Improve Your WordPress Blog With Blog Manager Plugin

WordPress is still the most preferred blogging platform and a huge number of bloggers turn to WordPress on a daily basis. The platform is simple and quick to get started with, and the best part is that you have tons of amazing themes and plugins to support your blog.

You will probably get a plugin for anything you can think of to extend the functionality of your blog. Be it the social media integration or creating great looking portfolio page, you have a variety of plugin options to select from.

Now, if you are already using WordPress for your blog and you want to have more flexibility in terms of designing your blog pages and posts, let me introduce you quickly to a plugin called Blog Manager which will help you to present you blog in a modern and attractive way.

This plugin is simple yet very powerful, you can get started with the plugin quickly by installing it as any other WordPress plugin. Once you get the plugin package, just go to Plugins > Add New and upload the plugin zip folder and activate it.

Overview of Blog Manager Plugin

The plugin offers you a number of features and functionality that will help you to improve your blog and make it completely modern. If you are using an old WordPress theme with limited features for designing great looking blog posts, this plugin will help you to improve that.

You don't have to change your theme because this plugin will help you to create stunning blog posts easily and I believe it's a really good idea to keep your design features through plugin because you will not lose those when you plan to change your theme in the future.

So, what Blog Manager plugin has to offer you? Let's check.

blog manager plugin

The image above says quite a lot about the plugin. It offers you more than 20 different templates which you can drag and drop into your content area and re-arrange them as per you requirement. You have a number of styling options as well as custom styling options to make everything perfect as per your need.

You will never have to write any code to create stunning custom designs which will impress your users and keep them engaged in your blog. We generally talk about creating high-quality blog posts but how you present your post is equally important.

Available Templates in Blog manager

As already mentioned, you will have more than twenty amazing templates to choose from and create your pages. You have templates with great looking grid layout with 1,2,3 and 4 column which you can choose as per your need.

Blog Manager grid layout

You have the option to play around with the placement of images in the main blog page and create beautiful classic blog layout for your site which looks very neat. You have great looking newspaper style designs which are really engaging and attractive.

Timeline Template

we have already listed some of the best Facebook timeline style WordPress themes which offer you an option to present your blog in a great looking timeline style. Now, if you use this Blog Manager plugin, you will be able to create amazing timeline style with any WordPress theme you use.

Blog manager timeline template

Slider and Carousel

You also have a number of beautiful slider and post carousel options to choose from. You can make your blog look really impressive with these templates, and be it the main blog homepage or the individual blog post pages; you can make them beautiful with these elements.

Drag and Drop Content

The plugin offers you really an easy option to drag and drop content and re-arrange them as per you requirement. Page elements like the Title, Media, Metadata, Excerpt text etc can be re-arranged easily without any custom coding.

Styling Options

Blog Manager plugin comes with comprehensive styling option for the blog posts, be it the title of the post or any other section; you will have complete control over the look and feel of your blog posts.

You can change the font size, typography, the color of the text and font style for every section of the blog post so that it looks perfect. It also gives you the option to add custom CSS styling if you are good with codes.

Styling Options

Home Design

the homepage is the most important page for any blog, and Blog Manager will help you to create a stunning homepage for your blog and make it look perfect to your need. You have a variety of options to select from and I'm sure almost every blogger will have their favorite style available to select from.

If you want to create a classic blog layout in the home section, you have a number of different classic style with different featured image placement as well as a number of columns. Also, if you like grid based layout, there are a number of amazing grid style to select from with a different number of columns.

blog manager homepage

Final Word

Blog Manager is undoubtedly a very useful plugin which you can purchase only for $20. And the kind of features and options it offers is really impressive looking at the price you can get it for. Also, Blog Manager plugin is perfectly compatible and works great with Content Manager plugin and Visual Composer plugin.

The plugin is really easy to use and straightforward, it doesn't have any complicated settings. You can set up your design easily and the drag and drop interface will make sure that everything works smoothly to offer a great experience to the users.

Blog Manager plugin comes with all the important features such as the slider, post carousel etc to make sure that your blog looks great and offers a minimal and distraction free reading experience to your users.

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Improve Your WordPress Blog With Blog Manager Plugin
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