10 Best WordPress Content Marketing Plugins

Content marketing is growing and becoming one of the most important and core marketing strategy for most of the businesses these days. And when we take about publishing content, there is no better platform than WordPress.

Now, if you look at content marketing seriously and accept it as one of your main marketing strategies, you have to be very careful about how you present your content and what you do with your content once it is published.

You can have a simple WordPress blog and start producing content that talks about your business and related things or you can produce content and present it in a grand way so that you can easily engage your visitors and make them come back to your site with the kind of presentation you display.

When you are in content marketing field the presentation can be a huge part of your success. How you format your content, the images you use, the social sharing options, the on-page SEO are some of the most important factors of content marketing.

In this post, we have collected some of the best content marketing WordPress plugins which will make the process really easy for you. Most of these are premium plugins, but I’m sure these plugins can help you to grow your business, so the amount is well justified.

Top Content Marketing Plugins


Social sharing is one of the most important factors when it comes to content marketing. You must have everything to increase the visibility of your content and establish your brand and social media can do wonders when it is used properly.

There are tons of social media WordPress plugins free as well as premium. But looking at the importance of social sharing of your content, I would suggest you go for a quality premium social media plugin that offers of all the functionalities you look for and great support.

Monarch plugin is a perfect combination of strong features and good looking design. It comes with a variety of different designs for the sharing buttons which you can place at different places to make sure that you improve the conversion rate.

The powerful dashboard offered by the plugin will help you to get started and you will have the statistics at your fingertips to make sure that you can keep on improving the performance of your site as far as social visibility is concerned.

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Monarch Plugin Interface

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Thrive Leads

When we talk about content marketing, lead generation is a synonymous term. You can’t get success in content marketing if you don’t take lead generation seriously and try building a strong email list from the very beginning.

We have already listed the best lead generation WordPress plugins where you can find the top option of plugins to increase subscription rate. Thrive Leads plugin is one of the prominent tools that can help you to increase the email subscription rate to a huge extent.

This plugin offers you a huge number of ready to be used templates to choose from so that you can have a great looking opt-in form for your site. Also, you can customize the selected from as per your requirement and make sure that it perfectly fulfills your need.

A/B split testing is another highlight of this plugin, and you can carry on as many testing as you want to make sure that you get the perfect combination of offers as well as the template for best conversion.

You can target page level or post level conversion with this plugin, if you are writing a post related to best hosting services, you can show a form with the best hosting offers that will save some amount of your users and that can improve conversion rate dramatically.

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Bloom is another powerful and modern lead generation plugin for WordPress. Bloom offers you a variety of different designs to choose from and all of the theme are highly customizable, it comes with over 110 ready to be used templates.

Bloom comes with different placement options which are well researched to make sure that you can improve the conversion rate. You can use the pop-up form, fly-in forms, you can use it as a widget in the sidebar as well as in the posts.

The form trigger options are another highlight to make sure that your users are not irritated and you can convert most of your visitors to subscribers. You can also target specific post types and categories to increase conversion rate.

Bloom is completely responsive and you can use it on mobile phones as well.  As far as the design is concerned, you have color options to style your the forms & layout options to place the text and the email field at different locations.

It offers you A/B testing to make sure the best possible combination that works for you. You can integrate Bloom with all the leading email service providers & offers you detailed statistics for you to analyze.


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Yoast SEO Plugin

The process of content marketing will not be complete without discussing SEO for your site. And it comes to SEO for WordPress site, Yoast SEO is the leading plugin that you can use for free. This will help you to set up all the SEO related features for your site.

Yoast SEO plugin handles all the related things for SEO of your site, you can easily verify your site for search engines, you can optimize your site for social media and it also offers you the XML sitemap for your site so that your content is quickly indexed by search engines.

Other than the above-mentioned features, Yoast SEO plugin is great for on-page SEO as well. It offers you nice analysis of your blog post that you can check before publishing your content, you just have to place the focus keyword and then you will see if all the parameters are nicely set for your post or not.


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Custom Notifications

Notification bars are a great way to showcase product links or any important offers to drive more traffic to those posts. If you are into content marketing and want to promote anything in particular along with your content, a quality notification bar can do a really good job for you.

The Custom Notification Bar from MyThemeShop is one of the best notification bar plugins available now. It offers you a number of options that makes it useful for a number of different functions like offer notification, social sharing, email opt-in etc.

This plugin comes with an advanced interface which you can use to set-up your notifications. You can define the start date, end date as well as timing of the notification. You can set your own defined parameters and conditions.

As far as the look is concerned, you have a number of different color scheme to choose from and you can set your own color scheme to match it with the theme you are currently using.

WP Notification Bar Plugin

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Click To Tweet

How can you ignore Twitter, if you are into content marketing. And if you are looking forward to grow your Twitter account and a number of sharing, this plugin can be really useful for you. This plugin creates tweetable content from your post and makes it super easy for your users to tweet your post.

This strategy can be way more effective than the normal Twitter buttons as it shows the tweetable content right in the post. And the best part is that it’s a free plugin that you can download from the WordPress plugin directory.

Click To Tweet

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Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

We have written about the best rich snippet plugins here. A well set rich snippet can increase the click-through rate dramatically. If you are not aware of what rich snippet is, you can read our article about it and understand.

This is a premium plugin which comes for $11 and it looks and sounds quite interesting. With this plugin, you can set up your own rich snippets code or just edit the pre-installed ones.

Supported snippets by this plugin are

  • Reviews and Ratings
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

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Final Word

The above mentioned WordPress plugins will help you to improve the visibility of your site to a great extent. We wil be adding more content marketing plugin to this list, so don’t forget to bookmark it.

Other thene the type of plugins listed above there are many other elemants that you help you improve your content marketing strategy such as nice call to action, great design, content builder plugins etec. Do have a look at the articles listed below as well, because they are going to help you as well.

10 Best WordPress Content Marketing Plugins
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  • Marina

    Hello Dhiraj,
    thank you for the nice
    overview of the best wordpress content marketing plugins. I also use the plugin click to tweet and Yoast. I also prefer to use the WordPress Plugin
    Blog2Social. It’s an easy tool to schedule and post automatically to the
    various social media, while at the same time it allows you to customize
    your postings for each network’s requirement. Also you can select the
    image you like to go with your post.

  • Thanks for your input Marina

  • Raja Muneeb

    Hi. Spinkx is a revolutionary content marketing plugin which helps in automated content distribution, building backlinks, improving SEO organically and monetisation of content easy. I think it should be included in the above mentioned list of top plugins.

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