15 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers

Pondering the best, have you ever imagined yourself sitting somewhere in the place like The Elephant House cafe and writing the book of your dream just like J.K. Rowling (yeah, that’s a place where a renowned Harry Potter was written)? Do your friends still think you do so?

Well, while a lot of your friends are sure that most of the time you just goof off in front of your keyboard being free from corporate culture, white collars and a nasty boss, what do you actually do? Probably spend much more than 8 hours per day for sometimes tense and difficult research, communication and of course writing. As for the last, you know that it can take much to capture the inspiration, no matter if you are writing a nonfiction for the soul or just another post for a small blog.

And the WordPress blogs like this one aim to help you support yourself through writing enriching your website with multiple cool WordPress tools.

This post was written exactly with this in mind – to befriend you with some useful WordPress resources and improve your odds for a quicker and even better everyday writing.

When you are sure that the technical side of your work is well-optimized, you can spend much more time for transforming your ideas into words, agree?

Just have a look at the following collection.

Yoast SEO

If you aren’t a WordPress newbie, this plugin is probably already installed on your website. Though it was not created only for writers’ needs, it’s a killer stuff to improve your writings, or to be more specific, to adjust it for both humans and especially search engines.

With the latter it works in the following way: the plugin helps you target one appropriate keyword to a needed post or page and further ensures that the same keyword is used in meta titles and descriptions, headings, etc. It helps you get rid of the headache of manual optimizing your post or page for the search engines.

How much efforts were put into optimizing your writing for humans I discovered from the first edition (printed!) of Yoast magazine, where the team tells about the advantages of Yoast SEO version 3.3. The updates were devoted to content checks, designed to help you write not only SEO-friendly, but also readable posts as not only readers, but also “Google is getting better at understanding what quality content is”.

So, how did they make possible for a tool to define whether human’s content is quality? Thanks to a huge linguistics research of a new staff member Irene Strikkers. She based her research on analyzing common textual and grammar mistakes combined with testing of various apps and tools. Eventually Irene came up with general rules of readability, which were later realized with a help Yoast technical experts into new awesome updates to check and increase overall readability of a post. If you install the plugin you’ll be able to check the main nuances of the Readability point. Each of them is provided with detailed explanation.

Not everybody knows that apart from this popular plugin, Yoast theme developed much more useful resources for writers (especially for those who run their own blogs) such as Yoast Comment hacks, Clicky plugin (organizes your comments, affiliate links and tracking), Blog Icons, etc.

Moreover, on their blog you can get tons of great up-to-date tips on how to create a clear blog post structure.


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Just Writing

Just Writing aims to speed up your editing work in WordPress providing a so-called Distraction Free Mode (DFM) to help you be more productive working in a clutter-free space. Moreover, this tool provides you with a quick access to a full range of functionality that you will really need including Spell check, paragraph styling options, alignments, colors and much more.

You may check a full list of available commands directly on plugin’s page. All of them can be optionally set as visible while you are a in a writing mode. Here are some more abilities the plugin offers:

  • to hide or lighten the border on the title/body areas;
  • to screen-center the toolkit of tools;
  • to optionally switch on Preview button;
  • to set pre-user preferences for working with buttons and other tools;
  • to start in DWF when editing posts;
  • and other.

The users gave the plugin a rating of 100% quality based on 12 positive reviews (only 5’s at the moment).

Just writing

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Copyright Proof

If you don’t profess copyleft strategy, remember that content thieves are not a rare thing today. The consequences of not protecting your content from copying won’t only get you in a bad mood (that’s the best outcome), but will also have a very bad influence on the entire website search engines optimization. How will you prove to Google bot that exactly your content (on your website) should be prioritized?

Use Copyright Proof plugin to protect your content ownership. It’s much more effective than simple copyright notice. The plugin allows you to secure your content with digitally signed and time-stamped certificate for all WordPress posts. Namely, you are able to paste all needed licensing and attribution notices at the end of a post which will be further automatically applied to your posts.

The plugin is also able to track the IP addresses of anyone attempting to copy your content (optional).

In addition to all this, it’s released in terms of the GNU GPL public license allowing you to modify it in order to improve its performance.

Copyright Proof

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WP No External Links

The functionality of this plugin aims to help you manage your links – mask them to make internal or hide. This is a great tool if you write some posts with affiliate links and care about the number of outgoing links that can be found by search engines.

So, this tool helps you effectively make all external links internal on your posts, comments, author's page, etc. Apart from these cool options, the plugin provides you with more features such as outgoing click stats, fulllink masking and so forth. You can also make all links open in a new window.

Please note, the plugin may conflict with Hyper Cache caching plugin.

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Mooberry Book Manager

Do you have a book to publish or just want to share your favourite ones in an attractive way? This easy-to-use plugin lets you add multiple books to your WordPress website in minutes, including appropriate sidebars, widgets and more.

You are free to add all needed book information such as author and title, book cover, an excerpt, download and purchase links, and reviews. All of your books can be presented in multiple responsive grids and can be divided by categories (e.g. “Coming Soon”, “Available for free download”, etc.). When any new book appears, the grids are updated automatically so you don’t need to customize it from scratch.

