20 Amazing Mobile Apps for Your Inspiration

Designers of mobile apps are becoming more prominent in these days. The mobile-optimized apps may lighten the burden for the people. There are many mobile apps; all of them are not executed well.

The small screen is not always ideal for creating such seamless application. But some apps are truly fantastic. Here is the collection of amazing mobile apps for your inspiration that are not only useful but also beautiful to use.

Mobile Apps for Inspiration

Headspace (free)

Headspace is an inspired mobile app. It is multiplatform software that helps people to meditate. Meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety and improves concentration among many other benefits. This app is compatible in all of your devices. It will show you how to train your mind for happy, healthy, and more enjoyable life.

Headspace app teaches the basics of meditation in just 10 minutes a day. From the app, we get free access to Foundation course, personalized progress page, buddy system, rewards for regular meditation, ability to download sessions for offline use.

The motivation behind the app is to get a more balanced life, relationship satisfaction, and improved sleep quality. Here the language used is real and the UI design is light, friendly, and pleasant.


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Sleep Cycle (free)

Sleep Cycle is a sleep tracking app which has got updated UI recently. It is useful in learning about your sleeping patterns to improve the quality of your sleep. It diagnoses your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase, a natural way of wake up and feeling relaxed. It has special patented technology that monitors your sleep movements using its sound or vibration analysis.

Sleep Cycle uses the microphone or accelerometer in your iPhone to track your sleep movements and determines the phase of your sleep. There are some premium features such as online backup, sleep aid, weather, Heart rate monitor, sleep notes, and more standard features like a customizable wake-up window, sleep statistics, and much more.

Sleep Cycle App

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Automatic (free)

Automatic is a free mobile app, which is a car adapter that let allows you to keep a close watch on your car. The automatic app is great and improves your driving habits as well. It can help to notify about maintenance issues like low oil, defect in the engine, and more. It uses GPS in the background while driving which can decrease your phone’s battery life desperately.

It shows all sort of information regarding car driving with ease. The visuals are clean and easy to distinguish. Some main features track your car’s fuel level, set custom low-fuel warnings, free emergency help, place of parking, check engine, fuel saving, and more.

Automatic Classic

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Keezy (free)

Keezy is a musical instrument for toddlers, professional musicians, and everyone. It is a great app for many purposes, whether to have a little bit of fun or entertain your kids. The design of the app is very primary, and it works well. The interface is so interactive and simple.

Keezy does not distract you with unnecessary UI elements; it just allows you to play and have fun. Some features of Keezy are load as many boards as you like, tap a sound to play, hold to loop, recording option, play many sounds at once, preloaded sound boards, and more.

Keezy App

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Snapseed (free)

Snapseed is a complete and professional mobile photo editor app developed by Google. It is highly recommended by photography industry. The Snapseed mobile app does not feel messy even though it has many editing features.

The design of the app is very modern and has slim fonts and minimalist design. The new version of this app contains faster edit option, QR code, selective tool, enhanced perspective tool and insights stream. Some of the key features are 26 tools and filters, JPG & DNG files, re-adjust editor, selective filter brush, and much more tools and filters.

Snapseed App

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Qapital (free)

Qapital is an inspired mobile app for keep tracking your savings. The design of this app makes it more popular. We can even invite people to join in your saving goals. To get started with the Qapital saving app, set up an account and start saving. The Qapital account is FDIC-insured, and it uses bank-level security to keep your money and data safely.

The unique feature of this app is that you can setup a budget for a specific goal. Some key features are Guilty Pleasures a new way of saving money for your goal, automatic & free transfers from and to your accounts, fantastic saving experience, FDIC insured account with no monthly and annual fees and no minimum deposits.


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Digit (free)

Digit is another inspired mobile saving app. Digit is the free, easy way to save money. Every day it checks your transaction and saves a few dollars from your account. Digit costs nothing to use. It uses state-of-art security measures where your personal information is encrypted and stored securely.

To get started with Digit app, connect your account to Digit which analyzes your income and expenditure and finds small amounts of money to set aside for saving. It has a no-overdraft guarantee so it never transfers more than you can afford.  We can withdraw money from our savings at any time with no fees. Some top security features are FDIC insured, SSL 128 bit encryption, sensitive storage personal information.

Digit App

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Hotel Tonight (free)

Hotel Tonight mobile app allows you to book a last-minute room at a hotel at great prices.  You get the best guaranteed rates and deals. There are some categories like Basic, Hip, and Luxe which make it easy to find the right hotel.

Here are some of the ways why we can use Hotel Tonight, Luxury vacations scored on the cheap, summer weekend holidays, to stay and play a little longer, to turn tonight into an adventure, spontaneous summer afternoons by the hotel pool. The design of the app is well executed, and the colors are a great choice.


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Lifesum (free)

Lifesum is an inspired mobile app for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to make better food choices, improves your exercise, and can reach your health goals. It builds healthy habits and makes health a part of your lifestyle. There are a few pages with big colorful backgrounds.

From the app, we get more benefits regarding a healthy lifestyle. They act as reminders to help you to drink enough water, feedback to improve the quality of what you eat, tips of the day, selection of diets to help for healthy living, an overview of your nutrition & exercise habits and summary of action done including weight and measurements.


