12 Best Browser Push Notification Services for 2018

Push notifications are the messages or notifications from apps and websites, that appear on your device or browser, irrespective of whether you are using the website at that time. These services deliver the content to the consumer in the fastest way possible.

Even if you are not using a particular website at that time, it will still push through and make you aware of the notification.

In the internet communication system, the communication is requested from the web server or publisher. When new data arrives from the website, the provider prepares and sends a notification through secured channels to the APNs which then pushes the notification to be displayed at the customer's end.

Today we will be talking about 8 Best Browser Push Notification Services that you can use, to connect and engage with your target audience.

Push Notification Services

One Signal

With more than 60K + active installations, One Signal has won the hearts of webmasters across the globe with its brilliant features. With this plugin sending notifications to your followers becomes easier than never before.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can send notifications about your newly published post to your followers or even to specific people you choose to target. This can depend on the number of times they have visited your blog or even set up your personalized attributes.

You can also have a look at the analytics and see as your visitors are converted to take an action.

One signal, push notification WP Plugin

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Push Engage

This plugin offers you with the fastest way to send out notifications to your subscribers and followers. Push Engage is an absolutely user-friendly plugin that allows you to go live simply by adding your JavaScript code to your site.

This plugin works equally well with sites with an HTTPS and HTTP supports. You just have to add two files to the root of your domain, if you are using an HTTPS version.

The plugin is compatible with various browsers and you can also use it with other plugins on your site. With tons of other advanced features this plugin has bagged a brilliant 5-star rating and has a 1K + active users.

push notification WP Plugin, push engage

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With Pushed, you can send a quick notification to all your followers and subscribers about your new publish, no matter what device they use. This plugin has a easy to interface and can be easily installed without much problems.

You can integrate this plugin with your blog and start using it without coding any single line. Pushed is great for anyone who is willing to keep their followers and subscribers alert about the latest actions that they take on their blogs.

Pushed, Push notification plugins

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Push Over

You can also check out this amazing plugin that has been developed with brilliant clean codes to meet the need of its users. Using this plugin you can send notification to your followers and subscribers from your mobile device.

You can also keep new users notified about plugin upgrades, new comments, password updates and more.

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Aimtell is a popular Push notification service with a lot of variety features according to plan. You can actually customize which feature of their service you require and pay for exactly what you use.

Like all push notification services, you can send ‘Instant Notifications’ to all your subscribers. They have added features like tailoring custom notifications based on your subscribers’ location, page views, items purchased, history, etc.

You can also create highly targeted ‘segments’ of subscribers based on the data gathered. There are also automation and triggers in which notifications are sent on ‘auto-pilot’ based on automation rules created by you.

There is also an added advantage of triggers, based on dates or events when custom notifications are sent out.

Push Notification

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PushCrew offers its push notification services for Google Chrome and Firefox. With PushCrew you can send out notifications based upon when your audience is active.  This ensures maximum click rate.

You can also send out personalized notifications with vivid pictures for a more intimate touch. They offer contact management, which helps in segmenting audiences according to different criteria and send out personalized notifications based on it. This

This real-time interaction with your subscribers is surely going to benefit with more clicks per page and build an intimate connection.


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Wigzo is one of the best marketing automation suites, that was founded in 2013. It specializes in Browser notifications and e-mail services. Some of the features that they provide are: campaign segmentation, contact management, Direct mail management etc.

A special feature they provide which is highly valuable is the triggered browser notification. With Wigzo developers and website owners can choose to trigger subscription prompts.  They also offer personalized notifications which lead to higher conversion rates and customer retention.

Wigzo has both the free and the paid versions of their service. For the free plan, you can use their services for up to 5000 subscribers and with the paid version you can send notifications to unlimited subscribers.


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Izooto is used by industry powerhouses like Jabong and Mahindra. Izooto offers vast browser and device support. They also offer multi-language support depending on the geographical location of your audience.

You can also make good use of their inbuilt ‘call to action’ in which the notification offers the user option to either ‘sign in’ or ‘sign up’. The unique feature they offer is the ability to re-target users so that your usual traffic is prompted to visit again.


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SendPulse claims to turn the average online window shopper to a potential buyer with their superior push notification service. They are compatible with all browsers and devices and guarantees significant boost to subscription numbers, with their push request notifications which get sent as soon as the user connects to the web.

Alternatively, notifications can also be customized according to the user’s location and usage pattern. For instance, if a user was looking for a t-shirt, a custom notification can be sent, notifying about your t-shirt prices, which could turn the user to a potential buyer.


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The easier it is to do something, the more you will do it. That holds especially true for PushAssist who are known for their user-friendly browser notification service. They support all browsers and devices and have easy integration with WordPress, Drupal, and other systems.

Their service is so easy to use, that they claim you can send out notifications 5 minutes after signing up. PushAssist offers real-time track results for your campaign and every data based on clicks and traffic is live for analysis. Regional variations and history of the users’ pattern

Regional variations and history of the users’ pattern form an important basis for their smart segmentation, which makes it easy to target potential buyers.


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PushWoosh claim that they send out 250,000 notifications in a day. If anything, it shows how popular they are among online marketers’. They send out notifications which are rich in multimedia and personalized to each and every user.

With multi-language support, regional variations are taken care of, and users get notifications in their language, which makes it easier for them to understand. Their Auto push notifications according to segments are a very useful feature.

You can also set up the frequency on which the notifications would be sent out. Real-time statistics also help in modifying your campaign according to data, thus helping to keep yourself ahead of the curve.


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Foxpush is one of the most popular push notification services in the world. They guarantee an average CTR of 20%, which is huge for any website.

With the free version, you can enlist 50,000 subscribers and 15,00,000 notifications per month. It supports all the major web browsers and devices. The paid versions have emoji support and geo country targeting, which is very helpful for country wise focused marketing.


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Final Words

By now, we know how push notifications help in engaging with your audience and driving up sales numbers. The list we have mentioned and the services provided by the companies will definitely help you in your business. They are highly trusted one's land are used by industry experts all over the world.

The way online marketing has shaped up, it has become necessary to be constantly in touch with your base. Push notifications allow you to do just that.

They enable you to reach a wider audience and in turn, lead to higher conversion rates. It is considered as high converting marketing tool that can significantly increase sales. Push messages reach clients instantly, and this real-time communication broadens your presence on the client side spectrum.

12 Best Browser Push Notification Services for 2018
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