15+ Best Masonry Grid WordPress Themes 2017

Best masonry grid WordPress themes are popular these days, and when we talk about a theme with the modern layout, the grid based designs comes to our mind first. We have already written about the Pinterest style WordPress Themes already which will also offer you amazing grid-based designs, do check that as well.

In this post, we have collected some of the top quality masonry grid WordPress themes which you can use to create your new blog. All these themes are extremely flexible, customizable, and fully responsive to make sure that your site looks great on all devices.

Before moving on to the themes, let us first know specifically all about this trending grid layout. This layout uses columns and does not have any fixed height for its rows. It is the best layout if you want to utilize the space to its whole. Pinterest is the first website to make use of this adjusting layout. From then on most of the websites has switched on to Masonry Grid layout. Let us check out some of the coolest Masonry Grid WordPress themes.

Beautiful Masonry Grid WordPress themes


The Showcase is a beautiful design with modern blog layout. It is in demand due to its astounding features. It is best suited for creative websites and can be used for many other websites as well.

It is very easy to use, be it a mobile or a computer. It has got a receptive look. This theme has made it to rank one because of its many features such as it has got unlimited colors, the child theme is included and is fully customized. These are just a few of the beautiful features that this wonderful theme offers.

This theme gives a feel of Udemy, so if you want to create a similar kind of website, you can use this theme. This design can be used for the photography sites as well; it offers a great layout to showcase your photos.

If you are planning to create a food and recipe showcase site, you can use this design to optimize your site with the great look and nice presentation.

Showcase Masonry Blog Theme

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Photographers, travelers or artists your search ends here with this theme as it is best suited for creative people like you. With a price of $32, it goes on the second rank with many features which will attract many of the people with the above profession. This theme is responsive and retina ready which means it is more clear and sharp. It is well documented, easily translated and has nine layered PSD files included in them.

Movement Grid Theme

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This theme is designed only for photographers who like to keep their pictures in style and unique. It has got horizontal scrolling and has many fonts to choose from, and has got over 2000 plus icons worth approx $100 included in this theme leading it to the third rank.

It has got a built-in feature of sharing and liking for individual images in the gallery. You can choose your background from white, black or any color, and it has got unlimited colors. So, photographers grab this theme as soon as possible for just $47 and showcase your lovely pictures to the whole world.

GoodLight WordPress Theme

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This theme costs $59 worthy because of its many attractive features. It can be used for creative effects. In this theme, you can choose your layout. If you want a change from masonry, you can go for the list, grid or the basic layout depending on what you want to display.

It supports RTL languages and has many places to hold its ads. It is SEO friendly and has page compressor with many sections including WordPress editor, title, full-width image and much more.

SimpleMag WordPress Theme

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The next theme is again for photographers. They have got many options to choose from, but this is so far the best theme for them. With multiple post formats to the protection of pages too fast response, this theme has got everything you need.

Now, just need not worry about your photos getting stolen as with the protection feature you can easily save your photo from theft. You can even password protect your pages. With just $69, you can buy this superb theme to display your pictures in the most appealing way and even protect it!!

Photography WordPress Theme

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Priced at $44 this theme is developed to showcase various designs. It has got many options to make it easy for you to control everything from logos to colors to fonts and much more. Be it a computer screen or a mobile; it can quickly adjust between the sizes to suit you the best. It has a mind blowing hover effect with which you can change size, fonts of the logos the way you like. It is only some of the features of this cheap and best theme.

Cartel WordPress Theme

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This next theme can serve many purposes. If you want to share your recipes or blogs or to read the list, you can go for this theme. It is straightforward and easy to use. It is customizable and can be used with any device be it a laptop or mobile screen and has the in demand masonry layout. So by just spending $49 you can buy this theme and enjoy sharing your art with the people.

Paperleaf WordPress Theme

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This theme is the jack of all trades. Whether you are a home decorator or a cook or news blogger or fashion stylists, this theme is for you. If you want to showcase your home decor, then you can choose this theme. If you love cooking and want to write a blog to share your recipes and cooking experiences, then this is the theme for you.

If you are a fashion designer and want to display your designs, then your search is over as with this theme priced at just $49, you can easily customize your theme according to your need and can enjoy many features including multiple locations where you can put the ads, and various post formats. It also allows the users to post and upload their pictures. These are just some of the features which you can enjoy at such a low price.

Sun WordPress Theme

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You can use this theme to impress various visitors to your site. It adjusts quickly to any screen whether it be a computer or a laptop. It is simple and flexible, and you can choose various colors and fonts according to your liking and thus customize the theme. Priced at $49, the theme is worth buying owing to its amazing features.

Coast WordPress Theme

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This theme is unique as it provides 15 color schemes to its posts and is screen adjustable. It supports RTL language and multiple page post and can work in all browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. It has multiple post layouts which mean that your post automatically adjusts as per its size. It costs $59 and has many other divulging features to explore.

Remal WordPress Theme

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Costing just $59, this theme can be used for any website. Be it a fashion website or home décor or a news blog, this theme can be used for all of them. It is fully adjustable and easily adaptable. It is fully responsive and retina ready.

So, the images are very clear and sharp. You can adjust your posts either by the width layout or by the box layout depending on how you want to design the site. It is SEO friendly thus making it more appealing.

lemon wordpress theme

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The next theme is best suited both for the personal and professional application. This theme comes with two portfolio pages with a masonry grid layout. It is fully customizable, responsive, and compatible with whatever may be the gadget or device, a computer or a mobile phone. Different blog styles are available in this theme which makes it unique from other themes with a pocket-friendly cost of just $59.

TESS WordPress Theme

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Again with a price of $59, you can buy an easy to use, customizable, retina ready theme which has got many attractive features. In this theme, child theme, and Google fonts are included. You have the option to choose from unlimited sidebars and colors. It supports RTL and many browsers. You can use this theme as you deem it to be fit for as it has many layouts to choose from.

Arvo WordPress Theme

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Halcyon is a multipurpose theme which can be used to represent your work, designs, pictures, and much more. Costing only $49, the theme offers many catchy features. It has got the wide range of typography.

It consists of three slider layouts and seven homepage layouts which make it easier to use for a tour website. The theme is appealing and has an organized way which will suit your work. Apart from these, the theme provides many more features which can help you make your page attractive and appealing.

Halcyon WordPress Theme

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This $49 theme is designed for showcasing architectures and portfolios. It is retina ready and easy to use with great icon display. You can choose your portfolio page according to your posts from masonry grid to classic view.

It is elegant and user-friendly with a capability to attract many visitors. The key feature of this theme is that the users can order directly from the website. This theme is best if you are looking forward to displaying your creativity with some beautiful homes.

Bauhaus WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



This theme is a simple and elegant theme which can be used for various purposes. It has many features that make it worth buying. It is fully receptive and customized. It has column based masonry layout. You can choose various slider bars in this theme. It is retina ready and can be used with online shopping sites. At just $59 the theme has a few unique and appealing features that let it stand apart in the herd.

KON-CEPT Portfolio Creative Theme

Demo ThemeDownload Theme

End Note

These are some of the best Masonry Grid WordPress themes shortlisted for you. These themes can be used for various purposes and are available at affordable rates with some of the best features that are presently available. So, if you are planning to buy some Masonry Style themes, then this listicle shall certainly be worth reading.

15+ Best Masonry Grid WordPress Themes 2017
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