15 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Content locker WordPress plugins can be a very effective tool in making your WordPress blog a success. You can hide part of your content with these plugins and make them available when your users support you with pre-set actions.

With these plugins, you can increase your social engagement dramatically, and that will help your site to get a good amount of traffic as well as high rank in search results.

If you create good quality and valuable content on your site, users will get curious and will not be able to resist but to use the social widget and help you get another social share for your blog posts or another subscription to your email list depending on the kind of action you set.

Some of the most popular WordPress blogs use content locket plugins to increase engagement on their site that helps them to get huge traffic from social media sites as well as search engines.

There are some top quality WordPress content locker plugins available out there, but you must select the best one to make it look professional and user-friendly. In this post, we have collected some of the best social content locker plugins that can help you to get tons of traffic from social media sites.

Top WordPress Social Content Locker Plugins

Content Locker Pro

One of the best content locker plugins, this MyThemeShop product can help you to get more shares and like for your content. I'm sure this plugin can increase engagement on your site to a great extent which is very good for overall SEO of your site.

This content locker plugin works with any WordPress theme, so you can take the advantage of this plugin right away. If you have basic knowledge of SEO, the parameters like engagement, bounce rate, social sharing count are some of the very important algorithm parameters and all these parameters are taken care by this plugin quite effectively.

As far as the design is concerned, this plugin offers you sixteen different locker design options to choose from, advanced content locker options panel to find tune it as per your requirement.

Content Locker Pro

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Bloom Plugin

One of the best email opt-in plugin for WordPress, Bloom offers you content locker option as well along with some other option to increase your email list. We have already written a detailed review of Bloom plugin that will help you to know more about this amazing plugin.

If you are a member of ElegantThemes club, you will get access to this plugin with more than 87 amazing themes which include Divi theme as well as Monarch social sharing plugin.

Bloom is a comprehensive plugin that will help you to increase the number of email subscribers by offering them easy to use and modern interface to subscribe to your email list.


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Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

A top quality and highly effective social sharing and content locker plugin that can play a very important role in making your site a success.

It offers you ten amazing and modern social themes with nice flat icons which you can use on your site. It also offers you some placement options for the social sharing buttons. For example, you can place it in the sidebar, above and below content, popup, on images, content lock and more.

As far as the content locking feature is concerned, it offers you eight different themes to show the content locking widget.


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Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Opt-In Content Locker is a premium content locker WordPress plugin that allows you to lock important content on your WordPress website and display it for subscribed users only.

Increasing your email subscription list is extremely important because that can bring you traffic on demand and boost your revenue to a huge extent.

You can place the widget anywhere with provided shortcode and users will be able to see the whole content once if they provide the name and email ID to subscribe to your email list. All the saved data can be exported to any email any email service through CSV file.

It supports some email service providers such as MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, contact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, Sendy, and MyMail.

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

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Easy Social Locker

Easy Social Locker is another amazing social locker plugin for WordPress which can automatically lock your content which will be accessible only when a user shares your content by Tweeting, liking or +1 in Google plus.

You can automatically lock any content categories or use a shortcode to lock your content as per your requirement. It will show the social the social sharing buttons which can be used by the users to share your post and unlock your content.

It also offers you a function to generate unique URL so that user can continue to share your content as many times as they want.


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Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress is another great tool to increase social sharing count for your posts. This plugin will lock all pages usability until the popup is closed.

It provides optional closing button if you want to give your user an option to close the popup by clicking the button or outside the widget. The widget will stay centered as the user scrolls up and down the page.

It offers you smart mobile support option so that you can use the plugin effectively in any all mobile devices and tablets.


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Viral WordPress Locker

As the name suggests, this plugin is created to lock your content which will increase the number of social sharing count for your content.

This plugin allows search engine bots to index your content but restricts human users until they take the set action to open the content. Another best part is that you can set it up for special blog posts where you are offering some valuable product or information which is useful to user users.

It is a very easy and SEO friendly WordPress plugin that will help your blog to grow.

Viral WordPress Locker

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WordPress Like Locker

This plugin is developed to increase your Facebook traffic; it will lock your content until the user like your content using their Facebook account.

Facebook is a huge traffic source for millions of online businesses, and if you use it effectively, you too can drive tons of traffic to your site.

This is a very easy plugin to use, and the system keeps track of IP address for the users who already liked the post so that it doesn't prompt them to like it again.

Wordpress Like Locker

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Viral Lock

The viral lock is another similar content locker WordPress plugin that will lock your content until your user like it, tweet it or share it on Google plus.

Viral Lock Plugin

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Real Content Locker

Real Content Locker is a free content locker plugin that will help you to lock your content until your users share the content in one of the social media options available. If you create viral content on your site that are interesting and engaging, this plugin can help you to get tons of traffic back to your site.

Real Content Locker

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WordPress Content Locker

As the name suggests, this plugin is created to lock your content until some action is taken by the user. You can make your users unlock the content by making them share email ID, phone number of sharing the content on social media sites.

You can define the action that has to be taken by the user to make sure that they can read the important content on your site. This plugin saves the data shared by the user which you can extract whenever you need.

This is a very simple plugin to use, but it is feature rich, I'm sure it can add a lot of value to your site to make it popular as well as get traffic.

Wordpress Content Locker

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Super Social Content Locker

A simple plugin that will force your users to share your content, follow your site or see your advertisement video so that you can engage your users with the promotional activities of your site. If you can create quality content on your site which helps your users to learn something or get something for free, I'm sure they will not mind sharing your site.

This plugin offers you some different options to place the content locker; it comes with a content locker widget which you can place in the sidebar, you can also use it with the shortcode option it offers.


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OnePress Social Locker

It's a high-quality free content locker plugin that will help you to increase the social sharing of your content by asking people to Tweet or Share on Facebook to unlock your content.

If you produce top quality content on your blog or you are giving out some product for free, this plugin can be really useful for you because your users will share your content on their social profiles if you can offer them a good reason to do so.

OnePress Social Locker

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Final Word

These WordPress content locker plugins will play a very important role in making your blog a success by increasing your social sharing number, traffic, and domain authority.

You will get the proper return for the investment you do towards creating valuable content for your community; I'm sure these plugins will have a positive impact on your blog.

We will be adding more content locker plugins in the list, so don't forget to bookmark this page.

15 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins
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