The books on the sidebar can be set in the following options: random, Coming soon, the newest, a specific book. During some of the latest releases new options appeared: additional images, multi-author, advanced widgets and Retail Links Redirect.

Mooberry Book Manager

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Proofread Bot

There is a theory that one writer needs two editors to make the writing maximum error-free. Even if you spend a lot of time polishing and proofreading your posts, there is always some tricky error, typo or whatever that can be left unnoticed. The Proofread Bot doesn’t guarantee you 100% perfect and correct prose in result, but it’s a great time-saver and helper in a hard editor’s work.

The plugin is very easy in use. It automatically checks your content for grammar, style, statistics and plagiarism (note: plagiarism issues are checked in Bing). Proofread Bot analyzes your content and provides a detailed report on found issues so you are free to correct everything tat you think really requires any amendments.

Plugin developers created a demo report so you can see what options exactly you can get: just go here and click Demo Report – check all error suggestions in a pop-up window.

The free version of a plugin allows to check up 600 words per day. If you how the plugin works for you, you may get a paid version as well.


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Revive Old Posts

This one is a former Tweet Old Posts plugin. It’s functioning as a tool to share your old posts on various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

There is nothing wrong with republishing your old posts. And republishing them to only social networks even more so. Yoast SEO team also recommends it in case you do it wisely (e.g. remove old comments from old but republished posts posts).

It helps you get more traffic and keep your posts live and useful for a longer period of time. Let’s highlight some key options:

  • scheduling posts republishing;
  • choosing a number of posts to share;
  • ability to use hashtags;
  • encluding/excluding posts categories and specific posts.

Why lose so much social networks publicity for your quality posts?

Revive old posts

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Google Doc Embedder

Can you normally live without all those great advantages of Google docs? And when they work for your WordPress website, this is definitely one more extra benefit. Google Doc Embedder plugin allows you to add PDF and MS Office, and other types of files into the pages and posts of your WordPress website using a Google Docs Viewer (without PDF or Flash plugins).

You may see the full list of supported formats right on the plugin’s page. Plugin’s developers also offer a couple of related tools to even extend the possibilities for proper presenting your posts.

Google Doc Embedder

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Publish to Schedule

Just write. This is what plugin creators claim. They took care of effective scheduling your posts. A small set of plugin configuration allows you to once set day of a week, number of posts every day and preferable time intervals. Once all this is done, your posts will be auto scheduled. The plugin is also able to maintain random time intervals for publishing your posts depending on your settings.

Here is a quick and useful video telling about details of working with the plugin.

Publish to Schedule

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Portfolio Gallery

This plugins aims to give your writing a better visual presentation. It happens that your website or blog doesn’t support Portfolios or you just can’t set it right. In this case you can get this useful plugin that can help both newbies and experienced writers in setting their portfolios. A very handy tool to create a cathy portfolio and win more readers and potential employers.

The plugin gives you a great opportunity to build samples of your projects and decorate them in different ways. With this plugin, you get an image gallery with the lightbox, slider and video gallery in one portfolio, so your customization opportunities are not limited. A Pro version of the plugin allows to add much more functionality to adjust your portfolio.


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Broken Link Checker

If you have a blog, I am sure you don't get enough time to look around for broken links that exists on your website. These links if not rectified can cause major damage to your SEO. So its important that you get them eliminated and replace them with the right link.

The task however looks difficult to implement especially when the blog grows from a small to a big one. That's when Broken Link Checker comes to your rescue.  This wonderful plugin will closely monitor your blog and notify you the moment it finds a broken link, so that you can take the action in the right time.

Broken Link Checker

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Image Inject

Finding the right image for your blog post is pivotal for the success of your website or blog. Good images have the power to draw the attention of your readers and increase your traffic.

Image Inject, which was previously called the WP Inject is a brilliant plugin that makes inserting WP images to your posts easy and quick.You just need to install the plugin and start your search right away. Using this plugin is that simple.

ImageInject Plugin

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Editorial Calendar

If you keep forgetting what to publish on different days of the week, then this plugin can surely help you. It is a brilliant plugin that gives you an overview of the week's scheduled posts. This helps you stick to your work without any delay. Try using this plugin and check out how your productivity increases.

Editorial Calendar

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Contact Form 7

This is an amazing plugin that can help writer's and bloggers stay connected with their readers and viewers. Contact Form 7 offers you with a quick solution to manage multiple forms on your blog. In order to prevent spamming , this plugin has been designed to support Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.


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WP Total Cache

With this plugin you can improve the user-experience on your website by working on your site's performance, reducing downloading speed by using features like CND integration. This plugin is activated on more than 2 million websites and users have credited its performance with a 4.9-star ratings.

w3 Total Cache

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There are also a couple of good plugins that I wanted to include to the roundup – FD Footnotes to create elegant footnotes and FD Word Statistics that provides a great readability analysis. But they did not get to the list because they are no longer supported and won’t receive any updates. Still, they are very helpful and can be used on every WordPress site.

Keep your head up!

15 Best WordPress Plugins for Writers
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