17 Best Financial WordPress Themes for 2018

This is a collection of best financial WordPress themes, we have listed some of the best designs for the finance, loan, broker and consulting related WordPress themes in this list.

Creating your website that can handle your commercial interests can be a nightmare for a few of us. You, as an owner of an enterprise or as a small business owner, might get heavily agonized while attempting to manage your finances, accounts, receipts, transactions, sales, payrolls, and such other issues.

WordPress brings in a wide variety of themes that offer highly interactive pages which can be easily created by the users without any knowledge of the complex codes and other prerequisites.

Best Finance WordPress Themes


Okab is a large multipurpose theme that aids us significantly to reach out to the people. All of us are not proficient with the codes. So, the scope of creating a web page narrows down.

However, themes like Okab makes it a cakewalk for the non-programmers as it comes with elaborate documentation and customer support in three different languages that are English, French, and Arabic. The user can choose among 15 blog styles and 20 portfolio themes.

The demos are easy, one-click installation, and the theme comes with regular free updates. Among other features, it includes more than 700 Google Fonts, Visual Composer, Multiple Header Footer Layouts, WooCommerce ready, and much more. The user can also create a full magazine theme using which they can produce money.

The theme offers more than 275 amazingly stylish elements. The theme is customizable and suits any websites such as Finance, Consulting, Corporate, Business, Blog, Restaurant, Photography and much more. Priced at $59, this is a beautiful theme to lay your hands upon.

Okab WordPress Theme

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Fintech WP

The website that lags is perhaps the most flawed website. The Fintech WP theme allows the user to create a web page that is highly responsive, retina friendly and loads at high speed. The tools come with different customs and styles.

However, the user can always create their designs with the easy Editing and Drag & Drop features. Other features include Adaptive Image Serving, Menu and Header Styles. The theme itself decides the best-suited size of the images that looks good to upload. The theme priced at $59, is developer friendly and can easily be the first choice to create a perfect financial website.

Fintech WP

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W Studio

Creativity has a new definition when there is a compelling content representation. With W Studio, the user can select from a wide range of designs. The designs consist both the portfolio layout and portfolio details pages.

The portfolio styles are quite different and suit every creative work one can indulge in. The theme is appropriate for modern business, portfolio, freelance, agency and much more. The upcoming feature will also add many portfolio home page designs. The theme works great when the bloggers need their content focused.

It offers eleven content focused layouts and five portfolio details pages. Every single page counts and therefore, the W Studio comes with ample options to make each one of them equally useful. The theme costs $19 making it a value for money tool to showcase your creative work.

W Studio WordPress Theme

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Payday Loans

The theme priced at $49, is solely dedicated for the spectrum of Financial Loans, Business Consulting, and other Commercial Broker Businesses. It comes with all the inbuilt financial forms that calculate the loan payments and other needed calculations. The designs are not only suited to finance but can also be extended to include other functionalities.

The theme comes with shortcode packs and sliders which give the website an enticing look. The content can also contain animations. The color and fonts make for a vast collection for the user to choose from. The user can also create interactive forms using the form builder.

The tools also allow the users to create custom layouts for every page including different Header Designs. The Mega Menu option lists out all the readily available options that make it easy for the users to search and execute the same to create a beautiful page.

Payday Loans

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Priced at $60, this theme is a popular one that has bagged a large number of recognitions. The designs include 12 Preset Color Styles and over six-plus Headers. It also includes the choice of making own colors. The WooCommerce enabled theme enables the users to include their shop and start selling and earning money.

The extensive documentation and excellent support make FinancePlus highly user-friendly. The theme offers 18 Custom Demo Layouts, Service Listing Templates, Responsive and Retina Ready feature, Real-time WP Customizer and much more.

FinancePlus WordPress Theme

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Priced at $59 with a six months support from Saturn themes, FinanceBank theme is extremely user-friendly. It meets requirements for Banks, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Financial Planners, Consulting Firms, and much more.

The user needs just to drag and drop to create custom designs. The page created is highly responsive. It can have unlimited layouts which are represented in easily installable demos. The user can select their desired theme layout from the display.

The page created will be browser independent. It also comes with a wide variety of menu styles and home page layouts. The usage of the theme is clearly laid out in the documentation. Moreover, an additional extended support is available at an extra cost of $17.63. Therefore, even basic users can create extremely creative and modern pages.

FinanceBank WordPress Theme

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Talent nurtures when like-minded people share knowledge that can offer some valuable advice. The Engine is a theme which brings the users just the requisite attraction.  The trending topics feature allows adding heat maps to your posts that aptly showcases your talent.

The reviews come with different criteria for authors and users. The schema can contain stars or percentages according to the convenience and wish of the user. All these come with easy drag and drop and high-speed mechanisms that also extends to mobiles versions quickly.

There are other features like mega menus, smart sidebars, and subscriptions to the users as a premium magazine. If you are looking to make an effective impact with least effort the search ends here. This spectacular theme perfectly suits any requirement. The regular license of the theme costs $59 that includes a six months support from the author.

Engine Drag and Drop News Magazine theme

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A theme is built for almost any kind of content. You can create astonishing content on business, technology, games, news, and much more. With the market flourishing with a wide range of companies, the side by side comparisons provides easy comparisons for a user before the selection.

The minisites are listed out as a hierarchy which allows easy navigation. The view is adjusted according to the device on which the users use the tool like a tablet, PC, or a mobile phone. The review and trending articles section expose the users to the whole spectrum already existing articles.

It also gives valuable feedback for improvements. The magazine can also earn money if it is premium. The master slider brings out the focused topics beautifully. All this comes handy with a simple drag and drops with no compromise on the efficiency and speed. Techwise costs $64 for a regular license that includes a six months support from the author.

