10 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins

WordPress accounts for over 28% of the entire world wide web. This is more than enough statistics to help you understand the immense popularity of the CMS.

One of the key selling points of WordPress is the ease with which you can include features and increase usability via plugins. The integration of a plugin will not affect the core installation of your site but will manage to provide you with more value.

One of the ways bloggers and content managers like to use plugins is to manage their projects. Being organized is crucial for optimal productivity, and if you skip on that, then everything is going to be the inevitable – a mess!

Now, thanks to the massive popularity of WordPress, it has a huge community of users and developers who build new plugins every day to increase WordPress’s potential. If you need to find a powerful WordPress plugin for project management purposes, then you will undoubtedly be faced with a dilemma of choosing from thousands.

If this is the case, you are in luck. Here we have provided a short list of the best project management plugins for WordPress that currently populate the market. All these plugins are decently powerful to handle most of your necessities and in the hands of an experienced WordPress user can even substitute the needs of a dedicated project management system.

So without further ado, let’s delve into a quick read about 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Project Management:

WordPress Plugins for Project Management


Orbis promises to be a full-fledged business management tool and it delivers. The WordPress plugin comes with project management tools as well as CRM and intranet features. You get options to add projects, clients, staff, pages, posts and other business related content.

The plugin also comes with a front-end theme with which you can get easy access to your project management tools from the front end. The theme can also be changed at your will as the plugin is flexible. In fact, with all the features you will be getting, you can easily customize a project management system that is specific to your business needs.


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WP Project Manager Pro

Wp Project Manager stands to be one of the best and well-known project management plugins for the WordPress platform. It is open source and packs enough potential to compete with a full-fledged project management system.

The basic features you will get with the plugin includes project creation, user assignment, sending messages about projects, attaching files to messages and the ability to leave comments on tasks or projects.

The premium version adds on this with a calendar with drag and drop functionalities, expanded privacy settings, milestone tracking, etc.

You can also incorporate add-ons to further enhance functionality by integrating WooCommerce and BuddyPress among others.


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TaskFreak is an open source, free WordPress plugin to manage your projects. You get all the necessities like the ability to create projects and tasks and assigning authority and tasks to users. You can also add comments and attachments to your tasks.

The plugin can handle the regular everyday needs of a content manager or blogger. It is also responsive meaning it can be viewed from a mobile. You also get multilingual support, and the plugin can seamlessly blend in with whatever WordPress theme you are using.

Overall, TaskFreak offers an appealing free alternative for a WordPress management plugin which can handle basic functions you will come to expect from it.


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SP Client Document & Project Manager

SP Client Document & Project Manager is one of the advanced but easier to use project management plugin. It isn’t fully a straight up project management tool but marketed as a file management and document collaboration system.

The plugin makes for an easy way to upload, organize, track and share project documents. You can also manage clients, accounts, individual documents, distribution and much more.

The plugin also comes in a premium version which adds features like a responsive layout, custom field, custom email notification, thumbnailing projects, versioning support and file collaboration.

There is also support for adding features like a standalone dashboard for customers, Dropbox integration, Google Drive import facility, and so on.


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WP-Client Pro with PM Extension

WP-Client Pro with PM Extension is very popular amongst the list of business application plugins for WordPress. It gets frequent updates in spans of a few weeks.

The plugin is known for its high level of customizability, and you can seamlessly activate and deactivate functions, commands, permissions, etc. Other functionalities of the plugin include making new templates, modifying the color, design, and layout as well as the ability to change email IDs.

You can also keep your employees and hired freelancers in check by providing them with unique login credentials.


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WordPress Task Management

WordPress Task Management is a premium plugin which works from the back-end of your WordPress site and is very easy to use. The plugin provides all the necessary features that you will expect from a project management system plus also adds on it some more.

The plugin allows your teams to keep an eye on the activities while working and projects to help maintain the workflow in check. The mentioned activities can be that of the entire organization or just individuals, and this really helps to keep everyone on the same page and self-aware of what is expected out of them.

You also get features to generate reports, track activity status and integrate user roles.


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Project Panorama

Project Panorama offers a robust project management plugin with a user-friendly interface but a feature rich ecosystem. One of the key standout features of the plugin is the use of visuals to make the management process more simpler and intuitive.

You get features like the ability to create unlimited project phases with unlimited tasks as well as communication means with the rest of your team to keep track of project progress.

The plugin comes with a Pro and Lite offering. The latter just gives you bird’s eye view feature and some basic functionalities, but the Pro version gives you the ability to get a much more detailed outlook on where your project stands.


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CollabPress is another free alternative for your hunt for a project management plugin for WordPress. The plugin gives you project management features as well as task management capabilities to your dashboard, and you can associate them in any way you like.

Team members are given the ability to comment on the tasks which can help streamline the project. You also get BuddyPress group integration with other functionalities like file upload, email notifications, due date for tasks, front end shortcodes and calendar view. Multisite support is also available.


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Kanban for WordPress

Kanban for WordPress is known to be one of the best WordPress project management systems out there along the lines of WP Project Manager. The plugin is adequately powerful to help you build a full-fledged project management system from right inside your WordPress site. You can also use the plugin as a CRM.

The plugin offers a powerful dashboard with unique features and quick shortcuts to create and edit projects in a few clicks. One of its major features is that you can customize the board to suit a clients need and then assign your team to it, estimate a timeframe for the task and track total time took to finish the task.  


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BP GTM System

BP GTM System is a BuddyPress Group task management system which comes in the form of a plugin for your WordPress site. The plugin can help you add tasks and subtasks to your dashboard as well as sync tasks with specific projects, categories, and tags.

To create each task you can use TinyMCE and then set them as pending or completed. You can also sort between them using a variety of filters as well as change the projects these tasks are assigned to, including the people who are assigned to them.

Overall, the plugin is a great candidate if the most important feature you want is collaboration.


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In the current world, a project management is used by mostly all business irrelevant of size. The human mind can make chaos out of order and is known to be notoriously forgetful. A project management system takes away the prospect of human error while keeping the order and control in an organized fashion. In fact, you can go the length to claim that the use of project management systems has become a staple in modern day business and hence why shouldn’t it be included in your small(or large) website business.

Overall, this has been a shortlist of some of the popular and powerful WordPress plugins regarding project management. Do use them and let us know your experience with the ones you used. Again, if you know some plugin which functions better than the ones mentioned then do write them in the comments. We, as well as your fellow readers, will love to know some more alternatives.

10 Best WordPress Project Management Plugins
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