10+ Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress

Popular post section can be very effective in engaging your readers and increase the number of page views which is important for any website from the SEO perspective.

With increased page views, it will bring you more opportunity for conversion and revenue as well as loyal readership and social sharing that will eventually improve the overall quality of your site.

Another very important benefit which you will get as a result of increased page views is the improved position in the search results because the popular posts will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your site to a huge extent which is important for Google.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, the popular post section in the sidebar or below the post will improve the overall look and feel of the site by making it presentable and professional.

If you are looking for related post plugins to show similar content below the post, we have already written an article where you can find the related post plugins for WordPress which again can be effective in increasing the number of page views for your site.

Now, when we talk about the popular post section in a WordPress site, most of the quality WordPress themes comes with built in popular post widget which you can place in the sidebar of your site or other widgetized section.

If your theme doesn't come with the popular post widget, we have collected some of the best popular post plugins for WordPress which you can use for your site.

Top Popular Post Plugins

Top 10

As the name suggests, it's a popular post plugin that will help you to show top 10 posts of your blog with a nice and professional layout based on the number of page views on a daily or overall basis.

It includes sidebar widget to display the popular posts; it comes with a built-in counter which will keep track of the number of views for each post and arrange them as per popularity.

You can customize the widget in the WordPress dashboard and make it look perfect to your need. You can also use custom CSS to style the list further. As far as the thumbnail is concerned, this plugin automatically extracts the first image f the post to show as the thumbnail for the post; you can also insert a thumbnail by including the image URL.

Along with the widget support, this plugin also offers you shortcode support to show the most popular posts on your site. It offers you two shortcodes, one to show the list of the popular posts and another to show the count of views.

Top 10 Posts

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Carousel for Theia Post Slider

An advanced level carousel post slider plugin that will give you the option to showcase your popular posts in style. This plugin is highly customizable, and you can customize the design of your carousel per post basis.

You can choose a good looking thumbnail for each post and increase user engagement on your site. It comes with more than 35 vector arrows of any color and size.

carousel popular post plugin

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Popular Posts Bar Widget

This is a premium, popular post plugin that offers you a beautiful looking bar widget that will show the popular posts based on comments or views.

You can also customize the widget as per your requirement; you can place your title, the number of posts you want to show, the time interval for selecting the posts and more.

Popular Posts Bar Widget

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Stylish Popular Posts

If you are looking for a free yet attractive and professional looking popular post widget, this is the plugin you need. This plugin puts all the focus on styling the widget keeping everything else basic.

This plugin selects the popular posts based on comment counts and not some views or any other elements. However, if you talk about the look and feel of the widget; it can give any premium plugin run for their money.

You can write your title for the widget as well as select the number of posts a per your requirement. As this plugin uses custom thumbnail size, you can use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate the required thumbnail size.

Popular Post Widget

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Top Stories

Another beautiful premium plugin to show the top stories from your blog in the sidebar. It comes with a very attractive design that will easily grab the attention of your visitors and increase the click-through rate.

This plugin offers you a number of customization options to beautify the widget and make it look more attractive. You can add your own title for the site, you can add a background color with gradient, you can also add nice attractive animations.

As far as the posts are concerned, you can select the post for the week, last 15 days or the month as per your requirement. And you can filter out content based on categories, post types as well as duration.

Attractive Top Stories Widget

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Coliris is a beautiful popular post WordPress plugin that allows you to show the most popular posts of your site with a colorful interface. This plugin offers you unlimited color options to style the design of your popular widget as per your need.

You can display different widget for different content type, means you can set a widget for popular pages, posts, most commented posts etc.  It offers you a very simple yet powerful user interface and advanced post filtering mechanism to display the posts.

You can also have nice animated effect for your widget to make the layout more attractive so that you can increase the engagement with the popular post widget.

coliris popular post widget

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Popular Widget

This is a very simple yet useful free popular post plugin, it offers you a number of options to customize the widget as per your requirement.

You can add a number of tabs to show a different type of posts based on the number of comments, views, you can also show the latest comments as well as tags.

As far as the popular posts are concerned, you can customize the title length, excerpt length, filter posts by categories, display thumbnails and more.

Popular Widget

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Tabs Widget for WordPress

If you want to show popular posts in the sidebar widgets or you want to show some specific posts to drive more traffic to your revenue generating posts, this is the plugin you need. It also offers you a smart random listing of posts to drive traffic.

It comes with powerfully advanced styling panel where you can fully customize the look and feel of the widget and other details to make it perfectly fit in your theme.

Tabs Widget for WordPress

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Plus Thumbnail Post Widget

Another superb plugin to display important content on your site to drive more traffic to the profitable posts. With this widget, you can show the most popular posts of your blog, the most commented posts or even random posts in the sidebar of your blog.

It offers you a beautiful fully responsive design to showcase the posts, you can set the time interval to filter the articles; you can show the most popular posts in the last 24 hours, last 48 hours, last week, last month or even last year as per your requirement.

You can set the height and width of the images to make them look good and your images will respond perfectly to any screen size as per device. Also, it provides you two beautiful image effect to attract your visitor's attention.

It offers you full customization option as far as the look and feel of the widget is concerned, you can change the color of the title and show the extract of the content to make it look better and engaging.

plus thumbnail post

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WordPress Popular Posts

This is a basic free WordPress theme to show the popular posts of your site but it is really powerful and offers you number of customization option to make it match your requirement.

This plugin allows you to show the most popular posts based on the number of views or number of comments. And you can set the timeline for selecting the popular posts, that means you can set the timeframe for the system to select the posts from. You can select the most popular posts from last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days etc as per your requirement.

As far as the look and feel of the widget are concerned, you can show a very basic list or you customize the look as per your requirement. You can also customize the plugin to show the thumbnail of the post to make it look better.

Another best part is that it supports multiple widgets, that means you can place more than one widget for the popular posts and both of them can have separate settings so that they don't display the same content.

Other than the widget you can also use the shortcode offered by the plugin to display the popular posts within a post or a page. This plugin offers you detailed statistics of the mot popular posts of your blog in the WordPress admin dashboard.

WordPress Popular Posts

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Final Word

Providing your visitors an user-friendly and easy option to go through your popular content is extremely important and it can make a huge different to the popularity of your blog.

As already mentioned, a good quality popular post widget in the sidebar can make a huge difference to the bounce rate of your blog and make sure that your posts are ranked high in the search results.

Also, the popular post section can be very effective in increasing the revenue of your site because the increased page views will provide you more opportunity to make more money if you monetize those posts properly.

The WordPress popular post plugins mentioned in this list will help you to bring in a nice change to your site and make it look professional and profitable.

10+ Best Popular Post Plugins for WordPress
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