8 Powerful Opt-In Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content locker is a script that is used to lock up certain content and keep it from a website’s visitors until they perform the desired action before they can have access to that content. Content lockers help the websites that provide visitors with some kind of irresistible and informative incentive or valuable content.

Free downloads are most commonly used as incentives. Appropriate use of content lockers provides multifaceted benefits that mainly include building an email list and boosting social media promotions.

Powerful content lockers for WordPress


ConvertPlug is the most affordable WordPress Popup plugin that comes with all advanced features. This also allows users to lock content for Modal Popups, content pop-ups, info bars and slide-ins. ConvertPlug introduces a ready-made template for a content locker.

You get this addition with many pre-designed, easy to use templates. You just have to click on the “Create New Modal” button under Modal Design page, select the template, open it in the Editor, make desired modifications, save and publish.

For other three types of content locking, you need to select and design the desired module, open it in the Editor, click on the Close Link button under Design section, select “Do not Close” under Close Link Type, save and publish.


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Content locker in OptinMonster is highly useful for building email list through locking the content of valuable articles and blog posts. To create an after post / inline opt-in form, you need to log into your account, turn on “Content Blocking” under Optin tab, select the preferred blocking method and embed it in the content area or blog post.

OptinMonster provides two types of blocking methods namely Obfuscation (default) and Removal. In the former method, the text under the opt-in gets blurred while the later completely removes the text below the opt-in. Content locker in OptinMonster comes for free with Plus and Pro license.


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Apart from fulfilling one of its fundamental goals of increasing email subscriptions, content locker in Bloom comes with great support and documentation too. It comes with a significant number of pop-ups and lots of customization features to choose from.

To create a new opt-in, you need to go the main settings tab of Bloom dashboard, click on the icon of “Locked Content” and choose your opt-in type. You will then see the opt-in creation screen, from where different opt-in settings can be adjusted. Divided into two categories namely Setup & Design, these settings let you lock your content just the way you want to.


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Real Content Locker

Real Content Locker falls under the category of social lockers. The content stays blocked until the visitor shares it on any of the social media platforms. From the WordPress dashboard, you’ve to go to the “administration” panel and then “plugins” where you take your pick and finally click the “add new” and “upload” buttons successively.

Then you’ve to install the archive plugin.zip and activate it. After the installation, a new menu appears with the necessary setting options. This lightweight plugin comes for free.

Real content Locker

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Social Content Locker

Social content locker allows you to lock content of any format like text, image, video etc. With the help of simple WordPress ShortCode, your site or blog can be made socially viral. It’s important to note here that it only blocks the content for humans and allows search engines to crawl the unlocked content, thus letting your content reap the SEO benefits. It allows you to partially or completely block the posts and allows you to lock selective content of certain posts if you wish to.

social content locker

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Opt-in Content Locker

This easy to install and activate plugin makes it easy for you to lock valuable content on a WordPress website and display it just for your subscribed users. All you need to do is to wrap the desired content with simple shortcodes. After activation, an opt-in locker is created.

Visitors have to subscribe to newsletter first through this opt-in to unlock the protected content. Nine email service providers including AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, Campaign Monitor, MyMail, GetResponse etc are supported by this opt-in content locker.

It remembers your already subscribed users, thus keeping them away from repeated subscription. Search engines can crawl the unlocked content when the plugin is kept under soft locker mode. It comes with the inbuilt feature of translation to any other language.

optin content locker

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Thrive Leads

The easy-to-set-up content locker feature in Thrive Leads helps significantly in generating new leads. With a completely free upgrade to the latest version of Thrive Leads made available for Thrive Members and Thrive Leads users, you can easily enjoy this plugin’s benefits if you already belong to either of these two user categories.

Since this content locker works only when you use the API feature to connect to an autoresponder, you can use it with GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, ActiveCampaign, GoToWebinar, Ontraport etc.


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One-press Social Locker

One-press social locker allows you to lock your valuable content behind various social media buttons. The content only gets unlocked when a visitor shares, likes, tweets or +1s your page. After the activation of the plugin, “Social Locker” menu can be found in the WordPress admin panel.

Then you just have to use a simple shortcode in the post editor to lock the desired content. This plugin comes with three versions namely free, premium and trial. With the premium version, you can set distinct visibility for registered users and use different URLs for every social button. Advanced features like the Close Icon, the Countdown Timer, the Ajax option etc are also available.

one press

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Final Thought…

Using content lockers is a good as well as a simple way to get support for your website from your readers. But one thing must be kept in mind – the content, which you’re planning to lock, must be valuable for your community.

Only then will you be able to receive promotions through social channels or grow your subscriber list. Else, you may end up experiencing a high bounce rate and lose a significant number of visitors permanently. So, choose a content locker after assessing your needs judiciously and taking your pick based on which plugin offers value for money.

8 Powerful Opt-In Content Locker WordPress Plugins
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