10 Best Podcasting plugins for WordPress CMS

As the internet is reaching out to more and more people, the popularity of media files and podcast is on the rise. Most of us are familiar with the podcast, but for those who do not keep up with technology or have a blank notion about the podcast, we will define it for you here.

Technically, a podcast is a form of digital media, that is stored on the internet in the form of  audio, video, news or ePub files. These files can be downloaded to any portable media player like your computer or any smartphone.

Even though podcast is linked to iPods again and again, you do not necessarily have an iPod to download podcasts. You can listen to them on any device that supports a music player.

This can be your computer, your smartphone, your Mac or even your car. It is basically like getting a new radio-style show and music programs to listen to on your music player or your iPods. The most popular audio file type for Podcast is the MP3.

Today, in this article we will give you a list of some of the most popular podcaster plugins that can be installed on your WordPress site for podcasting.

WordPress Plugins for Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting

This plugin offers you a very easy-to-use method to add a podcast to your WordPress site and simplifies the management of podcast for you. As the name suggests, this plugin is a fairly simple one with minimal but very powerful settings.

With this plugin, you can run multiple podcasts (both audio and video) from a single site and have a unique RSS feed for each. It supports a highly configurable RSS feed that adapts to all Podcast subscription software.

Seriously Simple Podcasting provides you with shortcodes and widgets, with which you can easily add any playable media file using your WordPress Media Player.

This plugin also gives you the freedom to host your media files on the same server or on a different one if you may so please.

With many other such amazing features, it offers you some robust tools to add, create or manage podcast to you site. It can be a streamlined solution with basic yet strong features and can be a very good choice for a newbie or an established podcast user.

It also comes extensively documented, so you can go through them whenever you think you need help. With this plugin, embedding a podcast becomes as simple as never before.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

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Buzzsprout podcasting plugin

Buzzsprout Podcasting Plugin can be one of the best choices if you want to publish a podcast online. This advanced and modern plugin offers great functionalities and allows you to promote and publish your podcast instantly.

It is one of the most secure and reliable plugins that makes embedding episodes the simplest of tasks. With, this you can easily fetch your podcast episodes from your buzzsprout feed URL and embed it on your post or on the fly.

This amazing plugin allows you to have full control over the RSS feed, by providing you with a feed that can be run through FeedBurner.

You can also choose from the 3 inbuilt  HTML5 or Flash Audio Player and select your favorite to embed in your WordPress site. Buzzsprout provides statistics like podcast plays over time, all time plays, and play count trend so you can see the response to each episode.

It also brings free all Buzzsprout plans and works with self-hosted accounts. You can also consult the walkthrough on how to submit your podcast feed to iTunes.

Buzzsprout Podcasting

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With tons of amazing features, this plugin has been one of the most popular ones amongst podcasters. Even though it is in the Beta Version and the developers are still working to improve it, the plugin manages to provide incredible functions to its users.

It allows you to separate its blog and podcast content using a custom post type. You can also have a quick overview of the podcast status from its dashboard which is quite simple to use.

It offers you unlimited flexible template systems to create unified blog post for each episode. It also supports multiple media files per episode to adapt to listener bandwidth requirements or support different viewing resolutions.

The concept of episode assets ensures podcast integrity, that allows you to publish your episodes easily reducing overall complexity when posting. You can also have full command over the content of your podcast feed.

These are just a few of the features that come with the Beta version. The list goes long.

Podlove Podcast Publisher

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Smart Podcast Player

Display a fully functional and attractive player on your WordPress site with the Smart Podcast Player. With the advanced features of this plugin, that promise accelerated podcast traffic, downloads, and tools you can now grow your audience effectively and quickly.

This plugin is extremely easy to use and offers great support for its set-up and customization. With this plugin, you can add your podcast to a WordPress site without needing to integrate it fully into the back end.

Once that is done, it allows you to display the description of each episode and a list of current and previous episodes on the sidebar.

It also includes speedup or slowdown playback (usually only available on iTunes or similar software), mobile-friendly formats, and automatic updates.

Smart Podcast Player

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If your business requires you to add multiple media files to your website, Cincopa can be one of your best choices. It streamlines your podcasting process and makes it incredibly easy to post and play your files.

It offers you a number of pre-designed podcast player skins to choose from. You can upload your files to their servers, and use their generated code to embed on your WordPress site.

It also enables podcasters to customize their players and give it the fanciest of looks.

Cincopa Podcasting plugin

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Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

This is yet another wonderful plugin for podcasters which comes in two modes – Simple and Advanced.

Use the simple mode and start publishing your podcasts in 3 easy steps. You can quickly set up your podcast using  the essential settings, create your first episode and submit it to iTunes.

Even though this is called the Simple Mode it’s not short of powerful features. This mode has full iTune and Google play support and is integrated with HTML5 media players.

It is SEO friendly, so you can make your podcast visible on search engines and on the iTunes podcast directory. It even allows you to import your podcast from other podcast RSS feed like SoundCloud, LibSyn, PodBean, Squarespace.

With it’s multi-podcast support facility you can create separate podcasts by its category (Category Podcasting) or by media format (Podcast Channels). Not just this, it also allows you to create podcasts from custom post types and taxonomies.

It also integrates a subscription tool which can help you convert web visitors into podcast subscribers. You can now even streamline your podcast productivity by using the Media hosting and statistic services.

If this (and much more) can be a part of the Simple Mode, then imagine what you can get with it’s Advanced Mode. You will fall in love with this plugin once you discover the range of features it provides.

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

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Libsyn Podcast Plugin

Libsyn is one of the most powerful and popular podcast hosting platform.

With this plugin, it becomes absolutely easy to post new podcast episodes to your Libsyn account directly from your WordPress site. So when you do that you don not have to worry about your RSS feed or your media files being hosted on your web hosting server.

Libsyn’s  “Libsyn Podcast Plugin” simplifies the way you can work. You create your post in WordPress, upload your media to Libsyn from the WordPress post editor, and then Libsyn uses the meta information in your post for the Libsyn podcast RSS feed.

When you publish with Libsyn’s plugin, a Libsyn player will be automatically embedded in your post. It also includes a basic playlist player widget.

libsyn Podcast

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Simple Podcast Press

This plugin is a marvelous combination of good looks and smart functionality. The Simple Podcast Press plugin allows you to effectively grow your listener base and your email list.

It comes with a mobile-friendly podcast player and is compatible with all smart Podcast player. It automatically replaces your Powerpress player and seamlessly integrates with podcast player.

The plugin is very easy to use and you can start using it by entering your iTune URL once you have installed it on your WordPress site. The fact that it integrates well with the main podcast media hosts makes it a no-brainer for beginners and podcasting pros alike.

The simple, elegant and speedy, Simple Podcast Press is a player that gives listeners the opportunity to get much more involved with your show over and above simply tuning in.

Simple Podcast Press

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WP ipodCatter

This is an extremely neat and powerful plugin that can give you a fantastic time podcasting episodes or music list. With this plugin, you can create a valid feed for iTunes podcast directory.

Once you are done creating your feed, you can specify the iTunes duration and tags on each episode. This plugin offers you the basic tools for hosting your podcast through your WordPress site.

With this plugin added to your site, podcasting becomes so much easier.

More Info & Download Plugin


All the plugins in this collection are great in terms of functionality and support. Pick any and start podcasting today with these amazing plugins.

We will keep adding more numbers to this list, so do come back again for more.

10 Best Podcasting plugins for WordPress CMS
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