15 Best Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress 2017

Whether you run a medical clinic, a hotel or any other business, a quality appointment booking system will help you to streamline your business to a huge extent.

In this post, we have collected some of the best appointment booking plugins for WordPress which will help you to have a great and user-friendly booking system for your business.

Nowadays, everything happens online, and everyone prefers to check it online before they purchase anything or they visit any business place.

Even if someone needs to visit a doctor, they prefer to have a check online and make sure if they can take an appointment online so that they don’t need to wait once they visit the doctor. And it is same for any other businesses as well, be it a real estate business or any agency.

Also, for the business owners, the appointment system can help to understand and manage the day perfectly by looking at the number of appointments taken. So, if you use the booking system, you will have a picture of how your day is going to be regarding your business.

Other than the above-mentioned advantages, an appointment booking system will help you to create a paperless environment which will save a lot of money as well as a human resource. Also, it will help you to organize your business nicely.

So, you are running any business be it online or offline, creating a site using WordPress and adding any of the best appointment booking plugins mentioned in this post will help you to take your business to the next level. So, let’s  have a look at the best booking plugins for WordPress in this post.

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Best WordPress Booking Plugins


Bookly is a premium and one of the most comprehensive appointment booking plugins for WordPress which will help you to create modern booking system on your WordPress site.

It’s a fully responsive plugin, so your booking forms will look perfect in all kinds of devices including the mobile device. The booking interface offered by this plugin looks beautiful and modern that will help you to impress your customers.

It comes with a powerful admin interface where you can manage everything about the plugin easily; you can create a different schedule for each staff using the booking system and manage your office for the internal purpose.

As far as the front-end design of the plugin is concerned, you can style it from the front-end itself. You can play around with the color as well as the form fields as per your requirement.

The plugin comes with a form builder which will help you to create different types of forms for your WordPress site according to your need; you can also add custom fields to the form.

This plugin comes with SMS and Email notification, so you will always be updated with the number of appointments you have received and planned your day accordingly. The customers will have the option to cancel the appointment by using the list which they receive in the confirmation email.

You can integrate this plugin with Google Calendar as well as a WooCommerce system if you want to. Bookly gives you an option to receive payment by using PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe.

Overall, it is one of the best booking plugins for WordPress which offers you all the possible features and options which you may need to create a modern appointment booking system on your WordPress site.

bookly appintment booking plugin

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Pinpoint Booking System PRO

If you are running an online or offline business and you want your customers to book the appointment or go for any kind or reservation, this WordPress plugin will help you to create a modern reservation system on your WordPress site.

You can easily integrate this booking system with WooCommerce plugin to an extent the functionality even further. Your users will see the available booking days and hours and reserve their slots accordingly.

This plugin comes with some added features like coupons, discounts, deposit and a few other amazing features which will help you to create a complete and extensive booking and reservation system.

Needless to say, it’s a fully responsive WordPress plugin that will help your reservation system look great on all kinds of modern devices.

Pinpoint Booking System PRO

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Multi Scheduler

A modern appointment booking plugin with tons of amazing features and options. No matter what kind of business you are running online, this is a great tool for you as it is not only an appointment booking system but a scheduling as well as reporting system.

The settings are easy to understand and your business management system will be up and ready within a couple of minutes.

Multi Scheduler Multi Booking Plugin

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Booker is another complete booking system for WordPress. With this plugin, you will be able to create a smooth process to allow your users to book an appointment on your site. The advanced options panel of the plugin will offer you easy option to set up everything quickly.

It gives you the option to integrate Google calendar, it comes with instant email notification system, cron job auto scheduler system, multi language support and a lot more.

Booker plugin

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BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler is a powerful WordPress appointment booking plugin that will help the users to create modern booking system and embed them into any WordPress page or post with the shortcode provided by the plugin.

This plugin comes with a powerful and easy to use user-interface which will help the admin to create custom booking forms according to their need with the built-in form editor.

This plugin is bundled with PayPal which will help you to receive online payments for the bookings done through this booking system.

BirchPress Scheduler was built with developers in mind. There are thousands of functions, action hooks, and filters that developers can use to create their custom functionality without ever touching the core code.

BirchPress Scheduler

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Team Booking

Another powerful appointment booking plugins for WordPress, it comes with some amazing features that will help you create a complete booking system for your business.

First of all, it’s a fully responsive booking plugin which will help you to create a system which will respond perfectly to any screen size.

This plugin helps you to integrate Google calendar deep into the system that will help you to plan availability and manage reservations.

It offers you high flexibility and customization options to create your form to perfectly fit your needs. It also offers you an approval system which you can use to approve each appointment; you can also bypass the approval system to auto approve the appointments.

You can integrate Google maps with the appointment form with five different styles, and you can choose the one which perfectly fits your site’s style.

The Team Booking shortcode system will help you to insert different functionality into your booking system with just a click.

