15+ Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

WordPress Starter themes give you a great head start to create your own WordPress theme for public or your own venture.

There are a number of beautiful starter themes which will cut down a lot of workloads while creating your theme, why do you need to create something from scratch when there are a number of amazing models in place with all the required files in place.

When you look forward to creating your own theme, once you have a good start the entire process becomes easy and if you don't put all the required files correctly while starting all your hard work will be wasted. So, why to take a risk when there are a number of strong base models available for you to start with.

In this post, we have collected some of the best starter WordPress themes which you can use as your base while creating your new WordPress theme.

We have not included any WordPress framework in this list if you want to know more about best WordPress frameworks you can check this article.

Starter WordPress Themes


Underscores is a strong foundation WordPress theme created by Automattic. It provides you with a clean modern code base to start your theme with well-commented HTML5 templates. It offers you 2 sample layouts, one with a sidebar on the right and another with a sidebar on the left.

Another great thing about Underscores is that the availability of comprehensive training module created by ThemeShaper.

underscores theme

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Naked is a basic starter theme for WordPress to help developers who want to create something amazing on WordPress but lack in experience.

This base theme provides you nice foundation to create your theme, if you are familiar with  HTML & CSS this will be a great design option for you.

Naked WordPress theme

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Bones provide you a rock solid foundation to start your own WordPress theme. It's a minimalistic foundation to keep things simple and straight.

The best things about this starter theme are that it takes a mobile first approach and help you to create a fully responsive design which is extremely important these days.

It's a completely free starter design which you can use to create your own project which will be modern, quick and responsive.

Bones Starter Theme

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Quark is not a framework but a building block for simple beautiful, responsive WordPress theme. Quark is created with strong HTML5 & CSS3 to make it a completely modern design and high-performing design.

This design is based on the Underscores (_s) and TwentyTwelve themes. It provides you a strong foundation, responsive layout, over 300 icons, post formats & templates and more

Quark WordPress Starter Theme

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_tk Starter Theme

_tk helps you to create a fully responsive, minimal WordPress design based on their starter theme which is created by using Underscores and Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework.

_tk starter theme

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Joints WP

JointsWP is another interesting foundation to help you create a great design on WordPress. This blank WordPress theme built with Foundation 5, giving you a lot of power and flexibility you need to build complex, mobile friendly websites without having to start from scratch.

Joints WP Starter Theme

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Twenty Fifteen

Twenty Fifteen is the default WordPress theme for 2015 which you can use as a base to create your own WordPress theme. We have already written a detailed article about the Twenty Fifteen theme where you can get more details about the theme.

Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

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Sage is another very strong starter WordPress theme to help you create your project. Sage is based on HTML5 Boilerplate, gulp, Bower, and Bootstrap.

sage starter theme

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HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

This starter WordPress theme is created for performance, you can high perform super quick WordPress theme based on this amazing foundation.

HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

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Responsive is a foundation theme created by CyberChimps, this theme comes with fluid grid system that adapts to any kind of screen size quite amazingly. 

Theme features 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. This is a retina-Ready, Search Engine Friendly WordPress theme which is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Responsive Cyberchimps

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It's a versatile and responsive Bootstrap WordPress starter theme created for developer which is based on Bootstrap.


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Backbone is a great looking starter WordPress theme that is created by Colorlabsproject. It is created on powerful theme framework with infinite customization possibilities.

It offers you all the option that will make it super easy for you create a modern design, you can use the powerful theme options panel and it also offers you a number of page templates that makes your life lot easier.

It's a SEO friendly design that will help your new venture to get the limelight instantly.


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Basic is a free starter theme created by Themify to help you build your own design as per your requirement. This theme comes with the basic styling which you can customize by using the Themify option panel.

It's a fully responsive design so  your site will look great even on small screen devices. It's an SEO friendly design which is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 code.

basic starter theme

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Final Word

It's  not a good idea to create a theme from scratch when there are so amazing WordPress starter themes for you to make them as a base. These foundation themes provide you all required features and tools to help you create a modern WordPress theme.

Do share your point of view by using the comment form below.

15+ Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers
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