10 Best WordPress Plugins for Freelancers

With the growth of internet and platforms like WordPress, it has become easier for everyone to give a meaning full growth to their hobbies or the work they best love doing, pursuing it as a career to earn a living. This is one reason why many around the world have taken up freelancing ( be it writing or photography or any other ) as a full-time professional career.

However being a freelancer is as challenging as attending a 9 to 5 office job. When you start working as a freelancer you need to  handle everything on your own. From time management, finance management, advertising your work and so on, you are the sole person managing everything.

In this article, we will compile a list of plugins that will help you with all of these organizing everything for you like a personal assistant. All you need to have is a website built on WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugins for Freelancers


Time Management is an extremely important factor for all freelancers. To help you make fruitful use of your and your team's time, developer Iain Poulson came up with this marvelous plugin called the Trello.

This amazing collaboration tool, allows you to collaborate and manage your working schedule efficiently. You can create various cards and display them on your Trello board so that you can let all other members know about it without having to mail or call them personally.

Trello, Wp Plugin

Trello Wp Plugin


Shake is another very important tool for freelancers. With this plugin, you can send, sign or create legal agreements with your clients. With this plugin managing your legal documents becomes very easy and simple.

If you have this plugin with you, there is no need to worry about visiting your lawyer for every other agreement. It takes care of everything for you acting like your personal lawyer.

Shake Plugin, Freelancer, Legal Doc management

Shake Plugin

Updraft plus WordPress Backup Plugin

This is yet another very essential plugin all site owners must have. This plugin makes backing up and restoration a simple job.

You can use this plugin to  Backup into the cloud (Amazon S3), Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, Openstack Swift, UpdraftPlus Vault and email) and restore with a single click.




Email marketing is a very efficient way to gain more clients for your business. Mailchimp is a leading tool that can help you do that very easily. Add more subscribers to your MailChimp list with this plugin in moments.

There is various way how you do it with this plugin. You can create good looking opt-in forms or integrate with any other form on your site, like your comment, contact or checkout form. You can have a really long list of subscribers using this brilliant plugin.

Mailchimp, WordPress, Plugin, Freelancer

MailChimp WordPress Plugin


This plugin will make adding images and graphics to your posts extremely easy job with its amazing stock of photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. With Canva you can ensure that each of your posts has an engaging image.

You can very easily integrate this plugin with your WordPress platform and have access to this powerful designing tool. With Canva plugin, creating striking images becomes an absolute fun.

Canva, WordPress Plugin, Freelancer



Like Shake can as your personal lawyer, FreshBooks can be your personal manager, organizing your accounts for you.

This plugin helps you generate professional looking invoices for your clients with your own logo on it. You can send it across to your clients whenever you are ready for the billing. Not only this you can also Accept Credit Cards on Your Invoices, Know When Your Invoice is Viewed, Create Estimates and Quotes, Send Recurring Invoices to Clients and a lot more.

FreshBooks, Freelancer, Management, Accounting, Plugin



Manage all your bank accounts from one single Dashboard using the Mint Plugin. With this plugin, you can have a clear view of your finances without spending too much time.

You can securely get started with this plugin with a few steps and gain access to its intuitive features and powerful results. This plugin is a must if you want to know what is happening with your money and how you can manage to use it without wasting too much.

Mint, WordPress, Manage Money


Share Button

Share your content across social platforms using this plugin. With this plugin, you will not only let your followers know about your site and content you can also draw a huge number of traffic from social sites.

This plugin is very handy and absolutely easy to handle. All Freelancers should have this plugin so that they can easily share their sites on various social sites.

Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis



Unroll is a quick and easy solution to clean up your inbox stuffed with hundreds of emails from various services. With this plugin, you can unsubscribe from a number of such subscribed emails with just a single click.

So you can get rid of all the unwanted junks from your inbox without wasting time by going to each mail individually and unsubscribing it.

Unroll.me, WordPress, Clean Inbox


SVG Case Study

Draw more clients to your business by adding a testimonial or a case study to your site. SVG Case Study can help you do it perfectly with its great features.

It allows you to add as many images as you want with your studies, talk about problems and add how you can help solve it. With many other possibilities, SVG Case Study is one plugin that can add value to your business.

SVG Case Study

SVG Case Study


If you too are a freelancer handling everything on your own, then you might want to use some of these plugins to organize and sort out your work. We have added some great plugins to this collection using which you can handle everything on your own without any worry.

We will keep adding more numbers to this collection. Do leave a comment if you are using any such plugin and think that sharing it with us might be helpful.

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Freelancers
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