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Artifact Uprising (free)

Artifact Uprising is a photo printing service. With this app, you can order books, calendars, and prints of your photographs. Artifact Uprising creates premium quality photo books, gifts, and photo cards from your iPhone. It is compatible with all the devices.

With its high-quality photo prints and an elevated design, the app allows you to move photos from your device into your life. Some of the tips to use this app are an Instagram-friendly photo book, creating meaningful photo gift, and gallery frames. The products of the app include square print set, wood block, photo cards, wood calendars, and more.

Artifact Uprising

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iA Writer (paid)

iA Writer is the best writing mobile app on multiple platforms.  It is a simple plain text editor which was designed to provide a focused writing experience for essays, business proposals, poems, novels, and more. It has two themes called minimalism and typography. Both the themes, the light and the dark one, use nice shades of white and gray colors.

iA Writer has a file browser to access all documents. Its unique focus mode improves your writing style. Some of the key features are configurable keyboard bar, synchronized scrolling markdown preview, real-time iCloud & Dropbox sync, customized retina displays, handoff support, auto markdown formats, and more.

iA Writer

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Poncho (free)

Poncho is a Weather mobile app. With the Poncho app, you can now forecast weather for free. The app is packed with a cute alarm, clock, GIFs, and jokes that make everybody smile whatever the weather condition.  It starts with the wake-up weather, alarm clock, and weather music that will make your day pleasant and get your day started right. Some of the features are Daily forecasts, severe weather & rain alerts, bad hair day alerts, daily public transit alerts, real-time forecasts, friendly reminders, and more.

Poncho App

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Lola Travel (free)

Lola Travel is the next generation travel and hotel booking apps. Lola Travel is the personal travel service for hotels, flights, and other travel needs. The design of the app is simple which we love. The icons and graphics of the app are friendly. The typography and its line-height are elegant. Lola Travel is free to join and limited availability. Though it is free to join, some agents’ service fees may apply for certain types of travel.

Lola Travel App

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Sweetgreen (free)

Sweetgreen is a  mobile app for a salad franchise. The salads are really good, and with this app, you can preorder them. It is bridging the gap between health and convenience. Sweetgreen mobile app allows you to pay from your phone and earn rewards for every transaction online.

Once the transactions reach gold and black status, you will receive special gifts, an invitation to exclusive events, and more. The overall design is awesome, and the photographs of ingredients and salads are beautiful. Some features are modifying existing salads, easy reordering, save favorite salads; share a link of favorite salads to friends, and much more.


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Days (free)

Days is an event countdown mobile app. It is a beautiful countdown to all the events.  Events are critical. They might be small things, but that matter the most in life. Whether it may be a wedding, a holiday, or a party with friends, the Days app helps you to count down those special moments.

Some important features are beautiful Fullscreen event pages, share photo editor, shows the number of days for the next event, categories & navigate your events for easy understanding, setting reminders, using gestures to swipe between your events, view previous events, and more.

Days Event Countdown App

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Verse (free)

Verse is a mobile payment app. With the Verse mobile app, now you can instantly send and receive money for free, safely, and securely without any fees. Transactions of sending and receiving money from your contacts are not that much easy.

But the Verse app handles all your mobile payments easily. It is not owned by any bank; it is a legal entity to operate mobile payments using bank-grade security systems with permission. It also allows you to perform currency exchange for a low fee compared to banks and other FOREX entities. With the use of Verse, you can pay & share expenses, manage your payments, currency exchange, and more.

Verse - Send and request money

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Good Look

Good Look is an app to guide you towards a trendy lifestyle. It provides you useful tips on fashion and beauty. It also provides what to wear, where to buy it, and how to track with latest trends. Every day the app offers new and amazing looks for both men and women designed by professional stylists.

The user can add specific articles regarding clothing and fashion to their favorites. Besides, the app also publishes pictures from social media accounts, articles on modern fashion, and lifestyle choices.

Goodlook App

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Moovit is one of the best transit mobile apps. The app provides the most robust and precise public transit information. Moovit regularly updates the schedules and tracks the changes occurring in the public transportation services. It adds a new city or town for every 18 hours. It combines all transit options like bus, train, tram, and more and put together in a single app. It gives total control of your travel so you can enjoy riding public transportation.

Moovit App

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Cool Reader

Cool reader is one of the best-inspired reading tools mobile app. Cool reader is free, open source, and multi-platform project. It supports a range of file formats include fb2, epub, txt, doc, HTML, PRC, PDB, and more. It is similar to FBReader, Aldiko, AlReader, Nook, Laputa, and Moon+reader.

Here, the user can customize the text size, font, background colour, and the brightness of the screen. Some of the key features are built-in file browser, quick books access, supports online catalogues (OPDS) and text to speech (TTS), page flipping animation, Hyphenation dictionaries, and much more.

Cool Reader

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These free and paid mobile apps are truly an inspiration for companies and entrepreneurs who want to understand the power of mobile applications. 

20 Amazing Mobile Apps for Your Inspiration
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