Chatwing Plugin Review : The Most Popular Chat System

The traditional concept of chatting generally meant talking to someone face to face at a physical location, usually over a cup of coffee, tea or other beverages.

This concept, however, took a major turn once the internet came into the scene and revolutionized the way we communicate with people. Internet chatting made it possible for us to chat with people with a virtual location, at any time of the day.

The advent of the Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with people, making it possible to chat with people with a virtual location, at any time of the day.

Physical proximity now is no longer a requirement. You could be anywhere and you could talk to anyone over the internet. Internet Chat rooms have today seen a huge burst and is continuously evolving.

Today with smartphones, computers, tablets, and a host of chatting apps, in the market, every wall has been broken to facilitate conversation.

In today's article, we will talk about the Chatwing Plugin that will help you add chatting facility to your website with much ease.

Whenever you check a chatting system, I'm sure you will come across this name as it is one of the most popular chat system available currently.

Not only that, you will also find a host of other features to use on your site with this amazing plugin.

Chatwing Pugin Overview

What is Chatwing?

Chatwing is a chat application and live communication plugin designed for websites and mobile devices. Using this versatile web-chat plugin you can create a community and allow people to interact with their friends and followers using their individual user profiles.

You can embed this plugin on your website, blog or even applications for that matter.

Chatwing also helps provide businesses with the capability to create custom chat boxes and widgets that they can easily embed into their websites or mobile applications.

It is a very popular plugin with more than 3 million websites using its service. With the advanced services of  Chatwing,  businesses can provide a quick and hassle free channel where customers, business prospects, visitor traffic can start a conversation for any kind of topic.

The best thing about this plugin is that even though the service is powered by ChatWing, you remain in complete control over your community. It is a highly customizable plugin, so you have the power to make it look exactly like the way you want.

From changing the look and the feel of your community to enabling and disabling specific features, the control is all in your hands.

Another fantastic and notable thing about the plugin is that it is a 100% cloud based live chat plugin, which makes sure you never lose your chat data, even if your phone or laptop crashes. Chatwing saves all your chat history on the cloud, which is retrievable at any point

chatwing plugin

Let us now have a quick glance at its features.

Chatwing Features

Chatwing has a lot of features which make it a very good option for most businesses and even for personal use. The following section covers it for you.

  • Chatroom Builder

Chatwing comes with a brilliant custom chat room builder, through which you can build a chatbox for any niche. For businesses, it brings a very professional attitude, through which your customers can engage with you and in turn feel their importance.

This builds a reputation as well of being client centric.

  • Embedded Code

The plugin also allows you to use their embedded code and bring Chatwing to life. You can then mix it with other plugins to have a unique experience to showcase your clients. The embedded code helps to integrate their platform with your favorite social media apps and enhance your business with its full mobile capability.

  • Admin and Moderator Quick Control

The Admin and Moderator quick controls are our favorite because of the total control you have on how the platform is being used. Among other things, you can add word filters, add new moderators, keep tabs on the message content etc.

  • Group Chat URL

Chatwing supports Group Chat URL, making it very easy to create and maintain groups. This quick, dependable and user-friendly option to always stay in contact and be within reach of your chat team, makes it invaluable in team functions.

Finances Online experts have placed Chatwing among its top 10 communications software solutions.

  • Blacklisting, Bookmarking 

With total control, you can blacklist spammers, build extensive networks and bookmark unlimited chats.

  • Social Account Logins

You can also login with numerous social accounts, to create and sustain your networks. You can choose to login with numerous social accounts including, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, ChatWing and many more.

  • Lobby Feature

This feature allows a new user to join an existing chat room. So even if a specific user is not added to the group, in the beginning, he/she can be joined later even while the others are in the middle of a conversation.

  • Logo Upload 

Chatwing also allows you to remove all chatwing branding and even upload your own logo. Many sites and businesses like this as all the other chat room software keep their logos.

  • Unlimited Users and Chat room Option

The plugin also allows for unlimited users which make it really value for money. With Chatwing you can have an unlimited number of chatroom options and also have an unlimited number of users.

