the elements to make it perfect for all screen sizes.

Cornerstone Page Builder Responsive Settings


Creating a New Page With Cornerstone

When you create a new page with Cornerstone page builder, first thing you need to do is to add section to your page so that you can define the row and column for you page and add elements to those as per your requirement.

You can select the layout for the column layout options and drag and drop them into the page, you can also reorder them as you need.

So, you can create a custom layout for your page without any kind of coding and you can create a unlimited number of different layout combinations to place your content.

Cornerstone Page Builder Add Section


Support and Documentation

Themeco offers step by step process flow for all the elements related to X Theme, Cornerstone is no exception. Their knowledge base will provide you a detailed description about how to use the page builder plugin to help you get started instantly.

Final Word

In a way, Cornerstone is the replacement of X – Shortcodes with more feature, easy of use and functionality. So as you update your X Theme you can install Cornerstone plugin to use the super powerful page builder to create unique custom pages.

If you are migrating your old X Theme version to the updated version, once you activate Cornerstone plugin you can deactivate X – Shortcodes and delete it.

Overall, Cornerstone is a great plugin and the combination of X Theme and Cornerstone definitely takes the product to a new level. I am sure, you will never need any other WordPress theme for any of your site as you can create any layout with X Theme.

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How Cornerstone Page Builder Makes X Theme Even Better
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