Bloom Review: A Email-Optin Plugin By ElegantThemes

Bloom email opt-in form plugin is the latest product release from the popular ElegantThemes store. One of the most popular WordPress product developers, the folks at ElegantThemes has come up with some high-quality products in the recent past, Divi Theme and Monarch social sharing plugin are the proof of their success story.

With ever changing search engine algorithm, email outreach is the only way to guarantee some targeted traffic to blogs and online businesses.

So, if you are not focusing on collecting emails on your blog you must start it now, and this plugin under review today will help you to achieve that in style.

Email marketing is critical for any blog or online business because you can create a loyal reader base for your blog and bring them back to your site every time you publish a new piece of content on your site.

Though there are some free opt-in plugins for WordPress, I would recommend you to use a quality premium tool to promote email subscription because low-quality annoying popups can do more harm than good for your blog.

In this post today, we will discuss Bloom opt-in plugin from ElegantThemes and how it can make a difference to your site.

bloom plugin review

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Bloom Review: The Plugin Overview

It's easy to setup an opt-in form for your WordPress blog and starts collecting email IDs, but doing it correctly makes all the difference. If you don't present the form in a professional way with proper setup, it may not be fruitful for your blog.

Before you start promoting your subscription form on your blog you need to make sure that your subscription form is:

  • Prominently Visible to Every User
  • Properly Connected to Your Email-marketing Service
  • Popup Timing is Properly Set
  • Look and Feel of The Form is Taken Care of
  • Well Optimized for Small Screen Devices
  • Your Subscription Proposal is Powerful and Attracting

Why Use Bloom?

We all know the importance of collection email for any online business. No matter you are running an eCommerce startup or a simple blog, the emails will help you to drive targeted traffic back to your site.

Whenever there is some special offer, you can promote it to your email opt-in users and increase the revenue of your site. Now, there are some different options to show an opt-in email form, you have free options as well, so why to use Bloom?

The answer lies in the design of the plugin and how it works. In this modern time, your website design and the tools you use to manage your business also needs to be modern. Bloom plugin offers you different design options to choose from, and you have complete control over the placement of the form.

Getting Started With Bloom

If any product wants to stand out from the competition, it has to be user-friendly, and folks at ElegantThemes has taken care of this aspect quite effectively. The user interface is incredibly powerful and easy to use even for a complete newbie.

Once you activate the plugin, you can start setting up your email opt-in form using the Bloom user interface. Bloom comes with a very easy to use dashboard where you can define everything about the plugin and how you want it to work on your site.

You can also use the panel to analyze the conversion rate of the opt-in forms and make sure that you are in the right direction and if not you have the option to change things accordingly to make an impact.



Different Optin Display Type

Bloom plugin offers you to choose from six different display type:

# 1 Opt-In Pop-Up: Pop-up messages with email subscription files are popular, though it sounds annoying it can be effective if you setup it correctly. And, Bloom provides you useful settings to trigger the pop up without any distraction.

The pop-up can be triggered by settings up a timing as per your understanding; you can also trigger it when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, or even after they comment or purchase.

Bloom Plugin Pop up


#2 Opt-In Fly-Ins: Similar to pop-ups fly-ins can be triggered by user interaction such as timed delays or at the end of a page. The fly-in forms look very professional, and they are quite useful to attract users.



#3 Inline Opt-In Forms: Inline opt-in forms comes into action when you want to place the form in custom places as per your requirement. You can just configure your form, generate its shortcode, and put it in the WordPress, post editor.



#4 Below Content Opt-In Forms: This is another high converting placement if a user likes a particular piece of content on your blog, it's a very good idea to end up the article with your opt-in form with a clear call to action.



#5 Widget Area Opt-In Forms: Widget area opt-in form is generally for the sidebar placement, make sure that you place the widget in a zone which is visible to every visitor on your blog making it easy for them to subscribe to your blog.



#6 Opt-In To Unlock Content: Bloom offers you an option to lock your content and drive users to share email before they get access to the piece of content. However, I'm not a supporter of this method, and I don't suggest you lock your content and force users to share their email.

But if you find this method interesting you can do some testing with this type of subscription process as well.


Users can play around with the customization and when to trigger the form. If you want you can manage the subscription form depending on your content style, you can restrict the way for some content and enable for some as per your requirement.

Automatic Triggers

Let's understand the triggers in detail here. Bloom comes with some different trigger options show the pop-up and the fly-in email opt-in forms depending on some factors as mentioned below.

  • Time Delay: If you set up the time delay option to trigger the form, the users will see the opt-in email form after a pre-defined time spent by the user on the page. This option can be really useful because there is no point in showing the form immediately after land on the site. If the user spends some time on your site that means the user probably finds your content interesting and useful which increases the chance of conversion.
  • Bottom of Post: A user goes through the entire post and at the end you display the email opt-in form to subscribe. This is one of the most widely practiced options by most of the pro-bloggers and one of the most useful options as well.
  • After Scrolling: This is a modern day practice where you can define the percentage of the page a user scroll through before the email subscription form appears. This option seems interesting because if the user is scrolling through your page, that means he or she is finding the content interesting.
  • After Commenting: If a user comments on your post that will mean the users are engaged and in most of the occasions the users find the content useful so that increases the chance of conversion to a vast extent.
  • After Purchasing: If you are using Bloom plugin in an online shop, this option can be extremely useful. If you can display a subscribe form or a pop-up with other relevant products from your site can increase the chance of conversion to a great extent, and both the option will help you to increase the revenue from your site.
  • After Inactivity: A very useful option to get the attention of your inactive users, many time a user opens your page and then gets engaged with other content or other activities, if you trigger the form at that point in time it will help the attention back to your site.