Team Booking system comes with three level of notification system when a user books an appointment it triggers a notification to the admin, the co-worker, and the user at the same time which will help to keep everyone in the loop.


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WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking Calendar plugin will help you to add a simple yet complete appointment booking system to your WordPress site.

The admin of the site can define the days available for appointment, and users will be able to simply book appointment depending on the available slots. Once the appointment is booked, both admin, as well as the user, will receive a notification.

As the admin, you can create an unlimited number of booking calendars and define the kind of fields you want on the form. And each calendar can have its settings and own slots making it easy for you to have different verticals of business happening at the same time.

It also comes with booking form captcha which you can enable or disable as per your choice. You can integrate PayPal for the payment option and a lot more.

WP Booking Calendar

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Booked is another powerful appointment booking plugin for WordPress. This plugin is quick and easy to get started with, your users will be able to book an appointment as registered or guest user to make the process quicker.

It offers you the option to show custom time slots so that your users are aware of the available timings and vacations. This system will save a lot of time for you and make the process self-sufficient so that you can focus on other important tasks

It offers you endless color possibilities to customize the form so that it looks a part of your site. It also offers you front-end shortcode and widget options to show the available timings to book the appointment.

Booked Appointment Booking for WordPress

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A powerful appointment booking plugin for WordPress. No matter how big or small your business is, this plugin will save a lot of time for you so that you can focus on other tasks.

You can Schedule an appointment and book for a haircut, massage, accommodation, events, fitness, lesson, meeting, parking, rental, taxi, teacher, tickets and hundreds of other services.

You can create unlimited booking projects, and you can customize each one with custom fields because different booking form will have different requirements. It has the option to automatically confirm bookings, and it will let the user know about the confirmation once it is done.

Booki appointments plugin

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Webba Booking

Another powerful appointment booking system with tons of features and options helping you streamline your business. You can fully customize the design and working of your booking system to fulfill your requirements.

You can add custom fields as per your need and business design. It doesn’t come with any limitation; you can create unlimited schedules to grow your business. Also, you will have email notification and reminders to keep your customers engaged.

It offers you unlimited email templates, online payment system through PayPal, fully responsive design, flexible schedule design and a lot more.

Appointment booking for WordPress Webba Booking

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WP Simple Booking Calendar

A simple and free booking calendar plugin that will help any WordPress user to create a complete booking system for their site within a couple of minutes.

You can create, edit and publish a booking calendar with just a few clicks with the WP Simple Booking Calendar and embed the booking system in any WordPress post or page as per your requirement.

It also comes with a booking widget which you can place in your sidebar or any other widgetized location of your WordPress site.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

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Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is a free online booking plugin for WordPress that will help you to create a nice booking system for your site.

It comes with a highly customizable responsive design which will make your booking system look great even on small screen devices. This plugin store the booking data in your WordPress database, so you don’t need any third party to involve in this regard.

Booking Calendar

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A free plugin with over 10k downloads. This plugin offers you an easy solution to book appointment online; you can book one-on-one appointments as well as for group events and classes.

With this plugin, you will always be on top of your business. You don’t have to be online to book appointments for your clients; the users will always be able to do self-service and book appointment for themselves.

Also, vCita offers you Mobile App for iPhone or Android devices so that you can respond to your clients real-time. Another beast part is that vCita is available in many different languages other than English.

Appointment Booking vCita

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Final Word

The above-mentioned Appointment booking WordPress plugins are out best picks from the extensive list of booking plugins. I’m sure each of the plugin mentioned in this list is capable of creating a modern and comprehensive booking system for your business.

As already mentioned, if you use a booking system for your business, it will make your business look more professional, organized and user-friendly. So, select one of the above-mentioned booking plugins and get started.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us, so that we can offer the best booking plugin option to our users through this collection, use the comment form below to share your views.

15 Best Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress 2017
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  • BizzThemes

    You should also add our plugin to the list: https://bizzthemes.com/plugins/woocommerce-appointments/. The only one from the list with live 2-way sync with Google Calendar.

  • Marco

    i, I’m currently looking for a plug-in very simple who allow to add to a wordpress website a simple booking form for example

    Name date number of person text field and send bottom I DO not want
    any calendar management at all I want that this plug-in send and email
    with those information to my email that’s all.

    I have found many plugins but they are all so stupid complex and less usefulness!

    Please if any one of you can help me you more then welcome!

    Thank you


  • Hi Mark, been looking for the same tool as well. I did use gravity forms after all.

  • hey thanks for this post, it was very useful. I have been considering a plugin called Appointments+ by WPMU. I watched their video tutorials and it seems to be very good, and with payment integration. I was just wondering if you had considered this plugin for this post and if so, what particular things did you notice to stop it from making it in the 15?

    Thank you for a great post and thanks again for your help!

  • Booked is simple, man. I don’t think it gets much simpler than Booked. The only thing it is lacking is 2-way integration with Google calendar, so you can’t update it directly from your calendar. :/

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