8 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Your Website 

Though Google Analytics is the most widely used and comprehensive reporting system for websites, there are a number of nice Google Analytics alternatives which you can try.

If you are a blogger or running a small online business, Google Analytics is good enough to keep a track of the traffic details of your site. You can keep a track of the traffic details, traffic sources, conversion rate, keywords, landing pages, you can also have a look at the real-time traffic.

So, Google Analytics is one of the best web traffic tracking system available right now, and I personally feel every webmaster must have a look at their Google Analytics account.

But if you don't want to use Google Analytics for any reason, there are a number of alternatives to Google Analytics which you can use for your site and grow your business.

In this post, we have collected the best Google Analytics alternatives that will help you to have an in-depth report of all the traffic coming to your website.

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Clicky is a well known and widely used alternative of Google Analytics, it comes with a beautiful and user-friendly interface that will help you to have a detailed view of your site traffic.

Clicky will help you to understand your visitors better because it offers you an option to click through any column of the report and have a complete review of the parameters which are working great and which needs to be improved.

Clicky is known for their real-time traffic tool, you can have a nice view of the real-time engagement on your site. Clicky helps you to keep track of every action by a particular visitor in detail.

The heatmaps help you to have a detailed review of per page session as well as the activity by each individual visitors. So, overall it's one of the best Google Analytics alternatives.

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clicky Google Analytics alternative


Mixpanel is slightly different from the traditional web analytics because they believe in the philosophy that the action taken by a user speaks more than the actual page views.

If you are selling any product online or offering any service, Mixpanel is probably the best alternative of Google Analytics for you because they track the action taken by the users so that you can clearly identify what is working what is not.

Mixpanel makes it easy for you to track what your users are doing on your site and your iOS and Android app. You can also carry out a lot of testings to make sure what is working best for you and increase your revenue.

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mixpanel analytics


Kissmetrics is another widely talked about Google Analytics alternative, it offers you an event-based analytics. This tool focuses on increasing your revenue.

So, if you are selling your product online; Kissmetrics can be extremely useful because they can provide you detailed overview of what trhe visitors do on your site.

Kissmetrics helps you to track the conversion and measure campaign impact to revenue and eventually help you to increase the revenue.

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Similar to Kissmetrics, Woopra provides you detailed analytics about visitors activity that will help you to increase the revenue of your site.

This system is focused on what's happening on your site rather than the page views, because generally the number of page views doesn't give you any idea about how to create your revenue of your site.

So, if you have a tracking system that is focused towards visitors behaviour, you will have an idea about how to change things to make your business more profitable.

Woopra perfectly integrates itself with a number of usrefiul tools which can help you to increase the revenue of your site. Also, it can offers you real-time data driven analytics.

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FoxMetrics gives you an option to create detailed profile for target audience and increase your sales. This is one o fthe best event tracking web analytics tool which can be really helpful for any business site.

FoxMetrics offers you a number of different products and each one of them are focused towards increasing the revenue of your business.

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FoxMetrics Analytics


Gauges is another nice alternative to Google Analytics, it offers you a comprehensive insight of the traffic coming to your site. You can easily check the traffic for the day, for the month and all time traffic.

It also offers you an option to keep track of the real-time traffic without refreshing the dashboard. You can get real-time update of the traffic with the locations.

Their plans starts from $6 a month for 100,000 traffic per month and you can use the tool on unlimited number of websites as per your requirement.

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Gauges analytics


Piwik is an open source analytics platform that offers you 30+ resports to have a detailed insight of your website traffic. You can track a lot of parameters through this free tool.

You can track top keywords and search engines, websites, top page URLs, page titles, user countries, providers, operating system, browser marketshare, screen resolution, desktop, engagement and a lot more.

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Piwik Analytics


W3counter offers you over 20 real-time web stats report to help you have a detailed information about the incoming traffic to your website. With this system, you can identify the most engaging pages of your site so that you can improve them further to increase the revenue of your site.

You can sign-up for W3counter for free, and can use the system without any cost if your site gets less than 5000 page views per day.

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w3counter Analytics

Final Word

The above mentioned services are the best Google Analytics alternatives which you can tray for your site. If you are a general blogger, Google Analytics is enough for you, but if you run your business online or you sell any kind of product; the analytics service like Kissmetrics can definately help you to increase the revenue of your site through actionable insight.

8 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Your Website 
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