110+ Pre-made Templates

Now, that's a key highlight of Bloom opt-in plugin. You can more than 100 fantastic pre-made template designs to choose from and get started with. And each one of these models is fully customizable.

You can modify all the elements in the Bloom opt-in templates like the title, message, image, animation effects, fonts, borders as per your requirement and preview it before you make the final decision.

This extensive list of templates provides you an option for any pattern and design you wish for making sure that you never fall short of the design of your choice, and even if there is any such instance you can use your custom CSS to modify a template.


Form Orientations

Bloom provides you three orientations to choose from the bottom, left, or right depending on the location of your subscription form. And this plugin gives you full control over the number of forms you want to show in a side with different placements and opt-in type.

Opt-In Form Orientations

Unlimited Color Options

Though it's a small and obvious expectation in a plugin of this standard, it's a critical feature because f your opt-in form doesn't compliment your theme color and design then it may not be that effective.

You get an unlimited color option with Bloom plugin which you can setup quite quickly to make the form part of your site.


Customized Borders & Edges

The look and feel of the form make a huge difference regarding conversion. And to make sure your subscription form looks great, Bloom offers you some option to design the edge or the border of the form as well.

We have some beautiful options to design the border of the form, and all of them looks great, but you have the freedom to choose yourself for your form.

Customized Borders & Edges

Display Filter

Bloom plugin offers you complete control over the display option for your email subscription. It comes with a comprehensive display settings page where you can setup where and when your opt-in form to appear. You can set up the way for the entire site as well as per post basis.

And you can override the option while editing each post or page depending on the requirement of that particular page.


Target Specific Post Types and Categories

This is another critical feature offered by Bloom that enables you to show post specific or category specific opt-in form to make sure the conversion is at a higher rate. If you showcase a form with the specific information or offer to subscribe to your email list, the users will find that interesting, and it will increase the conversion rate to a vast extent.

A/B Testing

A/B Split testing is critical to making sure the final opt-in type for your site. Bloom plugin lets you compare the performance of multiple variations of the same opt-in form to help you figure out which one is the most effective.

You can show a different type of ways to various users at the same time and compare the conversion rate of each of those to make sure the one which works for you the most. You can do the testing with a different set of options which are based on triggers, placement, and design of the from to make sure the one that is perfect.

Bloom split Testing

Bloom Plugin Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, a huge percentage of any website's traffic comes from the small screen devices, so if your email opt-in form is not well optimized for mobile phones, you are going to miss a lot of your possible subscribers.

Thankfully, Blooms opt-in forms and dashboard are fully responsive and look great all the way down to even the smallest mobile devices and highest resolution screens.


Email Marketing Integration

The most important factor is the integration with your email marketing provider because if it can't be integrated with your email provider, there is no point in going for this plugin.

Bloom plugin integrates perfectly with 12 most popular email marketing provides to obtains information about all of your lists and subscriber counts.


Detailed Statistics

Statistics are critical to know the reality of any tool. Bloom comes with a nice Statistics interface where you can check the conversion rate of your email opt-in forms to make sure that you are in the right direction.

The Statistics page will show you the impressions, the conversion and the conversion rate that will help you to understand the effectiveness of the plugin and to change things time to time to increase the conversion rate even further.


Import and Export Bloom Data

If you are managing more than one site, with the import & export option, you can transfer data from one site to another. This feature can be used to migrate data for some analysis, and it is an excellent way to make sure that your data is secured.


Bloom Plugin Pricing

The best part is, you don't have to buy this plugin separately. If you are an existing ElegantThemes member of you, download the plugin. If you, are not you can go for the developer's license for $89 which will give you access to Bloom and other flagship products like Divi Theme and Monarch plugin

Why Use the Bloom Plugin?

There is some free email list building plugin that is available for the WordPress users, then why do you need to spend money on Bloom? The answer is simple, “branding.” Yes, by branding I mean the quality of the list building forms and the number of features that Bloom has to offer, you will not find in any free plugin.

If you are serious about your online business, it's a good idea to spend some money on the tools that can bring in a great return on investment.

As this plugin is created by one of the most popular and experienced team, you can expect amazing features in the future because the product is evolving with time and it will keep changing with the changing web trend.

Final Verdict: Bloom Plugin Review

Undoubtedly it's a great investment because if you want to create a strong email subscription campaign for your WordPress plugin, you will need a quality plugin with all premium features and options to create a form as per your requirement.

There are some amazing features and highlights of Bloom plugin. For example, more than 110 readily available templates, it's a huge number, and you get an option for any pattern you can think of.

The plugin is extremely easy to use with certain settings which can be utilized quite effectively by even a complete newbie. And if you still have any problem and you are not convinced with the product, ElegantThemes offers you no questions asked 30 days refund policy

Also, as this plugin has a strong team to back it up, you can expect some useful updates and additional features in the time to come. So, go and get Bloom email subscription plugin today.

Demo BloomDownload Bloom

Bloom Review: A Email-Optin Plugin By ElegantThemes
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  • $89 per year where you get access to all ElegantThemes products including themes. If you go for lifetime access plan it is one time fee of $249

  • The free version of WP Subscribe plugin will offer you some of these features

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  • Raymond


    Does Bloom have the ability to be customized for multiple pages? Like Could I have different forms for specific pages to be migrated into specific campaign?

  • Yes, Bloom offers you the option to show custom forms for different targeted pages