  • Built-in App wizard

Chatwing has an inbuilt App wizard to customize a chat app, or build a new one based on real time communication. People also use chatwing for use in radio station or podcast, which they can set up within minutes and have the apps live in app stores within 2 days. That’s not all, you can even edit everything including images inside the app and change in real time.

  • Monetizing Option

The amazing feature of Chatwing is that you can even earn money through the platform. It integrates Google AdMob ads so admins can sign up or can drop their code in the Chatwing dashboard, and the ads start displaying in the app and Google pays you directly. You also have the option to upload your own ads and sell ad space, which is keeping in line with their extreme customization feature.

  • Audio and Video Support

This feature enables you to upload images or videos to your site.

  • Multi-lingual Support

Language support is immense in Chatwing, with geo-location based service. You can avail language support for USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, France and other international languages.

How to use it

Chatwing being a flexible and user-friendly plugin is very easy to start with. To being using it you must first create an account, with a valid email address and a password.

Once your account has been created, you will be redirected to your Chatwing account dashboard. Now you are ready to visit your dashboard, you can design the kind of chat box or app that you want. There are a lot of editing options that you can choose from including mix and match of different colors, fonts and also functionality.

Other admin functions include adding moderators, use of headers and sub-headers etc. Once Chatwing has been embedded in your site, the tool will generate online traffic quickly. You can also make the chat box open as a pop out window when your user clicks on the link.

However, your site needs to have javascript enabled for using this service. Or you will need to replace the embed codes with that of iFrame codes found on the Embedded Options tab.

Customization Options

With Chatwing system, you will have complete control over the look and feel of your chatting system to make sure that it blends with your site and looks an integral part of your business.

Color Options:

When we talk about branding any tool for your site, the color combination is one of the most important parameters. If your chat system is created with some completely different color combination from your website, it will not look professional.

Chatwing offers you the unlimited color option to fine tune your chat system as per your requirement to make sure it looks like a part of your site. From the main color option to the icon colors, you can change the color combination of each and every element in the chat system.

Chatwing Color Options


Alias is another important factor when you chat. Alias will define the URL for your account for using the chat system so that the other party comes to know whom they are chatting with.

Chatwing Alias

Login Option

When we talk to any community site, product site or any other site where users can take part in any activity, the login option becomes very important. Chatwing tool offers you the option to force your users to login before they can use the chatting system.

chatwing login

Export History

Chatwing offers you the option to view any chat history and export it to any CSV, Text, PDF etc to make sure that your chatting details are safe if required for any purpose.

Chatwing Chat History

There are many other customization options which are listed on the features list in the home site of Chatwing, have a look.


There are two versions of Chatwing.

  1. Free Version

The first version Chatwing is a free and open source plugin.You can directly download the plugin and install it on your dashboard like you install any other plugins. You can then move ahead and start using it to create your community or add chat features to your site by embedding it.

The free version of the plugin is open source. This means that the developers are open to the idea of you contributing tips and codes to enhance its quality. So if you think you can suggest something to improve its features, you can surely join the team.

2. Premium Version

The second comes under 4 different prices. Each of these comes with slight variations in its features. I am listing the price of each and the number of chat channels available with it.You can visit the official site to check out the other variations for comparison.

  • Basic: This version is available at $25 per month with 2 chat channels
  • Premium: This version is available at $45 per month with 5 chat channels
  • Pro: This version is available at $125 per month with 15 chat channels
  • Enterprise: This version is available at $250 per month with unlimited number of chat channels


Chatwing has several official plugins with integrates with numerous platforms and website builders. Along with the other features that we have mentioned, Chatwing is the most amazing service which works for almost all kinds of niche.

The Chatwing service actually creates a micro social network that you can use on your blog or website. Since you will be the admin of the chatbox in your site, you have full control over the flow of conversation.

You have the ability to kick out spammers, block offensive words, and maintain the integrity of your site. Chatwing is a very versatile program, which gives you full control to shape it however you want. This makes it one of the very best in the business.

In the online world, Chatwing is making all the right noises.

Coming to the end of our review, if you feel that something has been left out, or you want to share your experiences with Chatwing, please feel free to comment on the section below.

Chatwing Plugin Review : The Most Popular Chat System
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