12 Best WordPress Builder Plugins for 2018

WordPress is a CMS i.e. content management system for the creation of websites and blogs. It is usually written in PHP or SQL. Since it is open source website creation tool, it is available freely.

It can change your site looks using themes, and we can also add functionality and features using plug-ins which are software that can be installed to expand the functionality to your WordPress site.

Website editor WordPress Plugins are tools which allow development of websites without manual code editing.

Here we bring you the top ten best website editors for WordPress Plugins.

Best Website Builders for WordPress

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a premium WordPress plugin, has a large number of tools which makes WordPress pages easy. It brings several modules, more than 60 pre-developed layouts and offers multisite support. We can make our corrections either from the admin panel or from the site itself directly.

Visual Composer comes together with two types of editors, one is, WordPress website with backend schematic editor or building process to the frontend to watch live results. Only a few clicks to make rows and columns to the page, drag elements around the page, adjust elements through natural options and publish the page.

It offers “Shortcode Mapper” which grants to add third party shortcodes to your Visual Composer elements. With this plugin, we can work on a new website or existing sites, as it recognizes your contents and can adapt to any WordPress internet site.


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Divi Builder

Divi Builder, a great WordPress page builder, developed by Elegant Themes provides lifetime access memberships. It brings more than 40 modules to design and everything in the system.

We can just add anything whatever we need because of the drag and drop feature. One of the best features of Divi Builder is the Divi library. It provides many pre-made layouts and allows to save these layouts, rows, sections, and modules and these will use across websites.

We can easily drag rows and columns into the page and many useful options such as copy, paste, undo and redo. It saves some actions like undo or redo moves, edits and more. It gives you to explore new and exciting layouts.

With features of setting models, top levels controls, and right click options, Divi Builder develops a smooth way to build any amazing websites. It can duplicate any element with a single click, saving your development time.

It gives a broad range of tools that let you control spacing like row vertical spacing and horizontal column spacing within and around on your page.

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Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content creator creates beautiful, visually impressive contents and layouts. It is the ultimate tool for anyone to develop marketing websites and business focused blogs. It is simply to edit something, but it makes a massive difference to your content creation experience, quality of content and productivity.

The main advantage in this editor is everything happens as immediate as possible. We do not wait for the things to load or do not have to go through multiple steps to add or edit content on the page when a change is needed.

With Thrive Content Builder, we can create amazing testimonials which are one of the powerful persuasion elements that can be added to the page. The more benefits are you can build beautiful layouts, fully responsive, Mobile-friendly design and animation events.

Thrive Content Builder review

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Beaver Builder

One of the best WordPress builders, Beaver Builder is widely used and powers over 300,000 websites. Beaver Builder comes with a number of page templates, you can choose one from them and get started with the customization. You can simply replace the images and text from the template with your own content and publish it.

Creating your website was never so easy. You will have full control over your site design, you can drag-and-drop modules to your pages and re-arrange them according to your need. You can position your images and text and edit from the front end of your site.


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Themify Editor

Themify editor is the most important tool for designing the layout of the pages with live edits, previews, and overall appearance of the website. We can work in both WordPress post pages and custom posts.

It can be used to design Backend mode as well as Frontend mode. It works similar to one another. This editor layout is available only for one single post or page, not available in whole blog pages. The layout parts can be used again and can be included in the content or anywhere in the post.

Simultaneously, when the layout parts get updated, the post or page which using these layout components will also be updated. Layout elements are useful for displaying the same contents in multiple areas.

Fullwidth layout option is available only in Themify editor. Editor Revisions offers “save as” feature, allowing saving designs with unlimited versions. Themify will chunk review and allows to revert it, as per convenience. It is useful for users to fix errors when changing something on their sites.


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Elementor is a modern & user-friendly website builder for WordPress. This WordPress builder comes with a number of different modules that you can use to create your website. You don't have to be a WordPress developer to create a stunning website for your business.

The drag-and-drop interface of the Elementor builder will make things a lot easier for you and help you create a custom design for your site within a couple of minutes. You can define the section height and weight to make it look neat.

You can resize the columns in case any of your modules need more space. You will have full control over each element on your site, up to padding and margin of each section on your pages.

