15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2018

A list of best WordPress SEO plugins which you can use on your blog to get better exposure and increase search engine traffic. We have already written about the must have WordPress plugins and mentioned a few SEO plugins in the list.

In this post, we will discuss only the best SEO plugins for WordPress which can help to improve different aspects of SEO and increase overall visibility of your site.

The optimization process is extremely important for every website because search engine like Google can bring you tons of traffic if your site is optimized properly. If your site is about Geo-specific business, you can optimize it for local search.

Now, if your site is on WordPress, there are some amazing SEO plugins which can use in your site to get tons of organic traffic from a search engine like Google. Before you start the optimization process, you must understand the basics of SEO, here is a great SEO beginner guide from MOZ.

WordPress is considered as one of the best SEO friendly content management system; it makes the process of optimizing your site easy. All you need to make sure that you use a quality WordPress theme for your blog which is optimized properly and then top it up with a WordPress SEO plugin.

Top SEO Plugin for WordPress

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO plugin is the most widely used SEO plugin for WordPress. It's a free plugin which offers you almost all the features to optimize your website including XML sitemap for your WordPress site.

On-page analysis feature by this plugin is one of the key highlights; it can help any WordPress user to understand how well a post is optimized before it gets published.As far as the perfect on-page SEO is concerned, Yoast SEO will guide you quite nicely.  It comes with comprehensive optimization setting panel where you can manage each element quite easily.

You can also manage social optimization with Yoast plugin to a certain extent. If you are planning to go for a free WordPress search engine optimization plugin, this is the one you need to go for.

Yoast SEO

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All In One SEO Pack

With more than a million downloads, All in One SEO pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. This plugin offers you all the features and options which you may need to create an SEO friendly site using WordPress platform.

This is a beginner friendly plugin which helps you to optimize your site for search engine without any custom settings because the default installation is good enough to go. Once you are familiar with the settings and options, you can set it up as per your requirement.

All in One SEO pack will automatically optimize the titles of your blog posts for the search engines like Google and others. The advanced users to overwrite the default meta details and have a different title and set any meta description and any meta keywords as per requirement.

All in One SEO Pack

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Premium SEO Pack

As the name suggests, this is a premium SEO plugin which will help you to optimize your site for the search engines and make more money. This plugin comes with a minification tool which will help you to make your site quick and offer a great experience to your users.

This is a high-quality, comprehensive SEO plugin that some you everything which you may need to optimize your site. This plugin will help you to improve the internal link building on your site which is really important from the SEO perspective, it will help you to optimize the images on your site which is another very important factor for any site because the images can bring you a lot of traffic from the search engines if they are optimized properly.

It will handle the rich snippet functionality for your site so that your posts stand out in the search results. It will handle the 301 redirections for your site so that you can easily redirect any page to another.

This SEO pack plugin will offer you the sitemap required for your site; it also offers you the XML sitemap for the videos in your site. It can handle everything you need to optimize your site for the social media sites like the Twitter Cards, Facebook planner so that your posts are shared automatically.

This plugin also handles the on-page optimization feature for your blog and can mass optimize your posts if required. Title & meta, Google Analytics, 404 pages, backlink builder, are some of the other highlights of this plugin.

This plugin offers you some additional benefits like the SERP tracker, with this tool you will be able to track the search engine ranking for your keywords in an user-friendly dashboard within your site, so you will not have to spend any extra amount to keep track of your site in the search results.


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Another powerful SEO plugins for WordPress, WP Meta SEO will always keep you updated regarding SEO status of your site with its impressive dashboard. The plugin is very easy to use and the settings are quick and easy to understand.

The real magic of this plugin is in the bulk SEO processing feature, it can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming can the act of editing each data for all the posts on your site separately; the bulk editing option solves this issue.

All you need to do is to select the content and the image size, rest everything will be done by this amazing plugin saving a lot of time so that you can focus on other important activities for your business.

We have reviewed the WP Meta SEO plugin in detail here if you wish to know more about it.

