Bolden – The Perfect Podcasting WordPress Theme

Podcasts have been one of the hottest trends in media over the past few years. If you’re one of the many people who want to establish a podcast network, you’ll need a website that showcases your podcasts to current and potential listeners.

No web design experience? No problem! These days, you don’t need to know how to code to make an attractive and easy-to-use site. All you need is a great podcasting WordPress theme.

That’s exactly what SecondLine Themes provides with Bolden, a theme designed specifically for podcast networks. Of all the podcast network themes available in the WordPress market, Bolden stands out as the absolute best.

Bolden WordPress Theme – A Review

One of the best things about Bolden is that it works for any podcast network. It’s fast and has a lot of features, which makes it a good fit for an established podcast network that has hundreds of episodes and a large following.

Bolden is also easy to install, set up, and use, which makes it a good fit for a podcast network that’s just starting out as well.



Bolden Podcast Theme settings


Bolden is loaded with useful features, such as:

  • SEO & Speed Optimization

You need SEO optimization to get visitors to your site, and your site needs to be fast for you to keep them there. Bolden takes care of both of these things for you.

  • Fully Responsive

People are spending more and more time browsing the internet through mobile devices rather than desktops. A site that uses the Bolden theme looks the same no matter what device is used to view it.

  • Translation Ready

There’s no reason to turn away all your non-English speaking visitors. Bolden allows visitors to translate your page into various languages with just the touch of a button.

  • RTL Orientation Support

Many languages, such as Arabic, are read from right-to-left rather than left-to-right. You need a theme like Bolden that has RTL orientation support to accommodate these languages.

  • Featured Audio and Video Display

Bolden allows you to display your audio and video anywhere within the theme.

  • Multiple Layout Options

This theme gives you multiple layout options, including Masonry Show Grid, 1 Column Episode List Display, and 2-6 Column Episode Grid Display.

  • Elementor Page Builder

When you purchase Bolden, you also get access to the Elementor page builder plugin, which makes it especially easy to design your site.

  • Featured Slider

The featured slider displays your latest content. It’s a great way to make sure your newest shows are noticed by visitors.

  • Fast and Friendly Support

Bolden also has an excellent dedicated support team. Whenever you need help, just send them a message. They’ll get back to you quickly.

  • One Click Demo Install

You can import the entire demo content with just one click.

  • Full-Color Customization and Font Controls

Bolden gives you all the font and color options you need to make your new site match your established brand.


Installation and Settings

Installing Bolden is easy. After your purchase, download the installation files and extract them from the zipped folder.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel
  2. Go to Admin panel > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme
  3. Click on Choose File and select
  4. Select Install Now
  5. After your theme has been successfully installed, select Activate

Bolden WP Theme

The next step is to activate your theme license. For that, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme License. This ensures that you receive all the updates that are released for the theme.


Setting Up Your Homepage

To set up your homepage, go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading.

You can choose between a static homepage and a homepage that automatically updates to show your latest posts. You can also adjust the number of posts that are shown per page and whether the full text or just a summary is shown for each article in a feed.

Bolden WordPress theme review, Bolden WordPress Theme, Podcast theme


Theme Options

To change the theme options, go to Appearance > Customize. Here you can change the font, color, images, and logo that’s displayed on your website.

For example, let’s say you want to change your logo. This can be done in the Theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize) under the section “Header” and sub-section “Logo”.

Bolden wp theme review, podcast theme

You can change your copyright text here, too. To do this, go to Appearance > Customize > Footer > Copyright Text. Don’t forget to save your settings after you make a change.


Navigation Settings

To change your navigation settings, go to Appearance > Menus. If you click on the Create New Menu button, a new menu will be instantly created. You can then name it and save your changes.

Bolden podcast Theme,

You can also add more pages to your menu. To do that, click on the ‘Add to Menu’ option. Now drag and drop the menu items to add them to your menu. If you don’t want a certain item in your menu, just click on the down arrow next to the item and press delete.

bolden podcast theme

Creating Your First Show

To create a show for your podcast network, go to your dashboard and select Shows > Add New. This will take you to the editor. Here, you just need to add a name, add a description, and upload a featured image to create your show.

There are additional settings that will allow you to customize your show further. You can add a background image, add the post to a category, add the show host’s name, add an avatar for the show host, insert a URL, and more.

Bolden Podcast Theme settings


Below the Show Settings, there’s a section where you can add social links and a subscribe button.

Bolden Podcast Theme settings


There are three tiers of pricing for Bolden. For $69, you get a copy of Bolden and one year of updates and support. For $139, you get one year of access to all of the themes offered by SecondLine Themes (they have three great themes for single podcasts). Finally, for $389, you get lifetime access to all of the themes offered by SecondLine Themes.

Bolden Theme, price

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The Last Word

Bolden has everything you want in a podcast network WordPress theme. It’s powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use. If you plan on creating a podcast network site with WordPress, you won’t find a better theme for it than this.

Bolden – The Perfect Podcasting WordPress Theme
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