Techwise Theme

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Freedom brings a highly responsive and easy customization with it. This One Page Word Press Theme with its extremely simple and modern design has bagged Site Of The Day- Best CSS Award. The framework is loaded with Bootstrap 3.x and HTML5/CSS3 technologies.

The parallax effect and animations make the theme lively and highly attractive. It is also optimized to view on smartphones, tablets, and PC. The page is divided into different sections like Header Section, About Section, Clients Section, Testimonials Section, Team Section, Portfolio Section, Services Section, Contact Section, Facts Section, Main Top Section, Social Section, Newsletter Section. There are inbuilt widgets which are readily inserted.

The menu settings allow the users to include a wide variety of action items. There is ready translation available. The theme documentation guides the user to create the entire design smoothly without any hurdles effectively. The theme costs $44 that includes a six months support from RBWebDesign. The performance is great, and the user is bound to have a great learning experience while creating amazing content.

Freedom WordPress Theme

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Look greatly justifies the name as it comes with more than hundred options for theme layouts. The themes can fit in the blogs for finance, fashion, craft, beauty, food, travel, shop, and much more. The high-resolution graphics takes the overall appearance to a completely different level.

The site created using the theme offers inter-browser compatibility and hence plays superbly in Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or any such browser. The CSS scripts are not rigid and are easily customized to incorporate user requirements. The animations are effective when it comes with animations like on/off option, fade, zoom in/zoom out, and many others. The translation is ready.

The lengths are controllable for a list, grid, and classic layouts. The unlimited layouts are easily downloadable and hence are available for a demo before one applies those to the page. The theme is extensive, and the user needs to go through it diligently before using it.

However, the sites thus created are excellent and the satisfaction of the user remains beyond measure. The theme costs $34 that includes a six months support from Theme-Ruby.

Look Magazine Theme

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This theme is the handy asset of the Financial Analysts, Accountants, Business Planners and those who develop Financial Consulting Websites.  The theme helps to create highly responsive websites that are appealing to users. The best part is the adaptability of the internet site with different devices like desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

The beginners can take the support of the highly experienced team. The theme also comes with free updates. It also supports WooCommerce. The web page designs come with a Plug-in support and Header Layouts coupled with left and right sidebar options.

The theme also contains designs for blogs. All in all, Finance is the must have for everyone who is looking forward to putting up a spectacular show at a price of $59.

Finance Theme

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The Company

This true business development theme loaded with Bootstrap 3.2 is priced at $59. It comes with a vast collection of shortcodes in the Visual Composer Plug-in. The tool provides the users with unlimited colors, google fonts and themes. The requisites are easy to download and install.

The web pages are translation ready, and WooCommerce enabled. Apart from the readily available fonts, the user can also create their custom styles to create significantly active pages. The website can also be made appealing using the revolution sliders.

The sliders help to display almost all the relevant content and can give an animation look of the included graphics. The users of this tool are also entitled to lifetime updates. They also become a part of a large community so that they can easily contact the support team to help out on the issues.

Finance Business WordPress Theme

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Morrison Invest

Developed by Ancora Themes, this stupendous theme is priced at $49. Morrison Invest aptly suits General Corporate and Investment Businesses. The Visual Composer Support contains powerful shortcodes and inbuilt widgets.

The media content manager manages the included graphics and animations. The slider and navigation options help the user to easily find out the available options that can be a part of the web page. The theme comes with easy to install HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding and is compatible with all the modern browsers.

The theme is an efficient way to create a website with least personalized code work at the user end.

Investments WordPress Theme

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As the name suggests, the Investor theme is an effective web page creator for Investment and Wealth Management Businesses. The default layout covers a wide range including templates for each page, profile page, and much more. The user can also add the related significant events.

The links to the Google Maps and the Videos from different sources can be a part of the final web page. The user if desires can represent the data in the form of pie charts or tables. The theme, therefore, provides a wide range of options to create an extremely responsive web page with amazing design.

Investor Wealth Management Theme

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Broker, priced at $59 is a wonderful theme with features such as Easy Customization, Page Templates with Real Content, Visual Composer Plug-in, Drag & Drop Feature, SEO Optimization, and much more. This theme is easy to work with because it comes with prerequisite youtube videos showing the details for downloading the tools and using the same.

The theme can be a great asset for the small as well as large business units that are keen to provide financial advice. The pages can be customized with simple drag and drop mechanism. The Layer Slider makes the page highly responsive and creates an involvement of the user.

The support to the theme is fantastic helping to make the website look perfect. The theme is Woo Commerce enabled. Therefore, if you are looking for a handy website creation theme, Broker is just the one to go for.

Broker WordPress Theme

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WP Bankable

If the requirement is to keep your website pretty simple with focused content, WP Bankable is just at the door. The theme meets the requirements of business and corporate users. The five unique skins are stylish and offer easy selection.

The post can contain videos and photos from any source with a simple copy and paste mechanism. You have the bookmarks at the end of the article that gives access to the related articles. The templates are flexible and can incur changes readily without the tedious code change tasks.

The users can specify what the posts should show on the home page, change the style sheets and add their custom logo. If the available skins are not to the taste, creation of new custom ones is just a cakewalk.  The images are easily resized, and the page structure is scalable to include more content. Priced at $39, WP Bankable is a wonderful theme. The sales figures and reviews bear testimony to its popularity.

WP Bankable Theme

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Final Word

The listicle gives a detailed description of the various themes that come handy in creating a web page of financial interests. Each theme discussed above has got a few unique features. The user can select the appropriate theme based on his requirements.

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17 Best Financial WordPress Themes for 2018
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