WP Meta SEO dashboard

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SEO Ultimate

Another widely used free SEO plugin for WordPress, it comes with all the basic SEO options that you will need to optimize your site perfectly. SEO Ultimate will give you full control over meta titles & descriptions, open graph, auto-linking, rich-snippets, 404 monitoring.

With this plugin, you will be able to edit the meta description for the post, page attachments, and all other post types so that you can increase the click through rate in the Google search results.

It offers you full control over open graph title, image, and content type for every single post, page, attachment, and custom post type object on your site. With this plugin, you can easily add rich snippet code to stand out in the search results.

SEO Ultimate

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W3 Total Cache

Performance & SEO of your site goes hand in hand. It is extremely important for a site to be quick and user-friendly, and search engine like Google emphasize a lot on the user experience. W3 Total Cache is a must have a plugin in case you want to improve the performance of your site.

W3 Total Cache

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undoubted is not exactly an SEO plugin, but it helps you to improve overall search engine exposure for your site with valuable insight. It's a is a WordPress rank checker plugin that will help you track WordPress rankings on Google keeping a close eye on each keyword position.

Rankie Rank Tracker Reports

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Squirrly SEO plugin helps you to create content that is human as well as search bot friendly. So, it will help you to get better ranking in search results and keep your users engaged.

With this plugin, you can get SEO related stats, get weekly SEO audits and find the best keywords for your site to get more traffic. You can use this plugin along with WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This plugin will intimate you if your content is up to the mark regarding SEO and you can publish it when it is 100% green because that will mean your content is 100% SEO friendly.

The squirrely plugin helps you by providing you real time advice to optimize your articles while you are writing or editing them.


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There will be many instances when you will have to redirect one URL to other in your site keeping the backlinks and other SEO aspects in place, and for that, you will need a quality plugin to redirect URLs.

Redirection is by far the most popular WordPress plugin which is widely used for 301 redirections. You can also keep track of 404 errors and redirect theme to correct URLs.


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SEO Internal Links

Internal links are extremely important part of overall optimization for your site because internal links guide search engines to visit and index other important posts and pages of your site.

One of the main difference between a pro blogger and a just another blogger is how they make the use of internal linking for the benefit of their blog.

Now, if you want to make the best out of internal linking practice, this internal link plugin automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages. It provides you a number of other important settings to create a network for positive SEO within your site.

SEO Internal Links

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All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich snippets improve how your post looks in the search results by providing more info about the post. Rich Snippets are very interactive and can display photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. which will make your blog post stand out from the competition.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

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Ahrefs is the go-to SEO toolkit when you need actionable data for your campaigns. It has a database of 6.9 billion keywords across 170 countries, crawls 4.1 million pages per minute, and discovers 1.8 million new pages every day.

With so much data and a bunch of unique features (Content Gap, historical rankings, Clicks and Clicks Per Search keyword metrics), you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions on your SEO.

Whether you want to pick juicy keywords, track backlinks, identify easy content opportunities or check technical issues, Ahrefs can help. As you can check the data for any domain, not necessarily yours, you’ll learn which strategies work for you and your competitors.


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SEMrush is not a WordPress plugin, but a very effective tool that is used by a wide number of pro bloggers. This tool helps you to get an insight of any website and a perfect tool to get your competitor information so that you can beat them and create a more profitable business.

SEMrush is a premium tool, and it can provide huge return for your investment, you can learn about the keywords you can rank for, the kind of traffic you can get, analyze your competitors in detail and lot more


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A good quality WordPress SEO plugin is a must for each and every WordPress site. Though many WordPress theme frameworks come with their set of SEO settings, it is recommended to use a plugin instead of using the built-in theme SEO functionality because if you change your theme in the future, you, will lose all your SEO settings.

Make sure that you use a quality SEO plugin but not overdo it with many SEO plugins, it is recommended to keep only one SEO plugin per site. WordPress SEO by Yoast is massive should be your first choice.

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15 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2018
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