Another best part is that you can save the designs you create to use it in the future so that you can save a lot of time. Elementor builder comes in free as well as pro version, the premium version of the plugin will offer you access to its full potential.

Elementor Builder

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Page Builder by Site Origin

Page builder by site origin is a free but powerful tool. Its interface like drag and drop makes original pages quickly, and it comes with more ideas to get started. It brings with a full range of modules for free. Page builder always works with standard WordPress widgets so we can find the widget of our need.

It allows us to use widgets which are already on the WordPress site including widgets from other plugins. No coding skills are required so that we can work on any post or page. It is available in 17 languages.

There is a set of built-in content blocks and the additional round of blocks from an add-on plugins. Editing work takes place on the back-end through the standard editing screen in WordPress. For realigning the blocks, there are some drag and drop functionalities available.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

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Visual Editor Custom Buttons

Visual Editor Custom Buttons offer accessibility while creating content. To create fantastic posts, a format of the text in posts plays the vital role. Plugins are the easiest ways to modify anything on the website. Many Plugins like Visual editor custom button provides a way to add and remove tools and buttons you use and not use respectively.

This plugin is more advanced and brings a significant number of readily use buttons and icons. Further, we can also add our own. With this editor, we can easily add our buttons in the Visual Editor as well as in the HTML Editor. For fine tune customized tools, set the CSS coding, so that we can view the impact of the button in the Visual Editor directly.

Visual Editor Custom Buttons

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Frontend Builder

Frontend builder is one of those Plugins to create an application. It is most useful and small, but powerful plugin which allows to edit, manage, and customize the website without using the backend interface panel. It is possible to add a variety of page elements and can view immediate live results and remove errors instantly.

It requires less time to introduce basic elements such as images, videos, buttons, etc. without remembering complicated shortcodes. It is equipped with many options like “live editing” where we can add, remove, and change features from basic level to advanced ones.

We can develop websites in a matter of minutes. It is more flexible to adapt your needs so it can replace other online website builders, specially designed for novice users.

Frontend Builders

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Page Builder By Pace Themes

Page Builder by Pace Themes Plugins is a simple, intuitive page builder that can help to create custom layouts and it is very easy to use. It brings most common tools for customization with routine modules and pre-built layouts. It creates pages and posts with dynamic layouts and has complete control over the content of a page including CSS and Typography. Your content can adapt to any display size.

It includes modules which allow users to insert contents, custom modules with coding knowledge. It supports WordPress widgets which can be added anywhere in the content. Some of the benefits are it works with any theme, Icon fonts, developer friendly, and requires no coding knowledge and section and row options.

Page Builder by PaceThemes

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WP Super Edit

WP Super Edit plugin adds more functionality, features, and control to the visual editor of WordPress. It adopts a drag and drop interface to move buttons around quickly. It has Swiss Army Knife, a WordPress version for every occasion when creating contents. It gives us unique experience while offering greater functionality when content creation is concerned.

Besides TinyMAC plugins to add buttons and features like advanced XHTML properties, excellent image and link properties, style attributes, CSS themes and WordPress emoticons. There is a restriction that only WordPress administrators can activate or deactivate TinyMAC visual editor plugins. WP Super Edit supports multi-site configurations, and it uses separate database settings.

WP Super Edit

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Tailor Page Builder

Tailor Page Builder builds with the help of latest WordPress coding standards such as “REST API” support which is the next significant step in the evolution of WordPress, making it as a powerful application platform. Tailor REST API exposes some endpoints and offers developers to collaborate with the Tailor-specific resource types.

It builds beautiful layouts for our contents faster and easier.

It retrieves all registered element types, all saved templates, and all items of the given page. It is very fine to use and supports WordPress features like multimedia, shortcodes, supports built-in and third party widgets and Multilanguage and RTL layouts. It controls global layout settings and page specific layout settings and adds custom CSS and JavaScript.

All elements look great and regulate when columns and grids collapse and change the visibility of items depend on the screen size of the current page.

Tailor Page Builder

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The above are the vital Website Editor WP plugins that are available to enhance your work. We hope, the listicle mentioning the best Website editor WP plugin would be useful for you all.

12 Best WordPress Builder Plugins for 2018
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